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How bad is eating paper *really*?

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DS is 6 months and it seems like lately his favorite toy and object and interest is paper. He loves to crinkle it and, as everything, put it in his mouth. He isn't on solids yet and not really eating anything, so I am pretty sure he doesn't actually ingest any of it. But I suppose it's not a good idea to get him started on a bad habit, because soon enough he will be eating it. That and the ink and any binders or glue in there would concern me. Even still....I think it's impossible to keep all paper out of his mouth.


How dangerous or harmful is it really? Do you try to keep any and all paper away from your baby or does he/she end up playing with / chewing on / eating some anyway?

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My older kid's first two foods were Douglass Fir and wrapping paper. shrug.gif  It's not great and I tried to keep paper away from her but she got some.  It happens. :)  I don't think kids get hurt by eating paper much.

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I don't think a little is going to hurt, but I also discourage Cecilia from eating paper because I don't want her to get into the habit. I want her to see books as a great thing and not the pages as food! winky.gif
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Hopefully it's not too bad, because DD has had her share. I don't encourage it, but I do let her play with paper up until a certain point. Usually the stopping point is when she starts eating it. :)

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I ended up giving my paper eating baby nori sheets, it seemed to satisfy her need for something 'crinkly'

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Sometimes I let DD play with wax paper. Its too slippery for her to tear off pieces and eat them :) 

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At the doctors yesterday, my 9month old was playing with the paper that covers the bed. She was crinkling it and tasting it. The doctor told her that paper was ok, lots of fiber in it. ;)

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My mom, the gradeschool librarian, calls chewing on board books "early reading"!!

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Some recycled papers contain BPA. Receipts, especially, are bad (the carbon/heat activated kind). So-- I definitely don't let my baby chew on those!



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My dd used to get bits of paper stuck to the roof of her mouth and would then gag on it until I managed to retrieve the offending bit. I kept her away from paper as much as humanly possible.

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OK - the wax paper and the nori are two awesome ideas.


Apparently paper is delicious.  Now what I need to know is... are bugs safe to eat?

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