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Clomid - what to expect?

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Hi ladies!  I posted this the Trying to Conceive thread, but didn't get many responses...


I just got diagnosed with luteal phase defect after being off birth control for one year, and actually tracking cycles for eleven months.  I will be starting Clomid tomorrow.  Any tips or advice on what to expect would be greatly appreciated!  Is there any certain time of day I should take it?  Are there certain side effects to look out for? 


Thanks in advance! 

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I didn't have really noticeable side effects.  Perhaps I was a bit extra crazy, but that's all relative.  winky.gif  I took it midday, since that was easiest for me to remember.  It was the progesterone they added for my second try that really made me moody.  Are you going to get your progesterone levels checked at 7 DPO? 

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I've heard about the mood swings - I've already apologized to DH in advance. redface.gif


Yes, I am going in to get my progesterone levels checked 7dpo.  I'm also scheduled next week to get my fallopian tubes checked (I think it's called HSG), just to make sure everything is okay with that.  The doctor also wants DH to get a SA, but he's very resistant.  Since I do feel like I'm having an issue with all the spotting, I'm not pushing it yet.  If the spotting issue gets corrected and we still don't get a BFP, then I'll have to push it. 

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I got a hot flash the first cycle I took Clomid, but never again.


No mood swings, but it did occasionally give me migraines, so I took it just as I was going to bed, so that I was asleep during that particular side effect if it happened.

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I got some mild pain in both ovaries (50 mg dose) while on it, then increased ovulation pain (not severe enough to need to take anything).  Then my progesterone came back fairly high...and my OB suspected more than one egg released and wanted me in for an ultrasound asap if I got a bfp.  Never conceived that cycle...so we're onto number two now and I've halfed the dose (unbeknownst to my OB). We'll see what happens.... I've read that higher doses cause the uterine lining to be thinner....which is what seemed to happen to me - had a shorter period than normal this month.  My diagnosis is luteal defect also (10 days)....but never confirmed through biopsy as we really don't have that option here.  I had a 14 day luteal phase on 50 mg clomid - so for sure it affected that!


Also got very moody, headaches.


I'm surprised clomid would be prescribed prior to having the HSG and SA.  It's a powerful drug that would be useless if there was a blockage or male factor infertility also.  I do hope it works for you though! 

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I've been doing some research in to clomid as well and just read an article that said a new study has found a significant link between clomid and several different birth defects. Anyone know anything about this?



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The study itself states that the results were not statistically significant so it really does not mean anything at this point. There is also a notion that couples using fertility drugs might be more prone to certain defects regardless of treatments.


A SA is absolutely necessary. In all infertile couples, a third have female-factor only, a third male-factor only and another third have both. If there is a problem on your part, a slightly abnormal SA that would otherwise be sufficient to conceive can become a major problem and drastically change your treatment options. I don't know why your partner is reluctant but it's not a difficult thing to do. I mean, you're about to have dye or saline injected in your tubes and take some pretty potent drugs and he can't put his sperm in a cup?

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I saw that study too.  I am considering taking Clomid but it scares me!  I wonder what the percentages are of people who have taken it and had babies with birth defects.

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I was on fertility treatments for all of my pregnancies except for my current pregnancy. The symptoms I noticed the most on Clomid (50 mg for DD2, 150 mg for DD3) were intense ovulation pain, hot flashes, night sweats, and mood swings. I would become enraged in a second and then just bawl. It almost drove DH and I crazy. Also, your RE or OB may suggest progesterone therapy in conjunction with Clomid since you have a LP defect. I took Clomid CD 5-9 and began Prometrium on CD 21 and continued until AF or BFP. If I found out I was pregnant I continued taking Prometrium until 12 weeks. I must say my Clomid pregnancies were my easiest pregnancies. And DD2 and DD3 were super healthy too!

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Actually the study says that 9 birth defects are significantly linked to clomid, it’s just another 22 that were increased but they couldn’t prove to be statistically significant. 


Adorabelle, unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find a statistic that states 1 in so many births on clomid causes such and such birth defects, but I did come across some lawyer websites so it must be enough to sue. I’m just glad to read this forum and see so many people with positive stories.smile.gif

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