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Living without a vehicle?

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Any other people live without a vehicle?  My husband and I don't own any vehicle, and we are constantly being harassed about it.  Anyone else have the same issue?  We don't have one by choice, but by necessity, but people don't seem to understand that.


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We don't have one either, also by choice. It's been about a year now and I'm very satisfied. We don't get negative comments ... but that could be because we live in Germany, and it's not so strange here. Bikes are very very popular, and so is going where you need to go by foot. Even people who have cars seem to limit their use of them, compared at least to my home country of the U.S. Do you primarily use bikes, or walk? How is it in Canada?

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We do, sort of. We *have* a car, but neither of us has a licence yet. (I'm learning - hopefully only a few weeks away!). DH had a motorbike for years, which was great for quick shopping trips etc, but after his last crash we've had no vehicle at all.


Frankly, it's a PAIN. I wasn't thrilled at the idea of learning to drive (lack of confidence, thanks parents), but I'm expecting my child and I finally manned up and went "OK, this is ridiculous, my mother drives us to church, I need to learn to freaking drive". So I am. :p I hope laziness won't take over once I can though - I like that we walk a lot, and we live close enough to town that we can walk or take the bus. But there's no denying it'll be handy... I'm really looking forward to us being able to go to the beach, or visit the quilting shop outside of town, and all those things car-having families take for granted!

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Over the time I have been with DH we have had only one car on and off.  Many people think we are nuts and it definitely takes some patience and scheduling.  Some of this time was in the city where mass transport was available.  Now we live in the sticks so we just have to take our turn.  I think it is great you can live without any vehicle at all. 

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I'd love to not have a car, but it would be impossible in our situation. My DH works 40 miles from home and the nearest anything is about 15 to 20 minute drive. we live in the country, so yeah. I don't see how not having a car would work!

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