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Brand of Goat Milk

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In your area, what brands of goat milk can you purchase besides Meyenberg at a store?

I'm looking for different brands.


Thanks autismribbon.gif

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I've never heard of another brand of goat milk.  I think I saw goat kefir at my local Whole Foods, I think it was pasteurized and then made into kefir and it wasn't Meyenberg but I don't remember what it was.  You may want to consider local raw milk from a farm in your area. 

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Thanks for your responses.


The Meyenberg is the most common around here, too.

However, there is one brand that I used to buy.  It

is a bit more in price than the Meyenberg's, but my

home-made yogurt came out a lot more creamy and

sweet.  I miss that.  Just recently, my friend who have

realized the goat yogurt is a must for her kids' health,

we have decided to order in bulk and divide the shipping

cost.  ...  Just, I can not remember the name/brand of

this goat milk...


I am going to contact stores, and ask.




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We get either the generic brand "Naturally Produced by Pennsylvania Family Farms" or Albert's brand.  I like these two because they don't add vitamin D, while Meyenberg does (and I'm sensitive to the lanolin-based vitamin D they add).  You could also check and see if there are any local goat dairy farms near you.

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I asked the store manager who used to carry this mystery brand that I was asking about here.  It was packaged in a regular carton, in qt. size, but it was THE INSIDE that was different.  This one had a special lining to keep the goat milk fresh with a screw lid that now Meyenberg have/ copied.  Anyway, this company stopped distributing, so the store manager is on a quest to find different company besides Meyenberg. 


Thanks for your responses.



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