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GD Book Recs?

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Can anyone recommend some good books for me and DH to read about GD?  DS just turned 1 and we want to decide on discipline methods before long.


BTW, I recently came back on MDC and noticed the format had changed.  There used to be a place at the top of each forum with rules and resources and all that... is that stuff still somewhere (so I wouldn't need to start a new thread to get this type of info?)



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I love "Easy to Love Difficult to Discipline"  also "Playful Parenting"

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I'll second "Easy to Love, Difficult to Discipline". Also we loved "Non-Violent Communication", "Respectful Parents, Respectful Kids".

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Subbing for more suggestions too, I'm new to GD as well.

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i need good GD advice! i came from an abusive home and want to GD my children (only one so far 14 m/o) DH is kind of a non-believer. he will sometimes be like just slap her hand if shes touching x and im like NO! he thinks she will be a spoiled brat ect ect.

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Also subbing for suggestions! 

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i dont think we are getting anymore lol

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I love anything by Haim Ginott, especially "Between Parent and Child". It's not so much about discipline (as in how to get kids to do what you want, gently) but a way of communicating with your kids. I believe that the side effect of following Ginott's advice will be a better relationship with your kids and that can't help but manifest itself in "discipline issues."


I love "Kids, Parents and Power Struggles" by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka because it helps us to understand where some of the resistance comes from when we ask our kids to do things, or want them to behave.


Alfie Kohn's "Unconditional Parenting" is ANYTHING but a how-to. But it's good for shaking up your thinking and looking at things in a new way. Then Kurcinka's book will help you put stuff into actual practice.


I also like "How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen so Kids Will Talk". I am not all the way through it but it's been very helpful so far.


These aren't "discipline" books per se, but I think that they are parenting books that will help foster a gentler more respectful environment and relationship, which helps in the area of discipline.

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I also like Unconditional Parenting and "How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen so Kids Will Talk". I wish I'd read How to Talk earlier; it echoes many of the principles in UP, but gives you actual techniques to try. So helpful!

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Awesome! i so agree, this style of parenting has changed my life and consequently our family's atmosphere. I am so passionate about it since seing the amazing changes in all three of our children and in myself and my hubby. But I don't agree when my friends and family tell me its each to his own, whatever way suits whatever family because to me it is not about what is convenient for the parents but its about how all children in this world should be treated, which in turn will turn our society into one with a huge lack of crime or anger.

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I'm a big reader, and I liked:




For Your Own Good: Hidden Cruelty in Child-Rearing and the Roots of Violence by Alice Miller, Hildegarde Hannum, and Hunter Hannum. It's dated, and I don't "buy" it all, but it really resonated with me.


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