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Having a rough time, need prayers

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I am having such a hard time right now. I know I have no right to complain but I just am struggling so much. Last weekend my hubby was back and forth to the ER several times with cluster migraines. He says he only suffers this once a year, he had forgotten to take his verapamil which stops the headaches from coming for like a month and he didnt tell me he wasnt taking them. I have never seen him have a cluster headache before. He has had migraines, but not like this. He woke me up screaming and crying and vomiting everywhere. I had to get his mom to take him to the ER the other times because I couldnt do it. I was contracting like crazy.He had to miss work. WE are very behind on our bills. No insurance. His meds to stop the headaches, treximet are 9 pills for 200 bucks.!! I could only buy 3 for 80 bucks last Sunday, but he just took the last one last night to abort another cycle.  He says he cycles for a few weeks until the verapamil kicks in. OUr bills are way behind because we were both out of work for months. Now I am having to go buy more pills today with what would have been some christmas money. We will have no christmas this year. We have hardly nothing for the babies, my sister was supposed to throw me a shower but it hasnt happened yet. The church is throwing us one after the babies get here. Our house is in disarray because I am now on modified bed rest and have no help. DH works too much to really help. I have some personal issues going on. I am contracting all the time and last night i slept 2 hours if that. Sorry such a long post but please pray for my dh so that his head will not keep hurting him. I am scared he will not be able to work to provide for our family with these headaches.

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I will be thinking of your family and hoping that those headaches go away and stay away.  Hugs mama.

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oh mama, what a frustrating time!  Definitely keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.  

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hug.gif sending love and support your way. hug.gifhug.gifhug.gif

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Hugs, support and good thoughts heading your way.  :hug.gif

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I totally feel you and we are in the same situation.  I found out lastnight when I was taking my medicine and went to go get my husband's that he stopped taking his BP medication weeks ago and did not tell me because we could not afford them and my meds were more important.  It seems so unfair to have to deal with the stresses of pregnancy with the everyday stresses of life let alone the complexities of feeling like you cannot provide.  I struggle with that daily and as hard as I have tried to find peace with my situation I just can't. All I do keep reminding myself is though that pregnancy is temporary and will end and hopefully soon after the baby arrives I will be able to get back to work and calm these insane waters.

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hug.gif  praying.gif

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How are you doing?

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Thanks for asking! I am doing a little better. I am not feeling good...the pregnancy has really gotten to me. I am so big and uncomfortable. Dh is still having headaches, aborted by the expensive medicine which we keep having to buy.

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hug.gif I'm so sorry that you and your DH are going through all that.  Do what you can and try to take care of yourself and not get too worked up.  My Mom has a good saying when things stress her out and are just not going well "...and this too will pass."  It's like a mantra for me when things just suck and I'm having a hard time. Keeping you and your family in my prayers.

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Oh mama!  HUGS and prayers coming your way!


My DH has headaches almost daily, but nothing like that.  Goodness, that's awful!  I'm so sorry!


I totally relate with the money problems, too!  We are behind on the house and vehicle and DH's truck just broke down.  Plus, need to find a way to pay OB.  Sheesh, money problems stink!  Doesn't do much for the stress level either.  HUGS.  It'll work out one way of the other, mama!  Hang in there.  Praying for you both!

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hugs:) i hope he is feeling better soon. it is so rough when you need to have a little extra help from your partner, but they need it even more.

you mentioned both church and not having enough money for christmas or baby stuff. maybe they could help with both of those things- loaned baby stuff and "secret santa" things. they might even be able to move the shower up if you let them know your situation. i hope you can find some rest and peace and maybe even some solutions (and then some more rest and peace,) this week.

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