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In search of a mythical mattress protector....

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...someone here MUST have something like this, my google searches are useless...


I need a mattress protector for our family bed. DS often throws up in the middle of the night (not to mention occasional leaky diapers etc.) and I would rather not destroy our new mattress!


-king size

-under $100, cheaper the better

-waterproof (or nearly waterproof)

-chemical-free (organic is even better but not a requirement)


I find lots of expensive options & lots of great crib-sized options but nothing in our size & price range! And it seems like most of the organic options have polyurethane backing?!?! Is this a hopeless search? Anyone have other options they're using? (Right now we're sleeping on a towel since DS is back to throwing up a lot this week but it's not that comfy).

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I would love something similar and haven't been able to find one either, but do you think a big wool blanket would work? You could probably get something cheap at a thrift store...the hard thing would be finding something big enough. I've been transitioning DD to sleeping on her own twin bed, and I haven't gotten around to getting it a real mattress protector yet, but I've just been using two crib-sized wool blankets under a towel or crib-sized comforter. She lies on top of the comforter, and if she pees (she usually doesn't wear diapers at night any more but still pees occasionally), then the comforter absorbs all the wet and the wool blankets keep the mattress dry. I just take the comforter off and maybe replace it with a towel, and she's good to go for the rest of the night. 


On a king-sized bed, you could use a big wool blanket and then a big absorbent blanket on top of that--a cheap comforter or a thick cotton blanket. Get a couple of the top blankets, and then you can just swap them out in the middle of the night. I don't know if you could find a wool blanket that big though... 

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Low chemical shower curtain covered by blanket? Not ideal, but much simpler.

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Wouldn't cover the whole bed, but we have loved using these "puppy pads."  And actually, we have a mattress pad that is supposed to be waterproof (it's not exactly), but it was such a pain to change the whole bed every time he made a mess!  so I prefer these smaller interchangeable ones.  I put two overlapping under the sheet in the area where DS sleeps, then a couple over the top (used reconditioned ones are only $5 a pop, so we have quite a few) and if he pees and fusses I grab one from the pile by the bed and just switch it out.  They're waterproof underneath but comfy on top.  Not organic though.

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We LOVE our Tempurpedic Waterproof Mattress Cover. It fits all your criteria (waterproof, fits bed nicely, king sized, $99), except it isn't organic. It fits like a fitted sheet, and I wash it with the sheets. 

Here is the link:



We also have a Humanity Family Bed, which is a co-sleeping bolster that zips into an organic cotton waterproof pad. The bolster sits on the edge of the bed, keeping baby from falling out. We LOVE this - DH and I can cuddle and be close, and baby is right next to me to sleep and nurse, and there is an organic waterproof pad under both of us for all the spills and leaks. You could buy the bolster/pad combo or just purchase the waterproof pad part separately. It is a little more than you wanted to spend - $150 for the pad only - but it is 100% organic and waterproof.


Here is that link:



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Forgot to mention another option. You can purchase waterproof pads at Babies R Us. They come in big sheets and are very inexpensive - maybe $20. They are the type that you can cut to size, or just use it as one big sheet.  Hope these ideas help. :)

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Here is the info for the inexpensive waterproof pad, sold at Babies R Us:


Brand Name: Especially for Baby

100% cotton Waterproof pad



The tag says Machine Wash & Tumble Dry, but our experience is that the dryer causes the layers of the pad to separate. I would NOT put it in the dryer. Hang dry instead. You might want to have 2 sets so that you can use one while the other is washing/drying.




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Here is a king-sized waterproof mattress pad at Bed Bath & Beyond for $34:



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