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MisaGoat had her baby!

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Melissa texted me about 2.5 hours ago saying she was headed to the hospital and was in labor at 4 cm with 100% bulging bag.  Then about 15 minutes ago she texted me saying she had her son!!!  She said that labor went quick, he has lots of dark hair, and that he has latched on.  No measurements has been taken yet.  I will update you all if I hear anymore.  Congrats Melissa, I am so very happy for you!!!

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Congratulations, Melissa!  The wait is over - enjoy your new baby boy!

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Congrats, Melissa!  Can't wait for the full story!love.gif

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Woo-hoo Melissa!! Can't wait for the details!! love.gif

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Just checking in, we are home and doing great. Thank you Amber for posting earlier!


The official announcement:


Finnegan Joseph

21 inches

8 pounds 7 ounces

born November 30th at 3:41 pm


I'll post a full birth story later but briefly-


Woke up with contractions around 6 am that were regular and about 10 minutes apart. They felt different than the contractions I'd been having off and on for the last 2 weeks. So we called my mom to come up and take care of our older son. I checked in with the midwife on call around 9 am. We went over our friends' house that live closer to the hospital. I checked in again around noon and by 1 things had definitely picked up so I went to the office to be checked. I was 4 cm dilated and 100% effaced and she said my bag of waters was bulging so we went to the hospital. I was admitted at 2:20 and he was born at 3:41. I managed pretty well until transition then things got really intense and I didn't realize how close he was to being born until she told me to put my hand down and feel his head which was halfway out. Another push and his head was out and then 3 more for his shoulders. No tears, I feel so much better than when I had my son. We came home last night. He is doing great nursing and my two boys are sitting next to me on the couch, the 4 year old holding the sleeping newborn.


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Serious Congrats, Melissa!! Welcome to Finnegan, what a great name!! love.gif

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