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One note on styles of adhesive is the interior clings don't show up well in tinted windows. 


The only bumper sticker I've seen fit to put on my vehicle is one I got from Texans for Midwifery (though I can't remember now if it's a Citizens for Midwifery sticker) that says, "Midwives help people out."  I get a good number of positive discussions from that one and would love a new one along those lines!  This one is starting to peel and I hate to be without it! lol.gif

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I would love to have a couple of nice magnetic bumper stickers!  I agree with the sentiment that there should be one that pertains to parenting in general as opposed to just "baby stage" type things.


"MDC.com" might not be a great idea as it is the website for the boeing company... also a quick google of "MDC" doesn't even pull up our site on the first page.


I'd love to have an international breastfeeding symbol sticker :)

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Seriously, when I see an oval sticker on a vehicle I know that means the visited the Outer Banks and I don't go home and google what OB might be. Same for MDC. I highly doubt many people will google it in order to figure it out.


I'm on board with the oval MDC, sticker and magnet alike. (as well as MANY others)

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chiming in again to say that magnets are a cool idea, however, not all rear doors are magnetic, too much fiberglass or some other material.  Options would be nice.








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I am one who would like something non-confrontational and more universally appealing, like "Don't be afraid to trust your intuition"  "Motherhood is a worthy profession"  "Gentle Parenting"  or just "Mothering.com - Natural Family Living" I would like for them all to have the mothering.com website in a readable text size also.

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I would like the MDC oval and maybe it could be the big MDC and then along the bottom of the oval, mothering.com

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What about an oval sticker with just MDC in it - like they have for country abbreviations?


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It would be wonderful to have options, if possible a magnetic one, a vinyl removable window one, and just a regular old sticker.


I like "Peace on Earth Begins at Birth", and "Honk twice for MDC" I also like "100% of Babies Oppose Circumcision"....although with something political like that it's good to have a couple other non-political ones, as many folks aren't into wearing their political beliefs on their sleeve, so to speak. I would also love to see one with something "Mothering" related, not just MDC...maybe simply the Mothering title and some subscript like "Supporting Natural Family Living since 1976".

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