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Career question

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I would like to know what you see happening with my career for the next year. How will I find what I am seeking?


Thank you!!!

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Thank you for messaging me and letting me know your question was missing. And thank you for your patience. And CUTE avatar pic :)



You will find what you are seeking by getting quiet and  going within. This is not a problem of what you want is not out there, or it's never right. That may be true, but that is only because you are even totally sure what your own truth is. Therefore if you are not putting your truth out there fully, you will not likely ever find exactly what you desire. However, if you get very still and quiet, just a few minutes here and there, your truths will start to get louder and it will be easier to recognize where you are currently out of alignment. Then it's a matter of getting into alignment and what you seek will become available. It's not hiding. You just don't recognize it fully.


This next year will be all about that. Shifting your perception of what you think you NEED to what you really desire and how to make the two co-exist. I do think there will be some bumps in the road because it is not always easy getting into alignment. Just depends on how far out of whack you are. I don't think you are far from your truth, but i think there will be moments that you don't completely accept it. You will go back and forth between need and want for a little more time. I think that by the end of next year you will finally settle. You will realize the battle is mostly within yourself. You will work so hard on trust this year. Trusting yourself, trusting the Universe...and you will get there.


When you do, that's when your world changes. that's when your career really takes off. Don't be surprised when it's not what you initially thought it was going to look like though.


Exciting times are ahead!

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