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Need Ideas for husband's birthday while busy with young babies

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I'd like some ideas on making husband's birthday a very special day despite our very crazy life (at the time of his birthday we'll likely have a couple-week old newborn plus an active 15-month old).  Between now and then, I don't see myself doing much shopping or prep for his birthday because I'm getting ready for birth.  The initial postpartum days would be quiet tough too without anyone around to help.  What are some ideas to make him a special birthday?


Also, what are some ideas for Christmas present for husband during this crazy time?  What do you get for a man who is not into the materialistic at all and basically has everything he needs (which to him are only the daily essentials). I always used to get him essential stuff, like new clothes he needs, new underwear... just very essential stuff that he'd need to get anyways - because I know those "gifts" would be "useful".  But that doesn't feel very "special" when I just pack him, say some underwear and toothbrush for Christmas or birthday.  I don't want to spend on fancy things or "extra things" that he doesn't care for because that kind of spending won't make him feel too good when we've got a family to raise on a single income.  What other ideas can you suggest?

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I have the same problem with my dh. He has or buys everything he needs. I'm not about to buy him some big tech toy, and his clothing needs are pretty much met. That said, I think I'll be getting him a nice sweater or a pair of leather gloves.


Does your dh enjoy board games? There are some new and interesting ones out right now. What about tickets to an event or a concert? A new bathrobe? Jewelry? I'll be watching this thread for any great ideas.

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Tickets to events and concerts were great - before we had kids!  Now we don't ever go out because we have no one to watch the little one, and by the time of his birthday we'll also have a couple-week old newborn in our arms...  If not for the babies, I've planned 2-day weekend getaways before which were great.


As for Jewelry, that's what I mean - this man doesn't care for anything that is not daily essential type of practical. For example, he only needs and has a few pair of pants, shirts, one pair of dress shoes & one pair of sneackers and he is set - anymore won't make any difference to him. Plus he does have a frugle mind, and especially when it comes to spending on himself, he'd rather save the money for stuff that our young kids need. (Like I said, single income is not easy for us and we'd both rather spend the money on household needs & children's needs than ourselves if we don't really need it.  This makes gifting to each other more difficult, because none of us has any material fantasies or so-called "wish list".  And with young children, trying to plan anything romantic is like....well, you know how that goes....).

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Does he want a gift? I ask because my dh sounds like yours, and he doesn't really like getting gifts and doesn't need anything so my gift to him (I LOVE picking out and giving gifts) has generally been not getting him a gift. This year I did get him a couple of things since he will just be coming off of deployment, just a couple of nice sweaters. Is there anything that has been bugging your dh around the house? One year I got mine a trash can lol.gif because he had been sort of complaining about not having a "real" trash can. We had always had a very small open top trash can because we don't have a ton of trash and I liked being able to stash it under the kitchen sink. I bought him a nice enameled cast iron pan for his birthday one year because he loves nice cooking stuff, whereas I don't really care what I'm cooking with.


As for shopping.. I did all of mine online this year. My dh is deployed and I have five small children and no family nearby so no one to watch the kids while I go out.

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Ask him what he wants.


I personally don't like gifts myself. Such people really do exist. No idea if he's one of them - so ask.


If you want to do something special, cook him something very nice. It's a rare man who would not be pleased with a special, favorite meal.


And then there's always... ahem. I'm telling you, a favorite meal and a private fashion show would make even a materialistic man's birthday a great one. If he's not even materialistic, that will put him over the moon.

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Roast chicken is the key to my DH's heart :)

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You know, I reread the title.


A great meal and a fashion show is easy any time except when you're busy with young babies. Mea culpa.


I'd just ask him what he wants.

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Many suggested to ask him what he wants. Every time I ask he always says nothing or just to have me and our baby.   But even though he says he wants nothing, he still really loves getting surprises and feeling special.  So somehow I do want to surprise him and make him feel real special.


The example mbhf gave about getting her husband a trash can is kind of similar to what I usually get him - just everyday things he already needs and was going to get anyways, like new socks, new underwear, etc.  And I feel like those things are not really "gifts" because it's like buying household soap and wrapping it and calling it a "gift" when it's an ordinary thing we were already going to get anyways.  Does anyone know what I mean?  Do you give your husbands those types of gifts too?


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Does he have a favorite author, actor, musician, sports figure etc.? Write to that person and ask them to send your DH an autograph or note. Authors will sometimes have bookplates rather than sending a whole book back and forth. Include a self addressed stamped envelope. Potentially this could only cost you a couple of stamps but would should real thought. A megastar isn't going to have time to write back but a middling level one might. 


A picture of you and your LOs in a nice frame. It doesn't have to be a professional photographer. 

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Gourmet shaving supplies/book. He may not use it on weekdays but he might enjoy a special weekend shave. Apparently a lot of guys like this. My own husband is a very practical man but he got into it for a while - he's elected to stop using the razors now (long reason, nothing for you to worry about) but he still uses a brush and soap and enjoys it. Can be ordered off the Internet.


I just ordered a headlamp for FIL. I guess he wants one for fishing. They are also handy for camping, and useful around the house to boot (my DH said he'd love one for when he has to go up into the attic, for example). Well, the latter use is probably too practical, but if your DH likes to fish or camp, that could be a nice gift. The one I bought was well reviewed and $25.


Does he already have an MP3 player or iPod? Probably. Everybody else in the world seems to have one. (We don't, lol)


So you get him underwear, but is it really good stuff? The boxer-briefs are really comfortable and good looking, and if you buy good quality they'll be supportive and last a long time. There's a difference between the lower priced ones and the nicer ones.

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I'll often do 'gifts' of favorite tasty treats - so a bag with a bunch of oreos or fave homemade cookies, or chips & salsa, or few cuts of his favorite meat with a small pot of fresh herbs.  For father's day dd1 painted a little cardboard box & we got a gc to our favorite ice cream place for dh so it doesn't have to be something you pick up.


You could use sculpy and make some handprints with the kids & turn them into magnets for the fridge (dh here has loved things like that from the kids).


Get a favorite kid movie of his to have and watch together as a family - along with pizza/popcorn or a dad-themed children's book for him to read to the kids (razamadaddy is one we like here, daddy's girl is another good one (if you have girls)).


We've also gotten special toys that are 'daddy's' for him & the kids to use together only.  So something more complicated right now for the kids, that your dh likes a lot and would need to do with them (like,. . . uh tinkertoys or other building things,. . . we like the nano hexbugs for this but have kiddo's a bit older than yours).

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