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Is anyone still getting sick?

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I'm in my 17th week and I just threw up my lunch.    This is our first girl so maybe that's the difference, with my boys I was done getting sick by 15 weeks and feeling wonderful.  This one I still get sick on occasion, not everyday so I can handle it, I'm exhausted and that awful taste in my month just won't go away.....yuck!      Besides from that I feel good, seriously compared to the first tri 24 hr sickness I'm doing well.   Just find it odd that I'm still puking every once in a while.

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Mostly feeling better now since 15th week, but when I do get sick now it's intense.  Usually in the morning (because I haven't eaten yet) or when I'm really hungry.

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I'm a little over 16 weeks and not throwing up but I feel just horrible like I should throw up sometimes. Especially at night it seems. Still gagging really bad when I brush my teeth.

I still can't drink much of anything which is just ridiculous. I'm wondering if I have a girl in there cuz this pregnancy is totally different from my 2 previous. I'll have to wait til their birthday to find out though unless something goes terribly wrong and I feel the need to get another u/s - highly doubtful.


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Yes...unfortunately but I'm only 14 1/2 weeks...I'm still gaggy and pukey...though if I take half a unisom I'm okay typically.  I'm ready to be done.

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Oddly enough I never actually threw up in my first tri but have been doing so randomly every few days over the last few weeks.  I've narrowed it down to acidic things like if there's too much lemon in my water or if I take my iron with OJ instead of apple juice.  On Tuesday I had the unfortunate experience of barfing up my fish oil supplement immediatly after brushing my teeth.  so nasty, I tasted that one for half the day at least.  :(

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Yes unfortunately.  Throw up every morning and then feel sick for the rest of the day - on a good day I'll have a 3-4 hr period of not feeling sick, on a bad day, no such luck.  With both my last pregnancies the sickness lasted till pretty much the 6 month mark so I'm not hopeful for any let up until about February greensad.gif Saying that, I'd probably get really worried if I did start feeling better as this is obviously the way my body deals with pregnancy so it's probably a good sign that I'm feeling lousy.  Just wish I wasn't one of these people!  It's making me feel really miserable actually, and I'm trying to keep the positive vibes flowing - I know I'm so lucky to be having another baby and a few months of sickness is a small price to pay.  It's just that the time passes so so slowly when I'm feeling this bad!

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It's so good to hear that I am not the only one! I am 15 wks. and I thought that for sure that the MS would be over by now.  I get sick almost every morning when I am trying to get out the door to go to work. I have tried several herbal remedies, but nothing seems to work...

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luckily not actually been sick but i still feel sick every morning and gag whenever i get too hungry or thirsty
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14 wks and yes, still super sick.  Still on zofran which is causing major headaches and constipation.  Feeling like death.

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Yup, still sick here too... I've actually had mild improvement, I went three whole days with only mild nausea last week!

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been feeling generally much better since week 11. I'm 18 weeks today. However, I did throw up the other night. It was from pizza. I still can't handle eating tomato based dishes(I like to load my pizza up with tomato sauce) or too many carbs in any form, baked potatoes, bread, etc. I have to eat a lot of protein, with just a side of carbs..but I don't have constant nausea anymore. I just throw up when I eat too much of one of the above foods. This is still way better than last pregnancy. I was constantly nauseous until week 20 with my first!

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I am 15 weeks and still pretty nauseous. I have not gotten sick in a few days, but I don't think that means it won't happen :(

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I am only 13 or 14 weeks (due May 29) but yep, still extremely sick. My food aversions are changing though. I now want fresh fruits and veggies and cold fruity stuff like sorbet instead of gross greasiness like fries and Wendy's spicy chicken sandwiches. I'm hoping that means the nausea is on the way out the door. I have thrown up atleast 5 times per week since i was 5 weeks along.

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I am 18 weeks and only this past week did I notice my nausea significantly lessen.  SO happy to not be throwing up every day anymore!  Still sensitive to smells but sometimes now I'll just gag, move quickly away, focus on something else, and not actually throw up.  

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So yesterday I decided I would try and skip my morning dose of Dilcectin (I take 9+ per day) since I've been feeling okay in the mornings and I figured it might be alright! It didn't go well. :( I felt fine all day, but didn't eat anything until I went out to lunch with a friend. We had an AMAZING sushi lunch that was pretty pricey. I got about half-way through and just suddenly had a bite and my friend said all the colour drained from my face and I went stark white. I had about 15 seconds to find a suitable place to recycle my meal. Thank GOD there was no one else in the women's bathroom!! :(

For the rest of the day I puked up anything I put in my stomach, including my anti-nausea meds. I didn't keep a single thing down, food or liquid, until 10 at night. Guess I won't be doing that again.

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I spent the first trimester feeling ridiculously nauseous 100% of the time, but only throwing up once or twice.  Since that nausea has faded, I've actually thrown up more.  I'm just shy of week 19, and on Saturday during breakfast out with friends I had to make a mad dash for the bathroom.  I literally shoved someone out of my way, and still almost didn't make it.  I'll be feeling fine, when all of a sudden something just hits me wrong and I know it's time to make a beeline to the bathroom.


So you are not alone in this department.  Honestly, I'd take this any day over the first trimester's nausea fun, but still.  I wish I could just keep everything down.

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