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Cyber Monday Deals?

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Have you found any great ones?


Kissaluvs.com is offering a free marvel one size cover with every order.  And Cotton Babies is doing a grab bag that I'm excited about.  And I found FB for $11.00 at a couple of places. 

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And I got 6 pair of baby legs for $20!

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I scored some cheap BG 3.0 at Cotton Babies today:) Where did you find the $11 FB? I've been wanting to try them...

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http://www.abbyslane.com/catalog.php?category=518  and i think kellyscloset, butabbyslane has free shipping.  I also picled up some of the last chance bg!

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Thanks, Amanda!


I picked up 2 of the last small Fuzzibuns--we usually use prefolds and covers, but I thought these might be more grandparent/daycare friendly, and figured for the price it was a good way to try them out.  Yay for fluffy mail (on sale!)

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   Yay for fluffy mail (on sale!)


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