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Baby Zayd is here!

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Born with my CPM out-of-hospital where it's legal  ;)  on 11/28/2010  at 12:50 AM.  :D  His birth was fabulous and I'm still in absolute amazement over how everything went so well and my body just knew exactly what to do.  :) (more later on his birth story, but it was a hands-and-knees delivery, which is a position I have never used before and never thought I would use--till I found myself doing it!  and it was *perfect* because he had a short umbilical cord and my midwife said that is the best position for a baby with a short cord.)   I had an absolutely AMAZING doula--for FREE because she's training--I was her first "Official DONA" birth.  She was absolutely AMAZING.


However, we are in the hospital.  I am fine.  Baby was born with a condition called Low Imperforate Anus.  (there is a hole, but it is smaller than normal)  We have a caring bridge site www.caringbridge.org/babyzayd  with a little more about that and that will have updates.  :)


He is doing *very well* other than that.


Here is something I can discuss here that I haven't discussed much "publicly."


Even though we are in a hospital now, I am thrilled that he was not born in one.  He was perfectly healthy and beautiful at birth.  He nursed right away.   We were able to take him to our home the next morning, and he spent the next day with our family.  His siblings got to see and hold him. 


My body instinctively knew exactly how this baby needed to be born.  And I instinctively knew when something wasn't right and he needed medical attention.  I was the one who noticed the different-looking bottom, I knew things weren't right when he started having trouble latching *and* taking a supplement feeding.  (using an eyedropper)  We got the medical attention he needed, everyone has been fabulous with us about his homebirth.  (Well, not MY home, but out of hospital anyway) 


AND--because he was not born in the hospital and he had been home--we are NOT in the NICU.  We are in pediatrics, where I get a pull out bed and can stay in his room with him.  I know others who have had NICU babies in this hospital.  Because I am local, I would not have a room with him if he was in the NICU.  (Moms who aren't local get a room on a different floor.)  His siblings would not be able to visit the NICU.  Because we are on pediatrics, his siblings can visit.  (which reminds me I should find out if there's a time cut-off for them)  They even said I can bring toys from the playroom for them, and there's a game controller for the TV that the oldest could play with.  There's movies.  There's plenty for them to do.  (the only thing they probably can't do is I don't know about holding him because of his IV)


Anyway, other than this, which he has surgery for tomorrow--now that the doctor helped him to poop out a *ton* of meconium, he started nursing again like a total champ.  :)  He perked up, bright eyes, alert.  He's just beautiful.  :D


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Wow, great job listening to your instincts, Mama! I'm so glad things have turned out so well. Many goodvibes.gif for surgery tommorow!
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Congratulations on your little boy and sending healing vibes for a speedy recovery from surgery for him.

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I'm so glad everything is going so well despite his need for surgery!  It sounds like you're in the best situation.  Please keep us posted on his surgery and recovery!  I hope it will be very quick!

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Congratulations Mama! Good for you for listening to your instincts! I hope everything goes well for baby Zayd.

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Surgery went well  :)  He did get a colostomy.  It will be reversed after his repair surgery, which will happen when he is a year old/20 pounds.  So, for now, I take him home and treat the colostomy just like a bottom.  He can do everything my other kids did.  At a year old/20 pounds, he will come in for surgery that will reconstruct his bottom and attach the colon.  He'll keep the colostomy while that heals, then I'll bring him back 2-3 months later for the surgery to remove the colostomy.




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Glad it went well!

Congratulations and enjoy your babymoon :)

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