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Brownish spots on teeth, are they cavities ? Help please!

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I have two brownish spots in my upper teeth, it does not hurt, it is not sensitive,

could these be cavities?


If they are cavities, is there anything I could do to reverse this?


Since I have a problem with too much estrogen in my body, I only eat red meat about

once or twice a month. No sodas, no coffee, no alcohol. I do not smoke.

 I drink a cup of green tea every morning with lime juice in it. 


Again, is there anything I could eat, herbs, spices, foods that would reverse this?


Thanks for reading & your help!

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It could be some decay, but try googling fluorosis: Is this what your spots look like? Fluorosis is caused by excessive exposure to flouride (like what you use to prevent cavities.) It will produce staining if you get too much. Flouride is present naturally in the water in lots of places in the US, so the concentration in the water will vary. Did you drink from a well as a child?


If it's not fluorosis or decay, maybe it's just boring old staining. shrug.gif

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You might look into Mi Paste. My daughter has fluorosis and we are trying it on her and I am trying it for sensitivity. If you are drinking lime juice with your tea in the morning it might cause some enamel errosion. If you drink citrus, make sure you rinse before you brush or the toothpaste will be too abrasive(sp?). I only drank soft drinks a couple times a year as a kid but got hooked on coke as an adult. Where the enamel is worn on my teeth it pick up stains from teas, etc. Some mouth rinses like the one from Crest can cause some temp. stains. See if a good dental cleaning takes the stains off.Susan

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I once mentioned MI paste to a natural dr. I see, and he said that all MI paste does is add calcium into your saliva.  If your saliva is low in calcium, then your body is too.  So, just make sure to take calcium with a higher amount of magnesium to ensure absorption.


Importantly, bone broths are very healing, and will work to remineralize your teeth.  It is recommended to have a cup a day. . .


Further, to reduce estrogen, liver cleanes help, especially calcium d-glucarate, which is highly effective in removing estrogen.

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Brown spots could also be decalcification.

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Flouridosis would have been there since you first got permanent teeth so it wouldn't be something new you've just noticed. If it's always been there though that is a common place and description. You can get veneers on those teeth to cover it but it can't be removed if it's flouridosis. Your enamel could be worn and will collect stains. I have an enamel flaw behind my front teeth that turns brown. Dental cleanings lighten it though so I'm not sure what causes it.

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Best to go to a dentist to see what they say!  when was the last time you made a visit?

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