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Christmas gift for my mom

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DH and I are in a rough place finacially so my mom is helping with my student loans, therefore I think it would counterproductive to buy her a Christmas present and I think it would make her mad.  However, I don't want to not give her a gift.  I'm fairly crafty, I can sew and do many other crafts (I'm not very good at yarn crafts tho and I don't have any scrapebooking supplies).  I'm thinking I'd like to do something with the kids handprints or footprints, or pictures, but I don't want it to look cheap.  Any ideas? TIA

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What does your mom like to do?  Does she have any hobbies, collect stuff, etc.?  Maybe thinking about that will give you an idea.  There are so many tutorials on the web, but you need an idea to start with that you'll feel really inspired to try .  I've been trying really hard to use only my stash for making gifts this year, and it's been so much fun.  Try to see it as a challenge rather than being disappointed that you can't buy something,.

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I have seen people talk about the rice bags here for years, but I never was that interested, until I bought one at a fundraiser.  It is really nice - and smells so good when heated up.  I am thinking of making a couple to heat up before we head out in the car on cold winter days. 


You could make her one with some pretty fabric.  The one I got has a removable cover so I can wash it.  And it has rejuvenate stitched on the cover. 

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What about something like this


You could add in some sugar scrub, maybe some home made calendula cream, some bath bombs or  and a nice bar of soap.


It would be inexpensive to make if you use material from your stash or pretty pillow cases from the thrift store.


There are also tutorials for simple throws made from vintage pillow cases or sheets and backed with fleece or an older blanket. You could easily assemble something like that for under $10 and embroider something special on one of the pieces.


I would browse the Sew Mama Sew Christmas tutorials - lots of great ideas there.




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