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Oh lisedea, I'm sorry you are bleeding and cramping.  Can you call your doc/midwife?  How far along are you? About 5-6 weeks? 


I'm not sure if this helps at all, but the day after our first ultrasound (when we saw the babies' heartbeats and learned we were having twins) at 6 weeks I started bleeding (huge clots like I've never seen.  I described it as hemmoraging) and cramping.  I was, needless to say, hysterical.  We rushed to our midwife's office and it turns out I had a whopper of a subchorionic hematoma (uterine bruise).  The bleeding stopped the next day and I haven't had a problem since. 


I'm really hoping this is what is happening for you.  But if not and it is a miscarriage, know that you are among friends who have been through it.  I had an early one, my partner had an early one (and she got pregnant w/our DS two cycles after hers). 


Take care of yourself and know that we are all thinking of you.

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Lisedea: hug.gifhug2.gif HUGE hugs during this tough time. It seems like lots of people have first trimester bleeding and everything is ok, but I know it must feel awful right now while you're not sure what is happening. I'm keeping all my fingers and toes crossed that it is something like Cejae's bleeding and your babe is just fine. Stick, little one! fingersx.gifsticky.gif

Library: How cool that you're pregnant even in your dreams now!

Max: I had somehow missed that you are trying acupuncture again. This is with a different person than you used before? I'm glad that it went well!

AmandaHope: How exciting that you're interviewing midwives! I hope at least one of them seems perfect.

Isa: I'm always impressed with people who bake lots of cookies. That is not one of my talents.

Starling&diesel: Hooray for a good transfer! I think Solstice sounds like a perfect time to test. fingersx.gif

2ez: I'm so glad that the hsg went well! I'm sorry the alien is still hanging around, but I'm glad it doesn't seem to be too much of a problem.

AFM: Just waiting to O. I did NOT get my wish of getting to do the insems on the weekend. I expect it will be Monday or Tuesday. I still am unhappy about having to miss work for the insem, but I'm trying not to worry about it. The one exciting thing is that I got to use my first magic (from Library) opk today! orngbiggrin.gif
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Originally Posted by escher12 View Post

Lisedea: hug.gifhug2.gif HUGE hugs during this tough time. It seems like lots of people have first trimester bleeding and everything is ok, but I know it must feel awful right now while you're not sure what is happening. I'm keeping all my fingers and toes crossed that i

Big hugs, Lisedea.  Really, really hoping this is a scare and not a m/c.  But as Cejae says, if it is, you have good company and will, I hope, be encouraged that getting pg again will be as easy as it was for you this time.  Hang in there--this must be really tough.  We're all thinking of you. 

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thank you all...it has been a long, emotional day.


bleeding and cramping for almost 12 hours now...definitely doesn't look good. i took another pregnancy test and it is much lighter than it was earlier today...i will try another one in the morning but am prepared for the worst. :( i am very sad....but know that if it doesn't stay, there is a reason why.  i called my practicitioner and she told me to "wait it out" and call her in the morning.


thanks again for the encouragement...it is amazing how much it helps.

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Lise~ Biggest biggest hugs and thoughts of you.  You have a good attitude, but I know you must be worn out with worry and sadness.  I'm going to keep Cejae's scare in mind, and the fact that the midwife said to wait it out as signs of hope. Do keep us posted and know we're all thinking of you. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox




Starling~ That's very interesting insight about the book. I've only ever known one transgendered person, a MTF, and knew her only casually, so the characterization seemed solid to me.  I appreciate another perspective (though I did still enjoy the book). 



Very cold here tonight. Looking forward to a long, warm snuggle with DP and all the kitties/pup. 

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Found this interesting article, thought I'd pass it along. 


All of us, moms and moms to be, we rock. I just thought we should keep that in mind. 



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Lise - Oh wow. I can't imagine. You're in my thoughts. (For whatever it's worth, my best friend had a similar scare a couple years back. She even had a negative pregnancy test, but she now has a healthy happy 2 year old little boy as proof that weird things can happen.) grouphug.gif



Max - Hope the foot is getting to the healing point. I'd be so antsy by now and my OCD would have kicked into MAJOR HIGH gear. Whew!



Totally unrelated, I somehow found the liquor cabinet tonight and decided to 'celebrate' the holiday with DS. Granted, his version of celebrating is playing Wii with hot chocolate. (DP is in retail management, so we rarely see her Nov-Jan.) My hot date tonight - a 6-year-old and an iTunes buying spree apparently....current count $80+. whistling.gifchampagne.gif

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Lisedea: How are you doing? hug.giffingersx.gif

Has anyone heard from Scarlett? She must know by now if she is pregnant or not.

2ez: Your celebration with your DS sounds like fun. orngbiggrin.gif

Library: Interesting article!

AFM: Just continuing to wait for some sign that it is time to insem...
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Escher - No headaches today! Woot, woot! DS and I had a blast last night. He told me last year that for Christmas he wanted to buy me wine and DP beer. headscratch.gif Last night, he decided to bust that out again, and cracked himself up. Silly kid. Sadly, Scarlett had a BFN but is hanging in there. Hopefully, she will be back soon.


Lise - You've been on my mind all night. Hope you're OK. dust.gif


Library - Loved the article. Thanks for sharing! My aunt, who is perhaps one of the biggest idiots on this earth, used to argue that no same sex couple should have children. After seeing DP and I raise our son, and having to admit that someone in her family is gay, really has changed her perspective. At first, she just tried to ignore our family unit. Then when she asked about why I am gay, how could I lay down next to a woman, blah, blah, blah, I asked her a series of questions - do you look at every man you meet and want to sleep with him, do you realize that both of your daughters had children out of wedlock and neither have the biological father in their lives, do you realize your brother has been married 4 times, etc, etc. - has also really helped. I think articles such as this, and truly having someone look at their own life really opens some minds. Now, she's still one of the biggest idiots I know when it comes to politics, diversity, and religion, but for her to make a step and acknowledge us is huge!


It seems to be snowing everywhere except in Memphis! irked.gifirked.gifirked.gifirked.gifirked.gif Hope everyone is warm and cozy today!

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Flying back from the wedding festivities. I feel like I've been around the world and back. It was fun but I'm beat. 


Could you please move me to Taking a Break


I'l try to get to personals at some point in the next few days, but for sure I want to send big hugs to Lisedea. I'm sad and sorry and wish I could give you a real hug.


I promise I'll be back more often when I finally have a week that I'm not flying *somewhere*. Sheesh. 


Happy Holidays!

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Lisedea- hug2.gif Sending you lots of positive thoughts right now. I have also read that many women bleed during the first trimester. I am sending the sticky vibe your way in hopes that this is just one of those silly things and you and the bean will be ok! dust.gif

Escher- Yes I am seeing a new acupuncturist. It's almost a year since the last one so I thought I would give it a try while I'm on a break. So far the ankle has dramatically been reduced in swelling and redness. It almost looks perfectly normal and the treatment was just two days ago. Sending you fairy dust for the upcoming insem! dust.gif

Sending you big hugs hug.gif
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Lise~ How's it going? What's the news?


Scarlett~ Lovely to hear from you! Sorry you're so busy, but I guess 'tis the season for that stuff too.  Glad you're taking care of yourself, whatever that entails. 


Escher~ How are the magic opks!?  I'm certain you'll have success soon!


Max~ Glad you're feeling better. 


Busy day of house rearranging. Hauled stuff out of what will be the baby's room and swept up about ten thousand pounds of dust. Tomorrow I'm hauling boxes of books and videos to the Half Price. Maybe we'll spend the money on paint. 

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Just a quick update since I am at work (crazy that I am here...I feel pretty terrible...).


I just had my blood drawn at my lunch time to check levels but won't find anything out until tomorrow (or tonight if I get lucky). I am still spotting (actually, a little heavier than spotting...) but cramping has subsided quite a bit (sometimes just a dull, tight ache). I also have felt like puking all day....don't know what that is about. I will give a better update later when I know more...

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Happy Monday, Everyone! orngbiggrin.gif

Lisedea: fingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.gif

Library: It is exciting that you're getting the baby's room ready! The magic opks are giving me nice clear negative answers so far. Hopefully soon they will give me a nice clear positive!

Max: I'm glad that your new acupuncturist is helping your ankle! How is your ankle doing in general these days? Are you going to also do acupuncture for fertility?

Scarlett: You've had a lot of adventures lately! I look forward to hearing more about them when you have time.

2ez: That's really funny that your DS wants to buy you and DP alcohol. He sounds like a sweetie.

AFM: My cervix is still pretty hard (but it is higher) and my opks are still negative. I did have some EW yesterday and today, but that isn't enough to go on. I thought we were going to end up insemming tomorrow morning, but now I'm not sure. I hate the last few days of waiting to O. Please, fertility gods, some clear signs? praying.gif
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Lisedea—Hugs to you— hug2.gif  I’m so sorry to hear about the bleeding.  I’m sending good thoughts your way and I hope that the test results come back with good news and that this is just a scare. 


2EZ—that sounds like an EXCELLENT date night! 


Hi Scarlett—I’m wishing you a calm, rejuvenating holiday! 


Ahope—It’s nice that you have different options! I hope that one (or both!) of the midwife practices is a really great fit for you!


Library—if you pm me your address I will make you some proper, actual gingerbread.  I didn’t make gingerbread people this year because DP said it was getting out of hand (I made 6 kinds of cookies, I think, on Saturday, and have 3-5 more that I am itching to do if I can sneak them in while she’s not looking.  It’s a sickness) but I LOVE real, cake-like gingerbread, so I’d be happy to have an excuse! You just say where to send it!  eat.gif


Escher—fingers crossed for you!  Is today the day?


AFM—not much.  I bought the insanely expensive smiley face OPKs and am trying to decide when to start using them.  FF thinks Fri-Sun will be peak, and we don’t get our swimmers until Friday night, so I might just start then and hope that it’s later rather than sooner.  Or is that silly and I should try to rearrange the pickup for Thursday in case Friday really is the day? It’s our last 2 insems with this donor (after that he’s on a waitlist) so it had better work!   

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Scarlett ... good to hear from you!


lisedea ... sending sticky baby vibes to you: dust.gif


escher ... come on' positive OPK! 


prettyisa ... here's wishing you a bang-on hit the target weekend!


AFM:  Holy nausea, batwoman!  I have been sick to my stomach and had diarrhea the last two mornings, with this morning being particularly awful.  I've only managed to eat six pieces of cereal so far today.  I am either most definitely pregnant, or I have the flu (which is going around).  My uterus feels quite firm, and it's starting to be painful when DD latches on to nurse.  That, and I can't stand the sound of chewing (big symptom last time) and I have a heightened sense of smell (also a major symptom last time).  I don't want to get excited, but damn, I'm being blasted by symptoms from every side.  Could be the flu though.  Or the hormones.  Will resist peeing on anything until Solstice.  Uh huh.  Resist.

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Well...I passed tissue and the cramping finally stopped. I think you can safely move me to "Taking a Break"  (boooo!) for a bit. I haven't received the blood results yet, but I know it is gone...I can just tell.


 I am hoping we can try again in a couple of months....as soon as my cycle gets back to normal.

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Lise~ I'm so sorry. I can't imagine what you're feeling right now. Biggest of hugs and know we're all here for you xooxoxox  



2ez~ I'm glad you've been able to change some minds in your family. Yay you for being firm enough to bring up the other family members, it can be tough but it's worth it. It'll make things easier for you in the future and others that you might not even know about.


Escher~ How's it going? Catching the egg is the most stressful part. I'm glad the opks are working their magic. I feel good things for you x


Isa~ Luck to you in your egg-catching as well. Too early's better than too late, so bring on the swimmers. And I'll totally take you up on that gingerbread offer!!!


Starling~ How exciting!!!!  That's a whole mess o' symptoms for you! I agree you should resist the peeing, hang on until you can't stand it anymore. I still think the Solstice is the perfect day.


Had a busy day today~ just hoping this week goes quickly and then it'll be holiday time!



More hugs for Lise xoxoxoxo

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Oh Lisedea. I'm so sorry. hug.gif What a huge total disappointment. Miscarriage is such a sucky thing, and I'm so sorry that you have to go through it. I hope you know that there are lots of people, both on here and on the Pregnancy and Birth Loss forum, that are happy to help in any way we can. Good luck taking good care of yourself during this hard time. candle.gif

Starling&diesel: Those sound like good signs! fingersx.gif
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Starling- Keeping my fingers crossed for you! Those sound like excellent signs! fingersx.gif

I am so sorry sweetie! Big hugs to you, I know this is so hard. I will be thinking of you. candle.gif

Escher- Yes, the acupuncturist will be working on my fertility as well. She said she can do a little of both now (and will) but that they are opposite treatments. She will concentrate on my leg but has also started giving me herbs that will help with both. I'm sending you positive vibes for catching that egg! goodvibes.gif
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