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But what has been leaked has led to insights into the inner workings of governments which, more or less, control many aspects of our lives.  Shouldn't we know what our governments are doing?  In our name, essentially?  I do think that is key to a true democracy, just because I vote for someone doesn't mean they and the people they appoint are unaccountable after that.  I agree that what has happened to Bradley Manning is outrageous, but then again I find many aspects of US 'law' outrageous....  Unfortunately what happens to Manning is within US jurisdiction.  What happens to Assange is not.

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I have a signifigantly different view.  There is no way you can consider what was released as fact.  Because it has some sort of scewed indulgence of being "Secret" does not mean it's actually "Secret".  Nor does it mean it's even real.  Manning accessed information that is true, what the rest of the pop doesn't know is that most of the information stored is not factual of real events.  You have to know what you're looking at and have a full background in the innerworkings of the intel world to be able to analyze what is before and you see between the lines.  If you take the "information" at face value you're really just reading a trash magazine and believing that you now know how half of Hollywood really lives. 


Doing something like this can be dangerous.  While everyone else in the country should know what is going on in our Government, other countries/governments should not.  Most people who do not rely on the "News" to give them their information are already aware of what is really going on.  If this is the first time anyone has even thought that there may be something amiss...  open your eyes!  

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