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Heath Insurance

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Our health insurance through work has raised twice in the past year to something we can't afford.  I would like to look elsewhere for my kids.  Anybody rec a good health Ins agent??

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Honestly, call the insurance companies yourself and work out a plan with a representative (and get a quote by yourself)--that will get you the best rates.  Blue Cross has a great customer service line!

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If you're in WI, you can sign them up for Badgercare - it's avail to ALL kids, regardless of income level (you just pay for it if you make a lot).  I didn't realize this until just recently.  Our private health insurance was going up to over $300 PER kid!!!  (Deancare individual policy).   I guess we were rated 'high' due to my son's birth defect, which hasn't required major costs from them since he was a baby, and they then also charged this astronomical amount for my DD, too!  I get angry even thinking about it.  I hardly EVER take them to the doctor - just my son's yearly check with his neuro doctor and an eye doctor each year.  Anyway, I think if Badgercare won't charge you more than $100, then I don't see how any WI health insurance should be able to charge more than that, since all they'd have to do is TELL people that they can get Badgercare - a lot probably don't know.  I know I didn't - I assumed it was only for low income kids.  I guess I 'threw away' thousands of dollars paying for Dean before I realized I could switch them. 

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