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Did your "intuition" about gender turn out correct?

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This is my third pregnancy. I barely remember my first - I was very young and not paying attention to anything back then - turned out to be twin boys. My second was 3 years ago when I "knew" it was a boy. I felt "boyish" and had a distinct surge in sex drive around 3 months, and also terrible heartburn which I was told was from the testosterone. And yep, it was a boy. Now I am preg about 17 weeks. No sex drive, no heartburn, and much more sore boobs, moody, etc. I am thinking these are more girl symptoms. Does anyone have any similar experiences?

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Assuming the US I had this pg is correct, my intuition has been right for 3 of 4 of my kids. 

My feelings were never based on symptoms, just some sort of 'knowing' like you said.


1st baby, DS- he was way unplanned. But the second I poas and it was +, I thought "I'm having a boy" I was so sure that I wanted to find out at 20wks to prove it to everyone who didn't believe me :P


2nd baby, DD- I didn't know quite so early, I think it was closer to the second tri when I started feeling like I was SURE she was a girl. We didn't find out until she was born, but by that point, I was so sure that I forgot to check her 'parts' after birth until someone reminded me :lol


3rd&4th baby, this pg (twins)- The only "feeling" I had was boy. I took that to mean two boys, so I was surprised to find out that we are having one boy and one girl. 


All that said, my good friend is a very intuitive, in touch mama. She was SURE her fourth child was a boy. So sure that she bought a boy nursery set. The baby turned out to be a girl. I guess, when it comes down to it, we still have a 50/50 shot. I do wonder, too, if some of it is confirmation bias, yk? Like, in my DD's pg, there were certainly moments I thought "weeelll, maybe I'm wrong" I wasn't, so it is easy to forget those moments and not mention them when I say I "knew" she was a she. 


Best of luck. Personally, I don't put much stock into the diff symptoms=diff sex theory, but I know that holds true for a lot of moms. I think there was a thread recently on here about just that- you might try searching.

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the first time yes.. this time, no! i was SO sure it was a boy. DD1 was all ice cream and other sugar cravings. this one was months of Carnivore Mommy! i've had ice cream what, twice this past summer? but woe to anyone who gets between me and my pot roast. i was absolutely 100% convinced it was a boy - and then the amnio came back GIRL! then i saw on the ultrasound.. ain't no weiner there, just a bun ;)


can't win 'em all i guess!

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with my daughter, i was sure i was having a boy, but all my dreams were girl dreams. I wasn't really surprised she was a girl- my dreams knew, I think i was just preparing myself for having a boy because everyone in out family has girls- i figured we were due for a boy. My dreams had it. that being said- when i was pg with her no heartburn, no sex drive, i was nauseated the whole pregnancy, sore boobs and moody.


this time around, my sore boobs are the biggest thing- boy they ache at the end of the day! the nausea is back- no heartburn to speak of, and i'm too scared of spotting to have much sex!  shy.gif  I've had 2 girl dreams already and i've had some pretty strong girl feelings, but we'll find out in July!

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I had a dream at 8 weeks, a little boy with long blonde hair, kind of looked like Kate Hudson's little boy, in green cordoroy overalls.  That is the EXACT kid I got, exact.  We'll see if my inkling that this is a girl is correct in 16 weeks

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Heck, no. My first pregnancy... well, a few months before it I "knew" I was pregnant and I wasn't. Then I was pregnant, and didn't have a clue. Then I "knew" it was a boy. It was a girl. :p At that point I decided my maternal intuition wasn't worth the paper it was printed on. This time I did, at least, know when I conceived - but not because of anything "woo"ey, just because I was charting.


Honestly, I don't have the foggiest inkling either way with this baby. Maybe it's intersex. :p We both have a mild preference for a girl, but I do have a few boy names I really like and NO girl-name contenders. DD insists it's a boy. Who knows! We do plan to find out this time, though...

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With DD, I knew she was a girl almost from conception, it was definitely early on. At least until the week before the big u/s when I convinced myself she had to be a boy! That was more because DH really wanted a boy though, I think, and I kept telling him if he wanted a boy that badly, he probably would get a girl. Yep, all girl :)


This one, I didn't have a feeling with until almost the end of the first tri. I was so preoccupied with hoping this was a sticky baby after all the m/cs, that I don't think I tuned in until later. I've been having strong boy vibes since 11-12 weeks though, and we find out on Tuesday - so we shall have to see! I don't mind a boy or a girl, either one would be amazing, and I feel like there is still one of each out there for us, but just not sure what order they will be coming in :)

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Yes, for me. I knew it was going to be a boy, and sure enough- the ultrasound was clear as day.

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not at all. i have zero intuition for the sex of my unborn. i wish i did! my symptoms have never had anything to do with genitals. 

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Originally Posted by kawa kamuri View Post

not at all. i have zero intuition for the sex of my unborn. i wish i did! my symptoms have never had anything to do with genitals. 

Exactly. 3 children, different pgs, different genders and I was wrong every single time about the gender. 

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 I was SURE in my first pregnancy that I was having a boy. From pretty early on, first tri, or beginning of second I really felt it was a boy. By the end of pregnancy I was so sure it was a boy ( I kept imagining meeting my baby and could only see a boy) that I would have been shocked if I'd had a girl. I was right. This time, I don't feel that strong intuition. I have most often thought that it is another boy, but I am not as sure, I am in general not as tuned into this pregnancy as as bonded as my first. DH thinks it's a girl, as does MIL, and my mom and grandma keep referring to baby as a girl. I think our family is ready for a girl, lol! All the grandbabies so far have been boys. But I'm not so sure, I still kind of think boy, we will find out in just a few weeks.

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I was 100% sure that I was having a girl, and well she came out with a penis...oops.  I was really shocked.


I should have known though.  When I was about 36 weeks I had a dream I was holding a boy baby.  Screw intuition...listen to the dreams.

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Nope, wrong both times and also always wrong about what friends/family are having.

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Been right every-time with 5 kids. Not sure about this time though. Could be my record breaker. Time will tell.

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I was completely wrong.  I was sure it was a boy.  I have a psychic friend and medical intuitive and she also said it was a boy.  At the 20 week ultrasound when I was told she was a girl, I had to have her say it a couple times.  My DH 'knew' she was a girl.  He pretty much was the only one.  Everyone in my family was guessing boy.

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Yes - very soon after getting the positive test, I just started feeling like it was a girl. Found out at the 20 week anatomy scan that I was correct!

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My first is a boy. I had a feeling after a few weeks, but I didn't get too attached to having a boy. It was a very smooth pregnancy with a little nausea and fatigue. When I thought I was pregnant again, I just heard "I'm having a girl" in my mind. The next day I took a pregnancy test. I was really sick and exhausted almost the whole time. We didn't "find out" the sex of either baby until their birthday. With my daughter, no one told me that she was really a girl & I couldn't see! I had to ask! Either way, I hope your new one is healthy & happy. shine.gif



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I have been right with both!  They don't fit in any typical myths about symptoms - with this one (a boy) I had way worse MS and everyone I guess associates that with a girl.  With both not much sex drive and similar cravings etc... it was more just my feeling early on this was a boy and same with DD that she was girl.

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Nope. I would've sworn I was having a boy, and was stunned senseless when the sono tech said it was a girl. DH, on the other hand, was right. 

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#1: My intuition was spot on the entire time. I knew I was pregnant before I'd missed a period. I knew it was twins very early on (I miscarried one of them). I knew the remaining twin was a boy. I was right on all counts.


#2: Again, I was right - I knew it was a girl, I had a girl.


#3: I knew it was a boy and I felt so strongly about it that, despite that we didn't have an ultrasound to confirm anything, we didn't even bother thinking of girl names. When my daughter was born no one said "it's a girl!" as an exclamation, it came out more like a question..."it's a GIRL?!?!" The good part about the surprise was that we didn't have a name picked out, but we like our kids to be named right away so DH gave me free reign over her name and I chose my favorite one.


#4: I had a feeling it was a boy and was right.


#5: I had no idea. I kept going back and forth but I doubted myself. Minutes before birth I said to DH, "Boy or girl?" I don't remember what he said but I said "I'm going with boy." We didn't have any name ideas either way so after SHE was born we discussed what we would name her.


#6: I heavily suspected Girl and the ultrasound confirmed that. We'll see if it was right or wrong when s/he is born in a few weeks.

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