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For those of you using cloth

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How's it going? We're 2-3 months in.. What is working best for you?


I've learned that Happy Hineys are not a good night diaper for us.  The leg holes are just too big and will leak.  It is alright for daytime, but I prefer others. 


I've got a couple of BG 3.0 's that are ok. I thought I'd love them more than I actually do. 


My favorite pocket is my fuzzibunz.  (perfect size, I haven't tried the os) I'm about to order some for Christmas for Lila (Abby's lane is having a black friday sale that will make them less than $11 each!)


I don't love my AIOs at all.  I ordered them off of etsy. 


My go to diapers are KL0's and thirsties covers the sized ones I don't like the duo as much as I was hoping I would.  When Reya changes diapers she goes directly for the prefolds and snappi! I figured she'd go for the pockets.  Who knew?


Soo what do you love? Has anyone tried KaWaii? What do you think?


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I hate pockets and AIOs.  Hate hate hate.  I think they are more work and fuss than covers and cloth. 


I'm surprised at how much I am loving the prefolds this time.  With DS1, I all all about the fitteds.  I adored them.  I hardly use them at all with DS2, I am always reaching for the prefolds instead.  And snappi-free.  I bet when he starts crawling I'll hit the fitteds more though, due to the shift factor. 

Nicki's Imagine prefolds are the best, BTW.  Soft and better sized (shorter and wider).  I'm always a little bummed when all of those are dirty,


At night, I have been using sposies.  DS2 is a very good sleeper, and I do not want to mess with that since he hates being wet.  With DS1 I used a fitted with a doubler and a wool soaker, and it got him through the night.  A good wool soaker is the absolute best night time cover, and worth the extra effort.

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I like the FB i had but rarely used them as its easier to just put in a new prefold than change the whole thing. If I had time and thought about it when doing laundry and prestuffed all the FB that was so much easier but i rarely did that. I'm somewhat annoyed that i spent alot of money getting OS rocky mountains and they leak ever single time he pees. If i knew that would happen i'd have gotten more prefolds and covers or even FB. i didn't buy any of my FB i just inherited some from a friend. I didn't like them enough to buy the next size up now that he's grown out of them.


I like the thirsties duo and the bummis. We're on mediums now for tubby here. He's 16 pounds and i got these dipes maybe 2 or 3 weeks ago. I need to get some more prefolds though. i just got new covers hoping the prefolds would last a bit longer and they have but not for much longer now. I didn't try any AIOs and glad i didn't.


What size are your LOs in right now?

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We use Sandie's OS and GMD prefolds w/ Thirsties cover during the day. At night, Caden sleeps in BG 3.0 but still leaks out the side (though he does tend to sleep on his side, thus leaks easier...). 


I'd like to try some FB but spent all my baby budget this month already:) When he doesn't fit in the medium BG, I'll buy a couple FB to add to my OS BG night stash!

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Originally Posted by Illiana View Post

What size are your LOs in right now?


I am in a similar boat to you--T is nearly out of his infant prefolds!  They barely reach around him to Snappi, and I can't trifold because his poops leak as it is.  I need to get some premiums.  Sucks that we really made it only 2 months in my $100 starter kit.  The Duo 1s are nearly too small too.  We leak nearly every diaper, and it's because the rise is short.  T is 15-ish lbs but is over 25" long.


What I AM liking right now are my Flip covers.  I bought covers only and use them with prefolds . They're a super fit right now snapped down to the smallest size.  The Blueberry Coveralls OS are still really big, but we're starting to be able to use them for days snapped down as small as they go; we primarily use them at night over 2 prefolds.

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Savvy must be dry!  We are using S and OS FuzziBunz during the day and Rumparooz and BG 4.0 at night.  Four kids and FuzziBunz are still my favorite!

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Elias is just starting to switch out of the newborn dipes.  We use mainly fitteds which has been KL0s until this point and transitioning into Goodmamas with wool covers.  We also have Fuzzi Bunz and I've been using smalls with an extra hemp insert for night and his XS during the day if that is what is left.  I have some bamboo prefolds which only I use.  Dh doesn't share the prefold love.

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We're all over the place with diapers.  I bought a used starter set, so I have a lot of mismatched stuff.  I mostly use up aio's first.  I do like the prefolds with a cover a lot.  I have a g diaper cover that I like, but I always worry about the velcro scratching E.  And I've been using disposables at night.  


I'm having trouble getting into a washing groove.  I want a load that's big enough to warrant running the machine, but I also need the diapers quickly because of my limited supply.  I usually let them soak for one day in water and tea tree oil, then I wash them and put them in the dryer.  Is this OK?  I just use All FreeClear for soap.  My washer is old and although the diapers don't smell, some have stains on them now.crap.gif  


I've also been trying to "catch" some of her pees, like elimination communication, but not very successful at that.  But, I feel very happy when I do catch a pee.....one less diaper to deal with at all!thumb.gif

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I do not think All cleans very well at all (ha ha) and I bet that is why you have stains.  We used to use it on our clothes b/c they push it for sensitive skin, but we always had staining issues, and when I pulled my baby boy clothes out of storage, they were covered with stains.  I rewashed them once with BioKleen Premium Plus Powder and the stains are all gone!  That has enzymes so I wouldn't use it on diapers.  I like most of the powder diaper detergents out there - we use Rockin Green but there are others.  Powder seems to be the best for cleaning diapers IME.  Also, I don't think your soak is necessary.  I do a dry pail and then just toss them in the washer every few days.  You actually do not want a full washer of diapers b/c they won't get as clean. 

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Thanks.  I'll get some better detergent for my diapers.  I think they have BioKleen at my grocery.  So, you just put the dirty diapers in a pail until washing them?  They don't need to be soaked or anything special while they are "dirty"?  I'm a cloth diaper first timer.  I used a diaper service with my boys, so I didn't do any washing.

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I'm having a problem with ammonia smelling pee causing the diapers to stink. Any ideas what caues this? I wash every day.


I went ahead and ordered some Medium sized prefolds. Hope they come in soon.


Just use soaps that dont have additives and just use the minimual amount. Charlies soap or Rockin Green are the most recommended two. Rocking Green has different scents but i haven't tried it yet. I got some Charlies on sale on amazon a while back and i'm still using that.


No don't use wet pails. I'm copying this from my friends email newsletter a while back. She owns a CD business in the town i live in. My dry pail is a smallish trash can with a planet wise wet bag in it. once its full i do a load of laundry unless its really stinky then i'll do it sooner (yesterday I washed 2 prefolds, about 5 wipes, a cover, and a sleeper it smelled so bad after he had a massive poopy diaper.


Just as I have said many times before, these are not your grandma’s cloth diapers anymore. Just as the diapers have changed, so has the ways we care for them. I posted in a previous article (see below) about how you would never use vinegar or bleach on eLeMeNO-Pee brands of diapers. This is not all that has changed about the way you care for them:

Why You Should Not Wetpail

“What might have amounted to one stain, could become several and your diapers will smell as if they have soaked in sewage.” – www.diaperpin.com

If you are using an eLeMeNO-Pee brand of diaper that has an outer PUL material, using a wetpail means you are losing money! Soaking your PUL material for long periods of time, like that which would be done with the use of a wetpail, will breakdown the outer PUL material and thus, shorten its lifespan.
Not only is it bad for the material, but its not in any way beneficial to the diapers. Wet pail advocates say that is prevents stains from setting. What you have to remember however, is that removing a “stain” from a cloth diaper is as easy as a few hours of sunlight- so this is definitely not a good enough reason to use a wetpail.

When our grandparents cloth diapered at home using prefolds, wet pails were all they really had. Somewhere around the house was a bucket of some sort filled with dirty diapers in dirty water. Not only did it attract the attention of the curious baby, but also the curious pet. Too easy is it for a baby to reach too deep into the dirty bucket and tip over into it before mom noticed…and drown. It happened then and it could easily happen now.

It is recommended that you wash your diapers every 1 – 2 days. For most cloth diapering moms, this is no big deal. For the wet pail user however, this can be a strenuous and pretty disgusting task as wet pails are difficult to manage. First, the water MUST be emptied every day, preferably several times a day. The pail is heavy and full of dirty, stinky water that you do not want to drop on the floor- especially when you have a little one crawling around! If you empty the pail outside, you have to lug the pail far away enough from the house that your little one AND your pets stay out of it. If you empty it in the washing machine, you have to run a pre-spin cycle and preferably a pre-rinse cycle before you even start your washing routine. Look at all that extra work (and extra water!) a wet pail requires!

In my opinion, cloth diapering with a dry pail is too easy to put yourself through all these issues just to use a wet pail!

Dry Pails today are simple! They often do not smell before 3 days, they are not dangerous if you keep them stored properly, they do not require extra water and best of all, they do not require extra work. In fact, a dry pail today can be as simple as a cleaned out trashcan, or as cute and easy as a colored or printed diaper pail liner that can be washed along with the diapers (see picture of Wahmies cow print liner below $16.50). Fuzzi Bunz has even gone the extra step to make a diaper pail liner that not only fits a typical 13 gallon trashcan, but also has the option to hang on a door knob to keep curious babies and pets out of the bag. What is even cooler about this bag is that there is a zipper on the bottom of the bag, so you don’t ever have to touch the diaper. Just open the bag and toss it in and the washing machine will pull out the diapers for you! ($21.95)

If you have any questions about diaper pails, or anything cloth diaper related please visit www.elemenopeeonline.com
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Ammonia is caused by excess detergent and urine crystals in the diaper fabric.  You need to clear it up with a long hot soak(s) with a ton of free oxygen bleach and tons of hot or warm rinses.  Use less detergent.  If that doesn't work, try one Tbsp of bleach on the inserts.

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great info!  thanks!

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We are ready to buy more diapers, but the ones we have were cheapies from ebay... and we are just gonna get more, they work great! and they were only like $2.50 per diaper.


We use one size pocket diapers as covers over either microfleece inserts or regular old fashioned flats. Haven't used a sposie in over a month (planning on starting sposies for our vacation this month though as we will be gone 2 weeks)


Have had a few leaks but generally they have been times when ANY diaper would have leaked!

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link? How's the quality? Will they last through more than 1 baby?

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This is a super late reply, but I just wanted to put in my 2cents. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my KaWaii diapers. I use prefolds and covers and pocket diapers. The KaWaii are by far my favorites :)
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