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I am so sorry Marnica. hug2.gif

I'm sure it wasn't something you did. I took Vitex when TTC my son. I didn't even wean off, just stopped when I got my BFP (didn't know you were supposed to wean off?). He's 17 months now. So I'm sure it wasn't that.

Praying for you. I can only imagine the heartache...

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I'm so sorry Marnica. Don't blame yourself. It wasn't your fault. I hope it passes quickly.

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Can I be moved to 2WW? I am 2 dpo

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Marnica: I'm SO sorry! Be kind to yourself.


Lifeguard: I so hope this is your month! I can't wait to hear that you got a BFP!


AFM: Can I be moved to 2WW? I think I am 1 dpo today. I am supposed to start my progesterone tomorrow night. I think I might test next Wednesday (11 dpo) before we hop on a plane to go home for XMAS.



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So sorry, Marnica. I hope you have lots of family support and can grieve the loss of your baby freely and find peace. hug.gif


We women have a tendency to blame ourselves, or try to find reason where there is none... a certain number of babies just don't can't make it, whether their mamas are "healthy" or not. It's not your fault. 

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Thanks Vegan Princess. FX for you as well!


IF I get a BFP this cycle I am going to get/make ds a t-shirt that says "Future Big Brother". I haven't decided yet if I will wrap it for him to open with my Mom or put it on him under a sweater to take off at some point on Christmas. I think that would be a fun way to tell them.

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Marnica~ hug.gifI'm so sorry for your loss.


Cindy~ fingersx.gif


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Thank you ladies for your kind words. It's funny, one day I feel like Im fine, the next not so much. Today is not a good day. The tears are right there. Im telling people at work it's my allergies!


Anyway I wanted to ask any ladies that have used progesterone....why were you prescribed it? Before I conceived, my RE had advised me to use progesterone or clomid. I 'm not quite sure why she advised the clomid because Im know Im ovulating, but I suppose the progesterone was to see if it would lengthen my luteal phase. So Im thinking that when I get back on the horse so to speak, I may consider the progesterone. Have any of you had luck with it? What is it like to take? I know these things happen and I can never know for sure, but I just can't help but think this may have had something to do with my luteal phase and progesterone yk?


Also anyone who had had a loss, did you lat nature take it's course? if so how long did it take? Did anyone take the medication? Having never bee through this I have no clue what my body is up to.

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Originally Posted by Amanda Williams View Post

For those of you who have night weaned, what exactly does that mean to you? No nursing for 6 hours?

My little guy is getting all 4 canines and the next 4 molars. He wakes up ALL NIGHT LONG.

I am exhausted and really needing to night wean, but I know he is in so much pain! What to do, what to do!?


I would be happy to conceive in the next six months sometime... not sure when the first PPAF will show up, I have never gone this long after I've had a baby.

My hubby is *very* interested in me lately, it seems like he is trying to get me pregnant, although I know he would be happy to wait a while before adding #5... We've had a baby in '03, '05, '07 and '09. I guess we'll probably get prego by March to have an '11 babe. ;)


I'm not planning on doing anything to kick start my fertility. I am quiverful minded, wanting to "not try, not prevent" for the rest of my fertile years, but will follow DH's lead as far as (limiting) the number of babies goes. We'll see what happens!


I enjoy this thread. Good luck to those in the 2ww!

My daughter night weaned about three weeks ago, and that is sleeping from 7pm to 6am without waking or nursing.  It is a magical thing!  And my first PPAF showed up exactly two weeks after she night weaned.

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Sorry again Marnica, wish I could respond to your questions. I hope someone here has some helpful thoughts. 


I also wanted to ask you ladies a question. . .I just have no idea what is going on now, and I guess its to be expected with my first PP cycle, but its just so weird.  As you know I Oed about 7 days ago, then on Sunday I had some serious spotting and assumed AF was about to show. Then yesterday nothing and so far today, nothing.  So was that it? Was that my first AF?  Or just some random spotting? (I've never ever had mid-cycle spotting.)  I know I can only wait and find out, but just wondered if anyone had any enlightening thoughts on this issue.  My spotting was mostly brown and then once bright red, but very mucusy. (sorry for the TMI)  Maybe just some old stuff clearing out?  If I thought there was a chance we got pg I'd be thinking implantation spotting, but the odds of that are super slim. 


FX for those waiting to test! 

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I'm sorry I haven't been active on our thread for the past 2 weeks. We're so busy with the Christmas season! And today we have dentist appts for 3 of the littles. So I'm just hopping on all quick-like to update & say that I think I'm 5DPO. Could I be moved to 2WW wait again, please?

Thank you!





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Marnica - my understanding is that clomid stregnthens the ovulation and thus makes your body produce extra hormones in the luteal phase as well. My midwife said she had to take clomid to sustain a pregnancy bc of her luteal phase defect. She said she lost a baby at 11 weeks bc of her luteal phase issues. I think clomid is supposed to do more than just taking progesterone after ovulation, but I'm not positive. Some women do both. I have a prescription for progesterone to take this cycle. I start it tonight. This will be my first time taking it. I had very low progesterone levels while nursing. Haven't retested them yet since weaning but i did have a chemical last month which could or could not have been bc of progesterone issues. Since I will be traveling and not able to restest my levels this month, my OB agreed to give me a prescription this month. But I have to restest next month if I am not pregnant. Again, I'm sorry for your loss!


Starting progesterone tonight. Hoping it doesn't make me feel sick!



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Marnica ~ I was on progesterone, with my m/c my first blood draw the decided to draw progesterone it was 8, from reading online most

drs prescribe it for anything under 15.  I didn't have a a LP problem at all and was shocked by the #.

3days of being on 100mg nightly it was in the 22 range.  With all of my m/c's i have let them happen naturally,

though this last one i did take Cytotec at the suggestion of the dr because a few days after passing baby i still had retained tissue inside.

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Marnica, I am so, so terribly sorry for your loss. HUGS!


I have had one miscarriage, a "blighted ovum" where there was a sac, (that kept growing) but baby never grew... I ended up having a D&C at the recommendation of my OB. I trust her. FWIW, I have gone on to have two healthy pregnancies after that loss. We waited six months after the D&C before conceiving our daughter.

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Socalimom - just tpo clarify, you were given progesterone due to low # and miscarried anyway despite the fact that your numbers came up?

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So sorry Marnica..  lots of hugs to you.


Lots of ladies sound promising this month, I've got prayers sent out to all of you for some BFPs!!!


AFM-I've been having cramping lately, especially as I type.  I'm sure hoping it's AF and not a stomach ache.  It feels like it's been so long since AF, I don't even know what it feels like!  


So I was wondering for those of you in the know, with experience..  if after AF returns while breastfeeding your LP is too short to sustain a pregnancy, is that considered a LP defect?  Is that the situation in which one would take progesterone or clomid?  I couldn't conceive my second pregnancy while breastfeeding so had to wean.  I really don't want to wean this time to get pregnant.  If you have an LP defect but get pregnant while on medication is nursing while pregnant more risky??


Sorry for all the questions!!!  Don't even know if they're too difficult to answer!

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I forgot to post an update, I got a BFP a couple of days ago. love.gif

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AF is here Ive been miserble every month sense my first pp af looking forward to 9 months without one energy.gif counting the days till the first and hopefuly last try

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Originally Posted by ~savah~ View Post

I forgot to post an update, I got a BFP a couple of days ago. love.gif


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Congrats Savah!

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