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December Queer Conceptions

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dust.gif Let's end the year with some exciting news! orngbiggrin.gif

whistling.gifWaiting to O
* Escher12 BFPChart2.gif
* Kgulbransen BFPChart2.gif

fingersx.gifWaiting to Know... Braving the 2WW
* 2ezforyou
* Prettyisa (testing around NYE)
* Starling&diesel

baby.gifWorking on IVF
* MaxK - January

om.gifTaking a Break/Figuring Things Out/Waiting to be Ready
* Serepartera (February 2011)
* Gellybeangrl BFPChart2.gif
* Graceie (February 2011)
* Lisedea (February 2011)
* Miss Scarlett BFPChart2.gif
* Seraf BFPChart2.gif (February/March 2011)
* Milletpuff
* Indigoscot & DP (May/June 2011)
* Chiquitayy BFPChart2.gif chart1.gif
* Carmen358
* Smilingsara BFPChart2.gif (June 2011)
* RainbowValleyMama

2010 Graduates!
December * FiveGrandBaby 8/27/11 joy.gif

November * Mizyellow 7/25/11 * AmyPDX 7/30/11 * AmandaHope 8/3/11 * Cejae 7/4/11

September * Solejean 5/19/11 * Painefaria 6/5/11

August * Bttrflygypsy 4/10/11 * 2happymamas 4/15/11 * LibraryLady 4/15/11

July * Beastie 3/21/11 * Gumshoegirl007 4/2/11 * Wehrli 4/1/11

June * Coco & DP 2/14/11

May * Burg 2/4/11 * Korey 2/1/11

April * Calimeow * Mtnlisa * Kimlyn32

February * Mistral * Quasar & smartycat * Monarchgrrl * Erthe_mama & DP

January * Lyndzies * FtMpapa

2009 Graduates!

December* Osker * Megan sacha * Mkpgoddess

October * JJNoho * Mommies 2 Be * Megincl & Ktcl

September * Elismum1908 * KSDoulaMama * Pleasantlyfurious

August * Chicagoml * Wishin'&hopin'

July * Hbog

May * Indigoscot's dp

April * Kelmendi * KJM * Whoabethy * Carmen

March * Scalpel * Katwomyn4

February * Deny_zoo29

January * Jodybird511

2008 Graduates!

December * DM630 * Raene * Wazzmum

October * JennM1021 * Lexbeach's DP* QTRANDI

September * Ellie74

August * Heart-n-bones * Love My Family

July * Giggleblue * Pranava * * Quasar & DP Smartycat

June * Starling&diesel * PiGirl * Erica12009

April * Tigermiep * MujerMamaMismo * Tiggerkong22 * Simcon * 2happymamas

March * JenInMpls * Mahrens77

January * Cookie70

2007 Graduates!

December * Scalpel

November * Mamimapster * AngelaM * Solejean * Lmh222
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thanks for the new thread escher!!! :) 


dp reported some pre-ewcm today.  lol, funny how you get excited about these things. 



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Hi Everyone! Welcome to December! I'm looking forward to seeing lots of bfps this month. orngbiggrin.gif

A few notes:

I copied and pasted the first post from the November thread, but links and smilies wouldn't copy over. I've added back in what I think are the most important smilies, but please let me know if I'm missing some that you think should be there. I've added chart links too--would you be willing to check and make sure that your chart link does in fact link to your chart? redface.gif Thanks!

Cejae: I put you in November bfps--is that where you should be?

Max and Starling&diesel: Should there be a smiley for "Working on IVF"?

Starling&diesel: Do you want to be in "Working on IVF" or "Waiting to O"?

Is there anyone else who should be moved?

I have a proposal: Back in October 2009, FTMPapa (then threadkeeper, now a papa!) removed from the list all the people who hadn't posted in at least a couple of weeks. I wonder if we should consider doing that again, with the definite understanding that we could be thrilled to add them back to our list if they come back. I believe that everyone on the MIA list hasn't posted to QC in at least a month. If nobody objects, I was thinking about deleting that list. I'll wait a few days to see what you all think. Thanks!

Scarlett: I'm thinking of you! hug.gif

Gelly: Nice temp rise this morning! fingersx.gif

Seraf: I still think you're going to be the first December BFP. fingersx.gif

Isa: I'm sorry about all your turbulence! That sounds awful.

Library: Ha! Ovulatium Conceptionis to all of us non-pregnant types!
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Hey! I have some exciting news!  The Illinois state House just passed civil unions--now the senate and the governor, who have both been in favor forever just have to sign off and we officially can get almost-married!  DP and I went and got married in Boston last year, so this is a nice addition to our certificate, but my mom and her wife have been married (by their church) for ten years with no civil recognition.  I'm super excited that this passed, although I still hope it's a short time before it gets switched over to actual marriage (cue the court cases...).  Anyway, excellent news to kick off December with!

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Early December Post

Mizyellow- hug2.gif Sorry you are feeling so sensitive! Those hormones can do wacky things. I hope you can be gentle and patient with yourself. I also recommend lemon, maybe even just the smell will help, and ginger. Big Hugs! grouphug.gif

Sending you Singleton Vibes! goodvibes.gif

Rainbow- We are waiting till January when I will be able to walk! In terms of cervix change, mine becomes really open and soft when I ovulate. It starts closing after ovulation. My partner checked it throughout that whole time and really became an expert in recognizing the differences.

Escher- How lucky to start your cycle at the beginning of the month! Keeping my fingers crossed for you! Can you add January next to my name? Thanks! I am for deleting MIA’s that we haven’t heard from in a long time. How about just baby.gif for the IVF’ers. There was no icon with a long needle… I think this little baby icon looks like a little egg so it seemed the most appropriate. What do you think Starling?

I love your Harry Potter spell! DP and I watched all of the DVD’s the past weekend as we ate a ton of leftovers and just lay around. It was definitely more of a feat than I thought. We plan to go see the new movie this coming weekend.

Seraf, PrettyIsa, Gelly, and Ez- Keeping my fingers crossed for all of you all at the end of the TWW! fingersx.gifdust.gif

Nice move toward the civil union. DP and I have a civil union from California and a marriage certificate from Vermont. We like them both but look forward to adding to them. We’re thinking about starting a collection. wink1.gif

Dear, how are you doing? Sending you big hugs!hug.gif

Feeling antsy, foot is feeling better. I want to start my cycle sooner but I keep telling myself to be patient. om.gif
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Thanks guys for your well wishes. I panic when for 10 min I don't feel awful because I  think something has happened but I complain about feeling terrible. I guess just like Prince's mom I am never satisfied!


Seraf- any news today? I didn't get a pos test with Lennon til I was 17DPO so you never know! I am def hoping for a girl this time, although I sure do love my little man so I will take whatever I can get!


Scarlett- thinking about you and hoping everything is good with you!


Max- what a cute picture! I love that dress, you guys look super happy.


Amanda- I am hoping for a single baby in there! When is your ultrasound again? I certainly would freak out if I were having twins, although thankfully that is doubtful. Hopefully your lack of symptoms means there is only one in there. Are you hoping for a particular sex?


Escher- WOO!! THis month has to be it! CD 2! This waiting part might be the worst! Although hopefully the preparations for xmas help!


I woke to snow today, bleh it is def December in Ohio!

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Spell check freaked out on me.  I haven't officially lost the post, but I can't post it or read it, so.....


Escher, thank you for the beautiful new thread.  Hopefully you get some threadkeeper's luck out of it.  The MIA list is up to you,  they really have been gone a long time.  Sara's and my chart are both good.  How did you get them to link?  That's the part I can't get to work.


Gelly, I feel you with the being so thirsty, I feel like I've been eating ashes.  I have been chugging water.


I didn't realize you could get partnered in multible states.  I thought they asked if you were already married, or something like it in any other state.  I had a cali partnership with my ex and it's a full divorce to get out of it, but there are complications with living out of state.


Isa, I dind't realize your mom was queer, too.  That's cool, what she out when you were young? 


Max, nice pic!  I bet you're antsy.  I can't think of a silver lining to having to wait.  Would January get you an october baby?  You would be marginally less huge in the summer than you would be with a Septmeber baby.  That may be nice.


Yellow, I only mention the girl connection because at 7 weeks with Ari I was convinced I was having twins because I was sooooooooooo sick.  After Osha's breezy pregnancy it surpised me.  My midwives just laughed and said I'm having a girl.  Oh, Oh, are you using midwives?  If so, who?


I added a dollar store negative to my collection of FRER negatives.  My temp is still right where it should be.  I have no reason to expect AF today.  My temp, CM and stomach all say not today.  So I'm late.  17 days into a 2 week wait.  5 weeks into a 4 week cycle. 


Well, screw spellcheck.  I apologize for all the typos.

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I'm running off to class and will catch up on personals later... but I wanted to say that the u/s showed ONE egg sack (nice and high in the uterus)!  Everything looks good so far!  Thanks so much for the healthy single embryo vibes. biggrinbounce.gif  Edd: 8/3/11

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AmandaHope: Hooray for one healthy little egg sack! I bet that feels like a huge relief. joy.gif

Seraf: How annoying that the pregnancy tests continue to lie! Obviously they are all broken. orngtongue.giffingersx.gif

Mizyellow: I want some snow! Can you send some down here?

Max: I think that little egg baby is perfect for IVF. orngbiggrin.gif I'm sorry you're feeling antsy. I definitely know that feeling!

Isa: That is very exciting news! Hooray!

Indigo: It sounds like your DP's cycle is coming along smoothly! Still negative opks?
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Morning all~ though I guess it's afternoon now. I had yet another computer workshop this morning. It's a week where I'm not at work very much, but neither am I getting to do fun things. Grrr!!


Escher~  I agree with your MIA list.  It's not like once people are on the list they can't re-join.  I say, you're the threadkeeper, keep the thread as you see fit!


Max~ That is a CUTIE pic of the two of you! So Christmasy!!  I'm glad you're feeling better and sure understand the desire to  get started asap.  I do like the thought of not being huge during the summer though. 'Round these parts, it would be MISERABLE!!!


Isa~ Hooray!!!!  Congrats for living in a progressive part of the country, and for any legal recognition you can possibly be afforded. And yay for your queer mom too!


MizYellow~ Your Prince reference made me snort my iced tea!  I swear, when I was a sophomore in high school, that's the only tape anyone ever had in their car.


AHope~ Yay for one baby!!!!  Now the li'l bean just needs to keep up the good work!



Seraf~ WTF!?  I'm still holding out for a bfp. It's the only logical outcome at this point.




No news here. I'm so short of breath all the time, I can't imagine what it's going to be like when I'm further along. I know I'm very short, I wonder if taller women have the same problem?  But just getting dressed and getting my school bag into the car leaves me winded!   Also, I'm tired of leftover turkey, but we're nowhere near done...

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Seraf: Are you ready for a blood test? What are you going to do? I'd be going super batty at this point. My sister (who is 16 weeks preggers) kept showing negative on all tests at 16DPO. When she took her blood test her Beta was very low and they really thought she wasn't going to keep the baby but voila! Three days later her numbers more than doubled and she was on her way to being pregnant. Maybe you need a good ol' blood test to get this party started?

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Escher - I say delete away. It will make it more compact and easier to read, not to mention the work it will save you.


AHope - Hooray for the one little (strong) sac. Stick bean stick! thumbsup.gifI am so excited that you were able to see it. (I can't wait for that day!)


Isa - I am curious too about your mom. Very cool for her and DW. Care to share any personal info?


Miz & Seraf - Hang in there. Positive vibes coming your way.


Indigo - I am right there with you. I get excited about every little cramp, CM change, cervical position...it's pretty sad, but true. Ha!


Max - Cute pict! I was shocked to not see the blonde anymore. Love it! Did you and DP have big ceremonies for both unions? TN sucks and I doubt will EVER have anything here. Backwoods.Conservative.Idiots. irked.gif


AFM - Nothing to report, unfortunately. Some cramping, which I've had since IUI. Today: BFN and no AF.


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Max—is that you in that picture, too?  I feel like I never recognize you… smile.gif  Cute, though!  Is it a wedding pic?  Also, we have tossed the idea around about a collection, but I really don’t think it’ll happen.  Apparently our current marriage certificate will count for IL, so no need to do it again here.  Glad your foot is better—when do you O in Jan?


Seraf—My mom came out when I was 14 or so.  Kind of rough going at first, but once she started dating my stepmom things got way better (my stepmom, is awesome).  This summer Mum made me go to her queer studies class and talk about my big gay wedding and being 2nd gen and such (It was kind of a family affair—she had my dad come and talk about the biology of sexuality, too--obviously they’re still on good terms).  All in all both of us being queer is just another thing to add on to the pile of other ways that I am turning into my mother (I’m turning into my father, too.  So far it’s 50/50 on interests, looks, and temperament) and gives us some conversation points that I don’t suppose are too common.  Also I got to spend a lot of time in the mid-90s being an awkward teenager around a bunch of earth-mother type lesbians.  Some of it was great, but I’ll never get over a certain adolescent dislike for stuff my mom thought was cool. 

 I’m with Krista--can you ask for a blood test?  It seems like you’re late enough that your dr might be able to do that and let you know for sure, right?


AHope—Yay!  So glad to hear that about your bean! energy.gif


Escher—I don’t think I’ve seen a post from anyone on this list, and I’ve been here since June or so, so I’d say 6 months is long enough.  Especially since rejoining just requires showing up to ask to be re-added.


Library—Can you freeze the rest and come back to it when you’re feeling more excited about turkey?  I just cooked ours last night because it’s been 4 days now with no leftovers and I was getting antsy…


2EZ—what DPO are you on again?  Hoping for your BFP any day!


 AFM—happy Hannukah!  I’m going home to dig around in the basement and see if I can find the menorah down there somewhere.  Nothing going on with the TWW, but it’s only 7DPO and I’m mostly not thinking about it.  


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AmandaHope!  Yay!

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Amanda, yay for 1 healthy bean!  That is just perfect for you!


Library, I agree with Isa about freezing.  Cut to a good size, spread on a cookie sheet and freeze.  Once they're frozen transfer them to your favorite turkey storage container and just pull out a hand full of chunks as needed for stir fries, fried rice, pot pie, soup, salad or whatever, really.  (or, skip the turkey and do the same thing with cookie dough, even better in fried rice)


Krista, thanks for your sister's story.  Gives me a little hope.  I'm going to skip the blood test for now because a positive or negative isn't really going to change the outcome at this point.


Isa, I could see that being an awkward time!  It's a cool thing to hear about, tho.  It would be all kinds of different.  I wonder if our kids will have to come out any which way someday.


So random potential symptom, I keep getting the sensation of let down.  Like nursing a baby let down.  Like, a hot, tingling, squeezing sensation in my ducts.  I take that to be a good sign.  Also, my chickens started laying again.  I know that has to do with the weather, but I went out to feed them this afternoon and there were 6 eggs in there after a month without.  I take their fertility as a sign.

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Okay!  It's December 1 and I'm going to try to keep up this month!  


I'm so happy for all of the BFPs last month.  I hope there are many more this month!!  


escher - you can move me to waiting to O... I'm a day or so away from my trigger for my very first IVF cycle.  I'll be in the tww next week some time hopefully.


Doc says everything looks really good.  I have 20 follicles or so.  Last time I did the injections (for a non-IVF cycle), I had a lot of bloating and I only had 8 follies.  This time, I don't really feel anything.  Just today, my breasts have become really sore, but other than that (and the bruises from some of the shots), no complaints.  Oh, and I suppose I've had surges of emotion, but I think that's largely due to the holiday season, taking care of my gorgeous amazing baby niece (I swear I cry a few times a week, both with frustration and love), and the fact that this was the first thanksgiving in four years that I got to spend with my drug addict (who is now 4 months clean!) sister.  


At my appt today, they tested my estradiol and it was lower than they expected.  The nurse says it's not bad, but they need to see me again tomorrow, I guess to make sure the follicles are where they are supposed to be size-wise.  If all goes well, I'll trigger tomorrow evening for a Saturday retrieval and a Tuesday transfer.  He said I'm a good candidate for a one-egg, one-day transfer, so that's what we're doing.  I picked up our donor sperm today and delivered it to the IVF clinic... starting to feel the excitement again... But definitely not as obsessed as we were before.  The baby is taking our mind off of A LOT, which is good.


Oh, one other thing - if doc sees me hyperstimulating, he'll postpone the transfer by one month, but he doesn't foresee that happening.  He said that's the worst case scenario.  Here's hoping he pulls 10-12 really healthy eggs (or more!) out of me this weekend!!


I wanted to ask anyone who has done the pineapple thing: what's the protocol for IVF?  Is it still something I should think about doing?  Who thinks that was their lucky charm?


Okay, will try to check in daily and keep up with everyone!  Much love to all of you!


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FG, how exciting that everything's moving along so smoothly. Fingers crossed that they keep doing so!

seraf, I think that sounds like a fantastic symptom to me, I'd go with it for sure.

isa, I think not thinking about it is probably the way to go, really. Good luck finding the menorah!

2ez, I've lost count, how many DPO are you?

Library, I'm sorry you can't breathe, that super sucks since you're only halfway done! Also, yes please to the spell.

AHope, I'm so glad that there's only one in there for you! Now get to it, baby!

indigo, yay for CM! It is surely funny, yes.

max, I'm glad the foot's getting better, but I'm so with you on the impatience.

yellow, my housemate woke me up this morning and told me I'd missed the snow. Luckily it had melted already, but it was nice to see on top of the mountains on the way into town for lunch!

AFM: I have a date on Monday! I'm super nervous because I'm not stopping TTC, but my friends are pushing me to start dating again. I've never "dated", so it's a little awkward anyway...exDW and I were best friends who went straight into a relationship, and I can't even remember our first date because we did everything together before that. So I'm meeting this girl at a drag show, and I hope it'll be fun.

Still waiting to hear back from my OB about labs. It sucks, since I work in the hospital and have access to the system, but I can be fired for looking up my own lab results. Sigh. I think I might try calling the office tomorrow to see if I can talk to the doc and find out what's going on. I'm excited about starting to try again soon, trying my hardest to follow the Fertility Wisdom book, and debating Clomid.
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Fivegrand - I TOTALLY believe in it. Scarlett told me about it and my uterus was 8.5 on my IUI day! The thickest it had been the prior 6 months was 1.1, so..... Adding in the pineapple was the ONLY thing I did differently this past month. I am a true believer. thumb.gif


Prettyisa - Today was 14dpo for me. Still no AF. And thanks for sharing the story about your mom and stepmom. And wonderful to hear your parents are still involved in each others lives. I have such angst at times about DS and how he will be affected by our lifestyle. 

Happy Happy Hanukkah to those celebrating tonight! wave.gif

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fivegrand - dp and i are firm believers in pineapple!!  :)  we both did 1 pineapple (plus core) for 5 days post iui.  dp didn't mind the core at all as long as it was mixed with non-core pieces. 


afu, high fertility on the monitor this morning, woohoo!  now we wait to see when peak fertility will come.



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Good Morning, Everyone! Happy Hanukkah!

I think we have a lot of bfps coming soon!

Seraf: The veggies are all jogging around and stretching so they'll be all warmed up for your dance. orngbiggrin.gif

2ez: I have everything crossed for you! When are you going to test again? fingersx.gif

Indigo: Hooray for high fertility! I'm glad that everything continues to go along smoothly. orngbiggrin.gif

Chiquitayy: A date! How exciting! partners.gifstillheart.giflove.gif (Those were all the date-like smilies I could find orngtongue.gif)

5G: I do pinapple with IUIs, but I don't know how it would work with IVF. Good luck figuring that out!

Isa: I'm glad that the TWW is treating you well so far. It seems like often uneventful TWWs lead to good outcomes. fingersx.gif

Library: I'm sorry you're so short of breath! I hope some of the people over at Q&P have something reassuring to say.

Gelly: Your temps are looking beautiful! fingersx.gif

Scarlett: I miss you! hug.gif

AFM: CD 3. Last cycle my period was very weirdly light (I blamed the vitex), so I'm very pleased that it is more normal this cycle.

Have any of you read Good Eggs by Phoebe Potts? My favorite cartoonist, Hilary Price, recommended it and it looks interesting.
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