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Anyone else taking Christmas off?

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I'm due December 22nd and just organizing and preparing for our 2nd is way too taxing. I decided I'm taking Christmas off about 6 months ago. I may get around to sending out Christmas cards late after the baby is born, but otherwise, no shopping, very little cooking, a bit of indoor decorating, that's it.


I'm starting to feel like a Scrooge as DH is really wanting to do a Christmas project (we usually do home-made gifts).  Just keeping up with DD, (she's currently singing loudly into my ear and hanging off my neck, arrrg!) who is chronically sick and rarely goes to school anyway and prepping for the birth is overwhelming.


Anyone else usually do Christmas and not this year?

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We are minimally doing christmas. Our families are not impressed but they understand I think. 


We have gifts (mostly homemade) for everyone that we would normally buy a gift for (or they are in the workings still), but we are not having a family celebration. We'll do something at our house for dd but it all really depends on when this little one arrives. I am really really hoping that I don't go into labour on Christmas eve or we're screwed...we do santa and she is on the edge of believing...I'll have it all ready before, but I can just see us not doing it properly and he losing her magical belief!


I did all our shopping either online, or with my mom a long while back. 

I'm not much of a christmas person anyways...we usually just do it for our families sake, so in a way it's kind of nice. 


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We usually go to my MIL's for dinner and presents. She only lives a few miles away but I decided almost as soon as I knew I was pregnant that I want to spend this Christmas at home with my husband and kids. I did all my shopping online in early November and am now working on getting everything wrapped. We're not going to do much as far as decorations go - we have a kinda pitiful looking fake tree that we're putting up so the kids can decorate it, but I'm not messing with lights or anything. 


I have heard from several other moms that when they stayed home for Christmas because they had a December baby, it was one of their best Christmases ever. I've been dying for a quiet celebration for years and I'm really looking forward to this.

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Sounds like you have enough on your plate and you definitely deserve to take this Christmas off if that's what you need. :)


I'm definitely a Christmas person, so I'm still going all out for my own kids, but I haven't done much for anyone else. I've been entering tons of blog giveaways and have won most of our Christmas gifts. And for the other things I bought online already, or some things I picked up here and there on clearance and stowed them away.


I usually make calendars for the grandparents and wasn't going to do it this year, but the in laws gave us some cash so I went ahead and designed some and have them ordered. not sure if we'll get them overseas in time for Christmas, but oh well. And I won $50 to snapfish so I went ahead and knocked up some Christmas card designs yesterday, which are super cute. I hadn't thought we'd do card this year, so that's a bonus.


I don't have any gifts for my little brother (who's 13) or my neighbors kids etc. I hope they'll be forgiving.

I'm due Dec 5th so will hopefully have a newborn by Christmas.

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DDCC - I am due January 10th and I am taking off! I told IL I *might* come over for Christmas eve. I am doing shopping online, for DH and my DD only. I doubt I will send cards. DD is 3 1/2, but not in preschool. I can barely keep up with her now.

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My sister asked me what my plans were for Xmas. I said, "Um...either waiting to have a baby or taking care of a baby."


I'm not going anywhere for the holidays, obviously. And I'm so preoccupied with getting the apartment in order for the kid that I don't really think decorating is all that important this year. Screw Xmas cards...in a non-pregnant state, I can barely find the time to get them mailed out before 12/24! As for gifts, I'm sending our immediate family lovely photobooks of our wedding (only about 10 months late!) and probably one other item. Other than that, I'm going to be working up until I go into labor, which could be past Xmas.


So I guess technically I am taking Xmas off this year. I'll try to make up for it by listening to Xmas songs 24/7. ;)

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I'm not going to do a whole lot. I'm telling everyone that I'll be sitting here at home soaking up the warmth and nursing! I did as much as I could early. Christmas shopping was done by Halloween and we will get our tree this weekend. I'll make sure the freezer is stocked so DH can cook for me (this is painful because I do love to cook and DH is clueless). He will have to do our Christmas eve tradition of oyster stew, good thing it's easy to make. I'm going to try to get cards out this week.
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