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OP -- I have to add my voice to those who are telling you to get things checked out! I agree that a couple of your symptoms (rise in BP -- even though it's in "normal" range, it's not normal for you -- and "weird intestinal pain") could be cause for concern. It might be nothing, but even if it is, getting a medical opinion will relieve your fears. Happy birthing to you, and keep us updated!

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If baby is in distress, would castor oil or another "natural" induction cause more harm?


I've been doing nipple stimulation and am now taking fiberblend, it's like metamucil, I guess, although I've never even seen metamucil heh.


I got two pressure waves that felt more like pressure waves than the usual lame tightening, but a couple lame-ish BH in between them, and that was about an hour ago and nothing since.


My body is really pissing me off.

I don't understand it. I was so healthy for so long. Why couldn't he just come out when everything was good. Why wait until things are bad??


I'm looking up midwives around here. Freaking heck, man.

I just want to see my kid to know he's okay. I just need to see him!

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Do not NOT NOT do castor oil. If you are already having intestinal cramping and distress, you will think you are being ripped in half if you do castor oil. It is not a good idea, and can cause you to quickly become weak and dehydrated as you, ah, crap your guts out.

GL finding a midwife to help you out! Labor and baby vibes headed your way.
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I'm not sure if a new midwife would see you now.  Maybe you could go to the old one and mend fences.  If you feel you need medical help, but don't know how to get it, I'd just go to a labor and delivery and tell them that you think you're in labor. They'll check you out.   I know you want to trust your body...we all do.  I had thoughts with my 4th...after 3 easy labors, that this one wasn't going to be so easy.  I felt a wierd hip pain and knew he was malpositioned.  Sure enough, he was.  I needed assistance.   My instincts told me I did.  I cancelled my homebirth 2 hours before the midwife was supposed to show.  Talk about hurt pride, but in the end, I was glad I listened to my inner voice.  Midwife still delivered, but just not how imagined.


Some of the things you've said here tell me that you may be telling your inner voice to shut up or your just not sure what to do.

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I did caster oil with my first. It was a clean birth, but bloody long! 12hrs pre labour and another 9 actual labour, but because I messed with it (transfered in due to INTENSE pre labour), my labour kept stalling. I ended up with an AROM, the pitocinon drip and an epidural just to cope. I pushed her out, but yah :( Wouldnt recomend it. Did homeopathics and reflexology to bring on #2 and my partner did these modified stretch and sweeps. The labour was better but transition sucked! 3hrs of hell cause he wasnt in a good position......


 Get yourself to someone who can do reflexology or accupunture, and chat to a good midwife/doula about any concerns you may have x

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Originally Posted by Blue_Spiral View Post

I just want to see my kid to know he's okay. I just need to see him!

Then get checked out ASAP. Please. If the most important thing to you is having an okay kid, just go see somebody and make sure.


You don't want to kick yourself later if you don't, and wind up wondering if you should have.

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You can go to UMC and tell them that you think you are in labor, like another poster said.  I had my middle child there and it was wonderful.  Absolutely wonderful.  Don't worry about the money right now.  The most important thing is that you and your baby are okay.  They have to see you, have to take care of you there.  


I really hope that you're doing better by now.  Good luck to you.

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(hugs) girly...sounds like you're at the end. I'll be thinking of you, and wishing the best. 

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How's everything mama? I'm thinking of you. 

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I hope you get checked out. And I'm not normally one for that!

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I hope you are doing well, it sounds like you are really close!  Do you have a fetoscope?  That might be quite reassuring.

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Hoping your quietness is cause your son is in your arms x

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I have been checking this thread. Hope you have a wonderful baby in your arms!

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How are you today, mama?

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I've been checking this thread to see how you are doing, too! I hope everything is well with you and your babe -- my thoughts are with you!

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She posted her birth story with a pic! Cute little guy was born 12/7.

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