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ACV for acne

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I've always had acne-prone skin and now that i'm in the 30's, nothing's changed.  My skin is only more sensitive (ie. dry and flaky if i use soap/cleanser but oily all the rest of the time).  Last year, i was researching up and down trying to find a cure for my sudden cystic acne (that's the kind that's deep, painful and leaves long-lasting pimples).  I read books, websites, posted on here, changed my diet, changed my cleansing routines, etc. and nothing worked until i started drinking apple cider vinegar.  My skin cleared up within days and no more cystic acne.  I eventually stopped drinking it, as my skin problems were gone and sure enough, a year later, i started having problems again, so i started drinking ACV again, and it cleared up--again.  A week ago, i would've been embarrassed for anyone outside of my family to see me without make-up, now i'm going out without make-up.


I put a splash of ACV in a tall glass of water and drink this 2 or 3 times per day.


There's some info on here about it, but also on earthclinic.com.


Just wanted to share.  :)

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Wow, good to know.

I have very sensitive skin, meaning I get weird rashes and reactions pretty easily....and I also sometimes have had bad acne. Luckily, not for years, but every now and then a nasty cystic style pimple appears. I wonder if drinking ACV would clear up just one or two like that as well? Or at least shorten the time they're there? I'll give it a go, thanks!


BTW I believe the times I've had bad acne were emotionally influenced, looking back. That and bad genetics (my mom and brother also had).

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 I've had cystic acne as well for several years now, and nothing I've tried has made it better.  I'll give this a shot and let you know how it goes.  smile.gif

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thanks for sharing. I've had issues with acne for the past 10 years.....prob due to hormones, given that I've been either pregnant and/or nursing since 2000!!!! Now that my youngest weaned it flared again. It never more than one or two, but it gets annoying after a bit.


Will try this to see how it goes.

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do you drink a splash of it in a tall glass of water 2 or 3 times a day? or just one glass of water that you drink through the day? I really want to try this. your acne sounds exactly like mine. i'm so burned out on the never ending quest to cure it. i can't even pinpoint breakouts to when my cycle is - seems like it's the worst around ovulation but it's not like skin is totally clear when I'm not ovulating. so frustrating.

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 You drink 2-3 glasses of ACV + water each day.  I haven't been very good about doing this yet, but I have to say that when I do this several days in a row, I don't get new pimples.  I'm going to try very hard to keep this up for a few weeks.


As an aside, I used to drink crazy amounts of soda/pop every day and actually had very good skin during that time (though my teeth were another story!).  I wonder if there's something about ingesting acidic beverages that improves skin condition?

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