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persistent diaper rash

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My daughter is almost 10 mos.  She's always had sensitive skin, reacting to disposables as a newborn.  We then were using gdiapers for 4 mos, then she had thrush and began reacting to the gdiaper inserts (in for 5 mins, no pee, red welty).  Since then we've been using organic cotton prefolds.  We've had thrush twice, and are on probiotocs with no symptoms now.  


She occasionally gets red and we'll give her a bath w/apple cider vinegar in it and do a strip on the diapers and lots of air time  and it will resolve.  For the past 2-3 weeks now we can't get rid of it.  The rash is on her cheeks w/nothing in the cracks.  The skin is rough and bumpy and peeling.  She doesn't seem excessively bothered by it, but when naked will scratch at it which we are not allowing as much as feasible.


Our wash is: cold prerinse w/vinegar, hot wash w/free detergent and an extra hot rinse or two.  Currently no ammonia smell, she is not dehydarated.  Still mostly bfing  and we are both dairy free....the rash doesn't look like food allergy rash as it is only on the skin covered by the diaper and nothing around the anus...


I really want to put something on it since it seems so dry...but I'm at a loss.  /the doctor's office is out of ideas too....help?


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I went to our natural food coop and found the Earth Mama Angel Baby ointment that was mentioned in another thread.  The ingredients all sounded pretty ok for me...we have a lot of sensitivities.  Hoping the tea tree oil helps if there is a fungal or bacterial component....


I also got some 7th Generation disposables to see.  Hoping something works!  I was looking for Tushies (gel free) diaper but no one local has it and I didn't want to wait.  


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Have you considered seeing a naturopath?   It seems like homeopathy and just a little supplementations might be the way to go so you can avoid having to worry about all the other things.....ointments, baths, etc.  Just a thought.  It's really helping with our own son's skin sensitivities.

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You mentioned "free" detergent- what brand?  We had an awful time with Tide F&C.  DS got a bad rash from that... we switched to Allen's and he was cleared up in no time.  I have heard of other people having issues with All and Tide F&C....

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Red, peely, bumpy rash that itches is almost always yeast.  Our ped recommends just regular old Lotrimin AF cream twice a day and it always worked for us.

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