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Morning Ladies...


Have a dry run of what 4 kidlets is going to be like. It's just me and my 3 as well as my niece today. I managed to make it through breakfast and now they are watching some cartoons while I try and figure out how to get some cleaning done.


Sent my midwife a message today hopefully will have an appt. made for this next week to get in and see her. I'm still going back and forth on what I wanna do for birth. I head back to work tomorrow. If they are lucky I won't just walk in and give them my two weeks notice. I'm truely ready to be done with it...we're thinking if I can hold out for January then we'll take our tax return and use it to pay the bills until I catch a part time gig.

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Hi girls!


I had a awesome Thanksgiving with very little nausea!! Yay! Ate too much and went to sleep way too early. Perfect! :)


Had an appt the day before and did a u/s for first trimester screening. Baby was moving and waving away. It was awesome!   BUT!!! Then I read an article this morning about a new study linking brain damage with ultrasounds! :( I am so sad that something so routinely offered by the medical community could cause damage to my baby. DH really, really wants to know the sex of this baby, so I am thinking I will ask the tech to do that u/s as quickly as possible as not to expose baby too much. :(


I am 13.5 weeks and my all day sickness/vomiting is finally waning!! I am still exhausted and nauseous in the evening, but I haven't thrown up in about four days, so MAJOR improvement! :cheer


Also yesterday morning I felt my first definite movements. I got up a little earlier than normal, slammed a cold glass of water and then jumped back in bed under the covers. I guess all of that sudden movement and the cold water got baby going and I felt flutters on my left side for about 30 minutes. Sooooooo awesome!! I love, love, LOVE this part of being pregnant!!


Oh, and I am wearing my low jeans with a pony tail elastic on the button whole. These are more comfy right now then my maternity jeans. I hate the maternity band around my belly - soooo uncomfortable!


Take care ladies!!   ~ Jen

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Originally Posted by kawa kamuri View Post

Hey lady, my MATERNITY jeans are low rise, ok? orngtongue.gif


What joyous news to be able to share with your family during Thanksgiving! 

hehehe. i so get it now. my cousin just shared four pairs of maternity jeans with me....omg, i never knew how comfy they were! with my other pregnancies, i never bought or borrowed maternity pants of any sort. i don't know what i did. i guess i wore skirts down low and dresses... well, i am hooked on my low-rise and skinny maternity jeans! lol.ROTFLMAO.gif i so thought i'd hate the stretchy belly cover, but it is actually really comfortable. no more hair-ties and falling-down pants for me!orngtongue.gif


well, we told our extended fam on thanksgiving and it was so funny. my dad had the flip camera out (he already knew), and was filming everyone saying "someone has some news to share..." and my step-sis says, "i'm not pregnant!"; then a pregnant pause, and i say, "i am!" she was totally stunned. jaw2.gifsweet. she is recently married and really, really wants to start her family, but her dh is away at training so they only see each other on weekends right now. tough. so they are waiting until they are actually living together full time. everyone is really happy and supportive about our news, and i am grateful for that.


i have my next mw appointment this wednesday. i am 13 weeks today. time is flyin'!!



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