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When did your morning sickness start? I HAVE MORING SICKNESS!!! - Page 2

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Finally!! 6 weeks 6 days.  I am elated!  I feel so much better about this pregnancy now.  If it were my first pregnancy, I would not be concerned about not having morning sickness - my mother never did.  Some women just luck out.  I was only so concerned because with my history, I know my chances of the baby making it are much better with me throwing up!

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Mine started at 4 weeks. Same thing last time too, and it went until 4 or 5 months. Ugh. Which is why I have been frantically stocking our freezer so that dh and dd won't starve. lol
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I'm just nauseous a lot. That was my first real signal to take the test. With my 2 sons, I was nauseous, but only threw up a couple of times. With my dd, I threw up daily for months. I think that started at 7 or 8 weeks whereas the nausea has been about 5 weeks every time. I guess I'm still holding out to see how bad it gets this time.

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My nausea began at exactly 6 weeks this time. I feel like crap most of the time if I am not actively eating carbs. With DS1 it was my first sign or pregnancy and lasted through most of the first trimester and with DS2 I remember having m/s twice. So, I don't have any predictions about how this will go...

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P.S... no throwing up with me though... just dry retching. Yay

That "yay" made me giggle. You sound like me!  I have been dry heaving now and then.. my issue is coffee.  I have had m/s wtih every pregnancy, it was the worst with DD.  This time around it started at 6 weeks but only when I looked at coffee.  I can smell it (with my eyes closed) and drink it but I can't look at the grounds or the beans. weird.  But now at 8 weeks.. nothing. I am a little concerned but not freaking out yet. 

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With DS1 I was throwing up before I even got a + test.  But after that I only threw up one more time after that in the pregnancy.  I had a lot of aversions/cravings that lasted the entire pregnancy.


DS2 was pretty mild, never threw up.  Was just a queasy type of feeling, but it passed pretty quickly.


This time it hit at 6 weeks, and while I haven't thrown up I feel sick all day long.  Nothing sounds good to eat, I have to choke down meals.  I think I'll be throwing up before its over, I was pretty close last night.


My heart goes out to everyone that is throwing up everyday..I don't know how you do it!  Although lately I've been kind of wishing to puke, so then maybe I'd feel better afterward...is that sick or what?!

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I'm also 7w1d with no morning sickness to speak of, and feeling a lot of trepidation about it. I had a miscarriage at 5 1/2 weeks before, with a pregnancy that also had no morning sickness. Then when I was pregnant with DD it was very clear, even before the 5 1/2 week point. Some clear signs that this is "real" would be welcome!

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Count me in for barfing... just about all day today. Super excited!! puke.gif

But really, is it weird that I am so happy about it?? lol.gif

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The longer my m/s takes and it has been going for 2 weeks straight the less excited I get about it. It is so hard to cook and make meals for the kids, to pretend all is well at work and to eat healthy food. It is taking it's emotional toll as well KWIM?

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With DS, I started feeling low-level, all-day nausea at about 4 1/2 weeks, plus really sore BBs. I had a cold during the 2WW, so symptoms may have been earlier. With this pregnancy, I had NO symptoms...at all. I was getting really nervous, and was hoping for something!


On Sunday (6w2d), I started getting some nausea, and was tired (like knocked out tired) at 6:00pm. Yesterday (6w3d), I came into work, feeling fine. About an hour in, I was on my way to a meeting with some coworkers, and I had to stop and sit on the steps. Someone asked me what was wrong, and I said, "Im either going to throw up, or pass out." Well, they told me to go back to my office, then left (nice). I dropped my stuff off in my office and stumbled to the bathroom. Once I got there, I realized I didnt have to throw up, but thought I might have to "go #2" so I sat down. I was really dizzy and lightheaded...then I blacked out for about 2 minutes. I didn't fully pass out, I could still hear, just couldn't see. Once I came to, I went back to my office and laid on the floor for about a half hour before calling DH (who works across the street) to come get me. I slept for the rest of the afternoon on a couch in his office. Everytime I got up, I got dizzy, lightheaded, and nauseous. No cramps (fortunately...or I would have been freaking out), but my upper stomach was sore, like I'd been throwing up for hours.


This morning, I've been trying to take it easy, because I feel like I have no other option. It's like living on the verge of either throwing up or passing out. I'd rather throw up to get it out! But not all day....I can't imagine and am so sympathetic for those of you who are! 


But, yay! Because at least I feel like my body is working to sustain this pregnancy. praying.gif I'll feel much better after I go to the doc next week, though.

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