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new to the "vegetarian" world...any tips?

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So, I used to eat whatever, then I couldn't stand red meat anymore, and I started consuming less and less chicken/fish. I had long since not liked the idea of eating meat, but I didn't know how to stop- I mean, what would go with our veggies and side dishes? LOL.


Recently, a friend of mine became a vegetarian and lost weight...so that motivated me to try it. I decided that for the month of Nov., I wouldn't eat meat- and I stuck to it. And now, well, now I can't imagine EVER eating it again. I hesitate to call myself a vegetarian, since I'm very new to this, but I'm pretty sure that's what I'll be.


So, my questions: What about your husbands and children? My house consumes less meat because of me, but I don't try to stop dh or my kids from eating it. Any great websites or blogs for recipe ideas? I've really branched out and been creative with recipes, but I'm starting to get burnt out. Also, any advice or words of wisdom to share? Thanks.

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I've been a vegetarian for 16 years - DH eats meat, our DD (age 7) is vegetarian and DS (5 mo) will likely be one too.


I think it's different for every household. In ours, I don't cook meat - if DH wants it, he cooks it. (Usually outside on the grill b/c we hate the smell.) Sometimes we'll modify meals - so I'll have pasta with artichokes and he'll make a clam sauce and DD will eat plain. He eats tons of veg meals (bean tacos, pasta, etc) too.  Lots of veg meals are kid-friendly - pizza, mexican food, chinese, pasta.


How old are your kids? I would not force them to be veg - but maybe do one veg meal per week and then ramp it up to 2 or 3? You can also do things where you make, say, chicken for the family and you load up on sides.


As for recipes - it depends on what you like! I love Deborah Madison's cookbooks and Mollie Katzen's too. Good luck and you ARE a vegetarian! :)

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I also am new to the Veggie world, as far as going meatless.  I have always enjoyed vegetables but after my gallbladder removal last June I feel the need to eat solely plant based.  I was not a very big red meat eater and now don't care for poultry either.  I do enjoy salmon every so often but other than that I'd prefer no meat.  My husband is a meat eater, 6yro dd varies and i don't push the meat thing, 3yro ds is a meat eater.  I recently checked out some vegetarian cookbooks to get recipe ideas and for those eating meat can add meat to there plate if they so desire.  Great to know this thread is here for future questions or concerns.  Thanks so much!

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