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We have a long hallway in our house which we decided to use as a family photo area.  At the moment it is covered in photos in frames, but I feel like the frames make it too busy and the glass-glare makes the busy feeling worse. 


I am trying to figure out a way to display my photos on a wall with the most clean-lined look.  I just love these: but don't want to pay $30 for each photo!!!   Does anyone have good ideas for the best way to make my photos look similar to this?  (Without spending a ton of $$$). 


I'm thinking of printing our pics and then adhereing them to foam core, then putting them on the wall as-is (no frame or anything.)  But I'm worried this will look cheap/junky.  Has anyone tried this? 


I just want to display our photos in a clean-lined way.  And I need to do it cheaply!!  Any ideas from you creative MDCers?