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When did your morning sickness start? I HAVE MORING SICKNESS!!!

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With my first, it started around 7 weeks.  With my second I did not get sick at all, but it was a missed mc and I found out at 11 weeks.  With my boys, I got sick, my first boy bad enough to land me in the ER, but I don't remember when it started.  Now, I am 6 weeks and no sign of morning sickness.  Kinda getting nervous - will feel so much more secure in this pg when I start throwing up!  Anyone else with "late" starting morning sickness?

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yes morning sickness feels secure to me too as last time i had no morning sickness at first then i had a ,lot of bleeding, then morning sickness started immidiatly and the pregnancy was ok after that althought i had bleeding for another 2 months! so this time it started at around 4 weeks and every time it gets better i don't know whether to feel relieved or worried...dizzy.gif

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I'm curious about this too- I am nearly 7 weeks now and not much morning sickness to speak of.  I had lots with my firstborn.  My second pregnancy was a miscarriage and I had none at all- so I find it very worrying to have little to none now.  I have no food aversions, but my stomach feels full or weird sometimes but not really sick sick.  I have heard, though, that it's normal for it to start a bit on the late side in some pregnancies or not at all.  I am trying my best not to worry too much!

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Between 6-7 weeks every time, so I wouldn't be worried yet.  Mine usually starts out very mild, just a hint of nausea right around 6 weeks, getting worse gradually until it peaks at 8 weeks and stays there until 11 weeks or so, then gradually subsiding.

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Mine started at about 5 1/2 weeks. Ugh...

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didn't have it with dc1.  don't have it now.... 

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It started at 5 and a half weeks with both of my girls. I don't really have any this time and it has me worried. I keep telling myself it might be a boy this time.

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It hit hard around 6-7 weeks this time. I didn't have any sickness with DS, I was just really tired the whole time. I started getting sick around 7 weeks with DD but not nearly as sick as I've been this time around. I was throwing up once a day with her until 15-16 weeks. 

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It started the day before I took the pregnancy test.  I thought I was coming down with something because I felt nauseous and dizzy.  That was about 5 weeks.  So far, no vomiting, thankfully!  Just horrid nausea and food aversions.  I'm down to about 5 things that I will eat and none of them even remotely sound good.

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If my EDD is correct by lmp, I started strong at 6wks.  I am nauseous all morning and all evening, with a little break in the middle.

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I have nothing at 5 1/2 weeks and keep wondering "am I really pregnant?"   My breasts really aren't that sore, I have some mild cramping but other than that, I'm eating like a horse with no food aversions etc.   I'm just super nervous about this whole deal because of my accident.   But I guess I won't know until I know. 

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Whammo!! Right at 6 1/2 weeks this time.  But I had absolutely none with DS and very little with DD.  This time it is totally different - I feel like crap every minute.  I have intensely strong food aversions and no matter what I do I cannot drink as much water as I should.  Sparkling water has been more palatable, but I can't get enough of that down either.  I am really, really hoping this passes in the next few weeks.  I would so love to wake up and not feel like hell.

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With DS, it started around 7 weeks.  This time, it started before I even got the BFP, but it's very on-and-off.  So there have been days when I've felt absolutely fine and of course, I'm always worried that something's wrong on those days.

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Mine started today, BLECK!! Just turning 6 weeks tomorrow! I'm basically retching every five minutes :)

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P.S... no throwing up with me though... just dry retching. Yay

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with my first i threw up only once, right at the beginning, it was definitely during the first month. it was awful. i popped blood vessels in my face and eyes.

with my second, it was horrible...i had morning noon and night sickness.i am pretty sure that i was over salivating because of the nausea. i threw up throughout my entire pregnancy. it started right at the beginning. i was afraid to brush my teeth because i knew what was coming....once i even tore the lining of my stomach once and threw up blood.

now with this pregnancy, i thank the stars that i dont have "morning sickness" like i did with my second...so i can deal with it. it's occasional and i dont feel nearly as on edge as i did with my previous pregnancy. i'm almost 8 weeks now and i threw up for the first time about 2 weeks ago.

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This tie i have done very little throwing up this pregnancy but I have been naseous almost all morning and then again all evening since my 5th week. I have SO many food aversions and only have a few things I can manage to choke down without gagging. It has been different for me every pregnancy.


My first I felt fine most of the time but would throw up 1-2 times every morning starting at like 6 weeks until like 27 weeks- no other food issues. My second was much like this pregnancy general feeling yucky but only in the morning with not as much throwing up. My third pregnancy ended in mc and I had no symptoms really at all. My 4th pregnancy was traditional morning sickness with occasional throwing up and feelings of ick. 

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I'm 5w1d and no m/s yet.  With my first pregnancy it started about 5w5d so I'm counting down.  In some ways I'd like it to just start already so that I can feel more secure about this pregnancy.  But the other part of me knows what's coming and is dreading it. ;)

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I'm almost 7 weeks and no morning sickness yet. I've not even really had much nausea, no food aversions either. I wish some symptoms would kick in and reassure me :) I know it's illogical because I had tons of symptoms with my last pregnancy which ended in a loss at 6 weeks, but I don't even really feel pregnant at all.


With my first pregnancy, I didn't puke the entire pregnancy. I did have some mild food aversions and nausea. 

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I'm 7w/2d and no morning sickness, or any symptoms really (other than fatigue). It has me a bit worried since this is my first pregnancy and it kind of doesn't seem real yet.

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