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Need gentle name guidance

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DH and I have a VERY hard time naming babies. Now that we've found out the sexes of our babes coming (boy and girl!), I'm feeling a little unsure of our boy name choice. (the comments from friends and fam have started- we don't share IRL, but they still feel like tossing out ideas and critique??)


Background- for privacy reasons, I don't post my DCs names online, but I have one DS w/ a rare but not too out there name. I have one DD with an "out there" name. It is a nature name, I've seen MDC moms choose it before, but we usually get "wow, what i cool name, I've never heard of anyone named that" before. We do get some raised eyebrows, but it is just the perfect name for her.


Twin girl will be named Eden, either Eden Sophia, Eden Elise or Eden Sophia Elise. 


We chose Eden bc when i was TTC and now pg, when I dream of the babies, I always dream of them in a beautiful garden. 


Twin boy is the one we're wavering on. Debating two names and would like your input. 





Here's my pro/con list for both:


p: I've loved Asher since i was pg w/ DS. It was almost DS's name, and it would have been DD's name if she were a boy

p: It is somewhat unique and has a nature feel w/ the lovely nn Ash. 

p: the family will LOVE it. esp given they are not fond of out-there names. I know that shouldn't be the end-all, but they will love Eden, so I'd hate to have them think she got the "good" name, yk?

c: We are not religious and the pairing of Asher and Eden seem heavily religious to me. 

c: Asher is really trendy where I live. I worry that one trendy name in a set of unique-and-out-there names will sound off. 

c: i'm just not feeling Asher for this babe, if that means anything at all



p: Have loved Vale since I read Chris Bohjalian's novel Midwives, as a teenager. Debates about the book aside, it really was the book that opened my eyes to a whole world of women-centered care leading to natural parenting. (tho, the fictional baby's name is Veil). I never considered it useable until this pg, tho (I think, since giving DD an 'out there' name and seeing it go okay)

p: Seems like such a perfect nature pairing with Eden- esp since we live in a river valley, so it would be reminiscent of his birth-home

p: Unique and fits well with our sib group names

c: it is out there and I KNOW we'll get nasty remarks from family about it (after having that experience w/ DD). Freshly postpartum, those remarks really, really hurt. My fam will NEVER say them to the child, by I still remember every negative comment at me.

c: Does anyone LIKE the name besides me and DH? We haven't really asked for input and we haven't told IRL, so I honestly don't know. I'm fine with weird and out there, but I would prefer it to be one that people warm to. 


thanks mamas for your help. I think, to sum it, I'm really feeling Vale, but I'm nervous to use it. 

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I think Vale is a great name!  I like Asher too but considering your con list I wouldn't use it.  I'm dying to know the middle name(s).  Will you consider sharing?

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I like both names, but given your con list I would avoid Asher too. Vale sounds wonderful and I think it pairs great with Eden. I don't think it sounds wacky or weird at all.
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Originally Posted by 2xand2y View Post

I think Vale is a great name!  I like Asher too but considering your con list I wouldn't use it.  I'm dying to know the middle name(s).  Will you consider sharing?

Really? you like Vale? yay! 
Oh, sure, middles...

Thing about the middles is we're not set on much.

TBH, I think we'll use whichever name we don't choose as a mn bc I'm going to have a VERY hard time giving up either name. 


Asher Vale


Vale Asher


If not, I'd like it to be a family name:





Gale (not w/ Vale, obviously :) ) 

a James variant (my DS's mn is James, very, very important to my family, but DS would prefer this baby to have a diff mn)


sigh. that's about it for family names. My fam recycled names a lot, but my cousins and I try not to, so there's not much left to choose from.


My DS only has one mn, my DD has two. We haven't decided yet how many to give these babies. 


ETA: I also adore the name Lux. I can't see it as a fn, and it seems to out-there to be a mn w/ Vale, but if there's somewhere to throw it in there, I'd be happy about that. 

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I really like Vale a lot.  Of course, he'll always have to spell it.  I think most people would assume it was Vail.  I have kids who's names have to be spelled too, imvho, it's no big deal.  Vale Asher and Vale Duncan are my favorite combinations of the ones you posted.

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Arden Vale or Vale Arden seems like a winner to me and avoids the double religion thing.



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I LOVE Vale! It's such a nice strong name, different without being too out there, and I can't see how you would be able to make fun of it (which is one of our criteria for names - the schoolyard test). I also love love love Arden, reminds me of ardent which I love the connotations of. Asher is nice but I think it gets used a lot. The only thing would be is if Arden was a first name, then it would be Arden and Eden - might be too close in pronunciation. I like Duncan as well.

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I think Eden and Vale are a great combo!

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me too! 


Originally Posted by gemasita View Post

I think Eden and Vale are a great combo!

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I think the combo of Vale and Eden is very nice.


I understand what you mean about the comments people make to you about your baby's name. I still remember what my mother-in-law said about my first child's name right after he was born. Now 9 1/2 years later I can finally laugh about how ridiculously inappropriate and rude it was of her to say but it sure stings. We also do not share names before our babes are born to avoid comments but the suggestions always flow! :hugs to you and good luck with your naming decisions.

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i LOVE vale!!! what an awesome name! and i love it with eden! way better than asher, in my opinion. 

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I also really like Eden and Vale together-it paints such a pretty picture in my mind!


I am a huge huge fan of following your gut, esp with names. If it "feels" like the right name for your baby, go for it! Its definately what I do and I have passed up names I loved just because it didn't seem to fit the baby inside of me, kwim? I also went with a name I didn't love (but did like) for DS but it felt right for him. His name fits him sooo perfectly, I can't imagine hime with any other name!

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I dislike Vale. First of all, it sounds like a last name. Second, the automatic associations I have with it are cemetery ("vale of rest") or housing development ("Cedar Vale" etc.)

Asher is a great name and I don't think the combination with Eden is particularly religious.
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LOVE love.gif Vale!!! That is such a great name!

I'm not a fan of Asher (isn't he the kid from Pokemon as well???)...

I am a fan of following your gut. When we heard our baby girl's name, even though it wasn't anywhere near our radar or discussion names we "knew" it was her. She couldn't be anything else. I hope you have that moment. orngbiggrin.gif

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I really like Vale, and I like it with Eden.  I don't like Vale Arden or Arden Vale, they both kind of sound like a Macy's perfume brand or something. blush.gif  I do like Vale Asher. :)

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 I love Vale! What an awesome name. Is your other son named River?

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We are thinking of using Vale for a mn. I love it :)!


When I was young, we dwelt in a vale
By a misty fen that rang all night,
And thus it was the maidens pale
I knew so well, whose garments trail
Across the reeds to a window light.
The fen had every kind of bloom,
And for every kind there was a face,
And a voice that has sounded in my room
Across the sill from the outer gloom.
Each came singly unto her place,
But all came every night with the mist;
And often they brought so much to say
Of things of moment to which, they wist,
One so lonely was fain to list,
That the stars were almost faded away
Before the last went, heavy with dew,
Back to the place from which she came--
Where the bird was before it flew,
Where the flower was before it grew,
Where bird and flower were one and the same.
And thus it is I know so well
Why the flower has odor, the bird has song.
You have only to ask me, and I can tell.
No, not vainly there did I dwell,
Nor vainly listen all the night long.

-Robert Frost


ETA: I love Eden and Vale!

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I think Vale is more unique than Asher.  Either way, you have beautiful choices!


And Eden is one of my fav names but we can't use because it is too similar to one of our other kids' names.

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I have met one Vale in my life, and one Arden, and they were both women. Just throwing that out there, do as you like. :)

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I don't want to be a party-pooper either, but my best friend's name is Arden (female) and my niece's middle name is Arden.  I think they were more named after 'Elizabeth Arden', but I'm not sure.  I do love the name, though, and I don't think it's overly either sex.  I think it could go either way.  The name Vale reminds me of the city...Vail, CO.  I like that it is short, strong, and one syllable.  I think those always make good boy names!

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