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Zofran and major constipation

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For the love of gawd, what can I do???  I can't really adjust my diet, because, even on zofran I can't really prepare food without puking and I can only eat what happens to sound good right at that moment.  (I'm typically a very healthy eater, but I am just barely surviving right now, so anything/food goes until I get through this).


What I really want to know is, what tea, what pill, what magic trick besides an enima will bring relief, like, NOW! ('m just not to the point of being able to do an enima yet...maybe if I try a bunch of things that fail I will reconsider).  I know I sound impatient.  I'm super grumpy from suffering from HG for the 2nd time and being completely miserable every frickin' day for the last 63 days straight!!!  My family needs me and I miss my old self.  I'm wondering if zofran is even worth it considering I'm still puking and now this consitpation...but I took a break from it over the weekend and....oh my, it was not pretty.  At almost 14 weeks I clearly still need zofran to function enough to feed my toddler and make sure she is minimally taken care of.


Sorry, I guess this was a bit of a vent post too.  :(

Any successful experience with conquering this constipation?

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I got it baaaad on zofran and I was on it twice. And both times I ended up in the ER with ruptured or thrombosed hemoriods needing surgery, yeah, it was bad. The only thing that worked for me is magnesium supplements which I only find out about for this pregnancy, but I take with calcium, because  when i just took that magnesium plain, I had like huge painful blow outs, it kind of screwed me up, so calcium kind of balanced it out. I forced myself off the zofran this time at 20 weeks and am still battling issues from the surgery I had to have because of the constipation, so my "cocktail" is a heavy probiotic, cal/mag/vit D supplement AND 2-3 colace, daily. When things start to get bad with the constipation, I up the magnesium/cal/vit D liquid I am taking. I think I had like 600 mg of magnesium in it. I also didn't start taking iron until I was 17 weeks, and then I took a natural iron or non-constipating separate iron (I took IronSorb by jarrow and now I am taking Megafood blood builder) and didn't take a prenatal.


Also drink a lot of water. It's hard because I still feel a little sick, and not eating much and I think the not eating much makes the constipation worse. You can buy magnesium citrate at the drug store to make you go right away, but yeah, it might cause some pain, at least it did with me.  hmmm...I am trying to think of other things I have read about, I have heard DHA pills might work, or 1 TB flaxseed oil daily - I never tried them though and I this point I don't want to change anything that works.


Good luck...I feel for you, I know how crappy it is having the bad constipation.








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I had it BAD too but the iron supplements I just started taking are giving me loose stools (they have been hard as a rock for 6 months straight now).  Maybe see if you need an iron supplement and hopefully it'll help?  Other than that, try a stool softener EVERY day?  I wasn't consistent with mine and I wish I had been.  I really never solved my constipation issue but I do feel your pain.  None of the dietary things helped me and I was like you and could barely get anything down anyway.

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I forgot to add, removing milk/diary from your diet may help and eating prunes. I made brownies with a prune puree, and when I have troubles, I eat a few brownies and can usually go after that. I could eat chocolate even with being sick. The milk was hard though, because all I craved were mac and cheese and ice cream.

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Thank you!  I have some calcium/magnesium that I never opened last year (last pregnancy) and I think I'll try that first.  I want to go out right away and buy the fixin's for prune brownies...but tomorrow is Black Friday and I don't think I want to get caught in that mess.  And I actually still have some heavy probiotics in the fridge that I eventually stopped taking because it made my stool too loose - totally forgot about that! 


It also ocurred to me that last time I didn't like drinking my nettle/reaspberry tea because it, too, made my stool too loose.  I was worried to start the tea too early, but I'm about 14 weeks now and I think it's safe to start.  Thanks for the ideas.  I really hope these attempts help! 

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