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Yes, both times I felt I was having a boy and I have 2 boys.

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With DS, my first instinct, at like 10 weeks was boy, then that changed for awhile, and I thought I was having a girl. U/S revealed that it was a boy. So yea, first instinct was right. With this pregnancy, my first instinct was girl(at first I thought it was wishful thinking), but U/S revealed a girl. So yep, I was right :)

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I think mammatoabunch should be playing the lottery! The odds of getting 10 50/50 guesses right are less than 1/10th of 1 percent (or less than 1 in a thousand).


I do think this kind of thread tends to suffer from confirmation bias, since people who either were wrong or didn't have a strong intuition either way won't think about intuition regarding sex of the baby (which is not the same as gender) and won't post here.


Anyway, I have no data because I don't know yet if this babe is a boy or a girl. I had a dream it was a boy, but I'm not sure if that means it was a boy or just that I've spent a lot of time trying to prepare my husband (who wants a girl) for the eventuality that we may have a boy!

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I'm 3 for 4.  But 75% doesn't sound that great, lol. 


As far as "confirmation bias", my correct guesses were all from the very beginning and widely known.  Meaning, everybody I knew knew what I thought...and I didn't go back and forth.  :shrug  I was pretty sure my last was a boy, but went back and forth a bit...but, when she was born a girl it didn't phase me a bit.  I mean, I will never say that I guessed right...I was off, no doubt about it.  But, she was exactly who she was supposed to be.  It was strange how right it all seemed.  Anyway, I think some people can just be really in tune with things.


I also predicted 2 of the four due dates right on, and 3 of the conceptions (months ahead of time).  (I didn't predict the first). 

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Well, my intuition and my mother's (she also dreamed we were having a boy) are both wrong! Found out today it's a girl. :D

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I knew with my first that she was a girl. But I couldn't tell if I just wanted a girl that badly or if it was really intuition. Sure enough, girl! I just poas today and got my BFP and my first thought has been boy. So, we'll see.

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With my first, I had dreams even before I was pregnant about a little boy with blue eyes and blonde hair. Not long before the ultrasound, I had a dream where everyone I knew was in the nursery, painting, putting the crib together, etc. but it was all pink and girly. I screamed at everyone to get out, this was all wrong. I was having a boy! I was right. I have a little boy with blonde hair and blue eyes smile.gif


This time, I have no idea! I have already had a lot of dreams about this baby, but none of them about the sex. My husband is completely convinced that it's a girl. So much so that he refers to the baby as the girl name we picked out! I'm going to feel bad if it's another boy...

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I'm 1 out of 4...I knew with DD that it was a girl from the time I took a test...I had always wanted a boy first but as soon as I saw that BFP I knew it was a girl...I haven't been right since then.  Part of it is that I have really wanted DD to have a sister...and part of it is that all my pregnancies have been really similar as far as symptoms go, except this last one where I was much sicker and for a lot longer than with any of my other pregnancies.

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I have only had a very clear intuition once, with my second pregnancy, and I was right.  With my first I had no idea, and with this one I thought it was a girl for a long time but then about 2 weeks before the ultrasound I had a very vivid dream that it was a boy, so that made me undecided.  The dream was correct, it is a boy.  When I thought it was a girl, it wasn't a true intuition, it was just a way for me to explain why my morning sickness and fatigue were so much more severe this time around.


I'm reading a book called Pink Brain, Blue Brain about sex differences in babies and children, and she addressed the topic of whether mothers can know intuitively what their baby's sex is going to be.  The research that has been done on the issue indicates that more highly educated mothers are right more often than less educated mothers, but that those who are correct are far more likely to say that they "just knew"  or "had a feeling" as opposed to making a deduction based on pregnancy symptoms or any other kind of old wives' tale (e.g. how they are carrying).  I thought that was interesting, and it does reflect my experience!

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Sort of, in the sense that I wanted a girl so badly I was pretty sure it would be a boy (and it's a boy).  ;)

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So far I'm right :) I feel like I am going to have a flock of boys, maybe one girl thrown in for good measure. So far I'm off to a good start with boys!

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Nope. I was 200% convinced DD1 was a boy. I was right about DD2 (assuming the ultrasound was correct, which has yet to be confirmed).


So basically, my prediction rate is as good as chance. :P

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With my daughter, I didn't have a strong feeling either way. I was leaning a tiny bit more towards her being a girl, but wasn't sure. We didn't find out ahead of time.


Now I'm pregnant with my second. The moment after my husband and I looked at the positive test, we both said it was a boy. I have no idea why we both felt so sure this time. But we were right--we decided to find out the sex this time and it is indeed a boy!

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Ooh I just wish I could answer this question better. With DD I knew from just about the time I took the pregnancy test that she was a girl. Enough so that I bought girl clothes and didn't worry much about a boy name. I had dreams about her being a girl all the time, and the one dream I had with a boy baby I was at my friend's house and I said "This isn't my baby" and they all looked very concerned and said "Yes it is." and I just said "Nope" and set it on their kitchen counter and left.


This time around I'm not sure. I'm slightly leaning more towards boy, but I really want another girl. Maybe I'm trying to set myself up for not getting a girl? And we only talked about boys names, since we were already on the same page for a girl name. I definitely thought boy at first, but then it just kind of went away and now I just can't wait to find out! 19 days until the ultrasound.

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With DS1, I had no intuition at all. I kept having dreams of a girl, I always felt like i'd be a mother of girls. Turns out he was a boy. DS2, I knew straight away that he was a boy. I reallllly wanted a girl, but deep down I knew he was a boy. This baby is a girl, I knew it from the start and I just found out a few weeks ago that she is 100% GIRL! So I have been right 2/3 times

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This is my first baby and in the very beginning I had three dreams all about boy anatomy.  Never actually saw a little boy or anything it was all u/s dreams. 

The first one I could see the baby on u/s but the brain was blue.  It was odd.  The second dream I had the u/s tech was like "look gonads" it's a boy and the third dream I had the male parts were actually there.  I was secretly hoping that my dreams would pan out but didn't want to get my hopes up too much in fear of "gender disappointment". 


I would love either gender equally but really wanted a boy.  I have five nieces and love them to bits but just have a special love for little boys! 

20 week u/s yesterday revealed ALL Boy.  I should know by now that I should always trust my intuition--it's usually right. 

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I was right with all 3 (if the ultrasound is right with the current pregnancy).

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I have a decent track record.


My first,  I was 100% convinced we were having a boy. I told dh as we walked into the clinic for an U/S at 18 weeks "If they say it's a girl I will probably pass out on the table from shock."


Well, there was absolutely zero doubt, all boy. We already had 4 names picked out, boys and girls, so there was no doubt what names we would use.


#2 I figured was probably a girl. Right again. I thought #3 was a girl, but she was conceived when #2 was only about 4-5 months. I was stressed, sleep deprived, and most of it is still a blur. So I guess that doesn't "count." :) We were still working our way through our pre-chosen names, and yes, we still loved them all. So names were not in question.


#4 I was POSITIVE was a boy from the moment I got a positive HPT. I had the most vivid dream I have ever had before or since while pregnant with him, where I could see into my belly and see him very clearly. We had run out of girl names, but still both determined to use the boy name we had chosen. We went around and around trying to figure out a girl name, but we never did pick one. I said if we ended up with a girl she would just have to wait a while for a name. I even had a silly dream where the baby was born, looked VERY odd, nothing like anyone in our family, and people kept telling me what her name was, and I just kept saying "NO! That can't be her name! I would never name my baby that!"


#5 I thought was probably a girl. I wasn't completely sure. We had run out of names from our "list" but we came up with a boy's name fairly quickly. Again, we had some difficulty coming up with a girl name, I think we did pick one but it was never "Oh my that

s PERFECT" because i can't even remember it. I had several dreams about having a boy while asleep, but while awake I could never "picture" myself with a baby boy. It was bizarre. He passed away at 3 days old, so I never did walk around with my baby boy, but looking back that really odd dream I had where I had given birth to a boy but I was in a room full of old ladies and faded weird (funeral parlor type) decor, and he was wrapped in someone's black shawl suddenly made a lot more sense.


#6 I had a feeling was a girl. I had a girl name picked out before she was even conceived. I never told my kids about my experience of having a name just "come to me" in the middle of the night. But one day while we were driving around, my oldest girl suddenly said out of the blue "I miss Liam" (baby #5) and then I told her we all miss him very much. She got quiet for a minute, and then she said "We will love her." I said "Who sweetie?" And then she said the words that still give me chills "The little baby girl that's going to grow in your tummy. We will love her so much." She said this very earnestly and seriously. And a few seconds later she was back to joking around and saying silly stuff to her siblings, like nothing had happened. I got pregnant a couple months later. And DD was right, we DO love her, immensely. During my pregnancy, we asked each of our kids what I was having. The oldest said 'Boy' the girls said girl, the youngest boy said "Well... I want it to be boy, but it's a girl!" Doesn't that beat all?


This time:

Again, had a sense that this is a boy from the moment I suspected  I was pregnant. Dh and I started talking names right away, and immediately we both agreed on a boy name that feels just perfect. We even have a nickname for the boy name that we love. We figured we'd start talking girl names, and again, dead. end. I'd say a name and he'd go "Ew, no" I'd run down a list of names a mile long and one of em would be sort of meh not TOO terrible but nothing I loved. We ended up deciding if the baby is a girl we'll name her the feminine version of the boy name we picked out. Even so, I still sometimes feel meh about the name. I have been craving salty and meaty foods. I have felt a very strong drive to convince DH that if this is a boy he will not be circumcised (our older two are, and I regret it now). I felt similarly about circ while pregnant with #6, but I didn't press the issue like I have this time. I have had a couple dreams about having a boy, and DD1, who had the moment of "clairvoyance" about #6 has also been having dreams that I give birth to a baby boy. We asked our youngest what she thinks. She did the same thing as her older brother did last time. "I wish it was a girl, but it's a boy."


My personal preference is to not find out, but DH has been really wanting to find out, and has been bringing it up frequently. I decided to offer a compromise: I will give up something I feel strongly about (not finding out before the birth) if he will give in to my preferences on something he felt strongly about (circumcision). I didn't spring this on him, he's known I wanted him to re-examine his views for a couple months now, and he ultimately agreed to my compromise. So, hopefully next month we'll see what we can see.

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