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Tell me the evils of sugar . . .

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Please help! Dh and I are trying desperately to get off sugar -- we are simple carb junkies! We know white sugar and refined flour are trouble, but we need scare tactics. Help us please!!! We know what they do to our systems but need all the yucky stories. Don't spare a single grim detail -- our bodies thank you!
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There's a book called "Sugar Blues" by William Duffy....I haven't read it, and am not at all sure about his sources, but there are quotes from it in one of my cookbooks, and it will definately scare you.

The best section is too long to quote, but basically your body pulls minerals from your bones to metabolize the sugar, weakening them and since you are eating so much sugar, you are not eating nourishing whole foods, so you are continually depleting your body resulting in lowered immunity, overtaxed adrenals, and eventually death, I guess.

But, you know, there are sugars you can use (sucanat comes to mind) that still have some nutrients in them, so if you make your own desserts like oatmeal cookies with dried fruit, and whole grains, and nuts and things, you can get your buzz and still feel good about yourselves. Probably more effective than going cold-turkey anyway.

I'd be much more concerned about cutting out white flour and white sugar, than sweets in general.....

scare tactics: how about heart disease, arteriosclerosis, some kinds of diabetes, and lowered resistance to just about everything.....
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go to www.mercola.com and just search his web site.
tons of info
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Thanks for the references Hera and valeria_vi. Most of the main stream publications I have looked at focus more on cutting out sugar as a tool for dieting for weight-loss -- which is fine, but not the whole picture.

Does anyone know anything about cooking with stevia? (I believe it is a herb that can be used as a natural sweetener). Thanks again!
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