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Midwife/FSBC in Puyallup?

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Hi mamas...I am just writing to see if anyone has any recommendations or big fat "STAY AWAY FROM"s for any midwives or birthing centers in the Puyallup/Tacoma area? I just found out today that we are expecting our 4th baby, and it's a bit of a shock to be honest. So we haven't done any preliminary research. I would prefer a homebirth if at all possible. Also, we are on Tricare, and I don't know how that works when it's legal to have a homebirth, haha. Thank you in advance!

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Marie Wakefield is fantastic!

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I also agree that Marie Wakefield is great.  She does both homebirths and births and Tacoma's only free-standing birth center -- The Birthing Inn.


Good luck!

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Is this Dr. Marie Wakefield? The Naturopath? Do y'all have contact info? I definitely prefer a home birth.

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Yes, Marie is a ND and LM.  Here is her number: (206) 356-7299.  Her office in Puyallup.

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Thank you! I found a great website listing about a million midwives, so I should be able to find one! I appreciate y'all's input.

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I had the my first two with Nancy Spencer, who has a beautiful birth center on Lake Tapps that's next to her home.  She was more medically inclined, more involved.  That reassured me with my first birth, but by my third I was more confident and wanted someone more hands-off.  Went with Dawn Wadleigh in Tacoma, and The Birthing Inn.  Could have done a home-birth with either midwife, but I decided I preferred birth center.  Birth center also allowed me a water birth in big huge tub! thumbsup.gif

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