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Is this strep or something else? Update

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I have had a sore throat for about a week, and have been doing my usual echinecea, oil of oregano, salt water gargles, and raw garlic. The last 4 days it hurts so much to swallow that it wakes me up at night and can't fall back asleep until I take tylenol, so I've been taking tylenol the past three nights just so I can sleep. I'm waiting for it to get better but it's not. Now my ears are getting sore too.

I didn't think it was strep bc I had a bit of a sniffly nose and a bit of a cough, but those symptoms seem to be going away, and the throat seems to be getting worse. Lymph nodes under chin seem to be getting bigger.

Complication is that I was in a car crash last month and have broken bones, so need help from two people-one to look after the kids and another to bring me to the doctor in my wheelchair. . .

Any ideas what this is? Thanks!
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I just had a bad sore throat, followed by laryngitis and cough.  Still have the cough.  What seems to take away the pain for me is mixiing apple cider vinegar, a little warm water and also added some sea salt.  Then gargling with it.  Also tried cayenne pepper, lemon juice and hot water and drinking that but didn't work as well.  The ACV has worked for me numerous times. 

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Our whole family has been going through mono for the past two months (first dd, then me, then dh). Something to consider...It can take a long time to get over :(

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Thanks for the acv suggestion. Man, I hope it isn't mono, but I'll look that up.

Went to see gp today who doesn't think it looks like strep, but did a culture to be sure, so will know tomorrow.
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Ok, so the gp asked about heartburn, and after ruling out a few other things, and saying it didn't look at all like steep, concluded that I had acid reflux. I didn't quite believe him, as no heatburn, and have never had this, son't drink coffee, tea, soft drinks, not much spicey food, etc. However, I tried taking tums because I was desparate, and it totally worked!!!
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Huh. Never would have guessed that one (especially with the swollen lymph nodes). Good for your GP for figuring that out! And glad you're feeling better :) 

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Thanks. Yes, I was amazed, and happy that my gp isn't quick to give abx. According to him, the lymph nodes were a little swollen, but not bad.
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