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UGH- Frantic Night Nursing

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We've had this problem on and off, but now it's really come to a head as lately DS refuses to sleep without my nip in his mouth or his mouth in proximity to my nip so he can pop on and off it all night long.


When nursing side-lying, DS gets really frantic and quite violent while sucking.  He's like a tiny little monster clawing at me and kicking and chomping down really hard- it's horrible. He does this mostly at night when he is half-asleep but sometimes when I try to nurse him down for naps too. And what's awful is, when he gets like this he doesn't want to STOP nursing- he well get like this and suck and suck for hours. And if I try to remove him he goes berserk! He is NOT like this when I nurse him sitting up on the boppy, even at night. So for the past little while at night I've been sitting up in bed and using the boppy, but obviously that cuts down on my sleep as he still nurses at least twice during the night. A lot of the time he isn't even really eating either- just sucking.


As I said, the problem has gotten worse because DS seems to be going through a phase where he really needs to be near me and sucking ALL. NIGHT. LONG. Normally, I would have no problem with this, but with his beastly behaviour I just can't do it! And I obviously can't sit up with him on the boppy all night long, I'll get no sleep.



So what's the deal? Anyone else have a sidelying monster??? What to do???

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Sounds like it could just be a phase. I'd personally tough it out on the boppy for a week and see if things change. Look into whether he is hitting any new milestones/teething etc. If you can find the trigger, you can fix things from there.

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We have also been dealing with the same thing. I see you posted a month ago so I'm wondering if you've found a solution or if anything has changed.


We sort of solved the problem a while ago by moving DS to his crib, beside the bed. I started getting up when he woke up and I would rock him and hold him until he settled, and then I would put him back in the crib. If he didn't settle and was giving me more signs to say, "I'm hungry!", then I would nurse him while sitting on my bed, and then put him back in the crib.


It was exhausting getting up every time DS woke up and cried, but I felt that he was sleeping more soundly in his crib after a while, and I was able to sleep a little better, when I was sleeping, because I didn't have my little guy attached at the boob all night long.


This worked for a couple of weeks until DS got croup and now we're back to DS co-sleeping and nursing all. night. long.


I too am wondering if anyone has a solution or if I need to go back to having DS sleep in his crib... I love snuggling with him all night long but I'm exhausted.

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