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Itchy breasts

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NAKing...Can itchy breasts be caused by anything other than thrush??


My DD is 2w4d old and my breasts have been itchy for a couple of days. I have no burning, no awful boob-full-of-broken-glass feelings, and only occasional pain at latching(we are still working on her latch, esp. when she is sleepy).


I had a monster bed case of thrush with my DS, now 3y9m, that lasted 4 months and caused an ugly breast injury. I am in deep fear of having thrush again.


I've been taking probiotics and cranberry caps since before her birth (a planned c/s due to previa), started with GSE & micanozole topically and GSE & black walnut tincture orally when I first noticed the itching. Am contemplating getting diflucan, mostly because its a holiday weekend, and if this gets worse, I don't want to be stuck without.


But mostly I'd love to hear that there could be another reason! We are in the midst of a dry cold snap & humidity dropped to 25%...

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It really does sound like the beginnings of thrush and I would treat it with less aggressive treatments before it gets out of hand, kwim? You got some antibiotics during your csection ( I found out its standard from my OB and got thrush this last time too) and that is the likely cause. What I would do now.....


1. rinse your breasts with a Grapefruit seed extract solution- 10 drops per ounce after every feeding.

2. after GSE dries, apply some 2% miconozole ointment ( yeast infection cream) to your breasts

3, eat some cultured  yogurt

4. take some probiotics



This was advice given to me here from Dr. Newman's protocol.


I did this and was able to keep babe from getting it. It took 3 weeks, but it's gone!


Good luck!

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