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Hi Graceie: Welcome! Do you want me to add you to "waiting to be ready"? I think charting is a great place to start. I would also suggest that you start using opks and examining your cervix (either with a speculum or sticking your fingers up there), since I think both of those can give very valuable information. I look forward to getting to know you!

Starling: I'm glad you're feeling better. I still bet you're pregnant. Good luck with the rest of the wait!

Wehrli: Thanks. orngbiggrin.gif I was thinking about you too, and thinking that you had done just one IUI the cycles you got pregnant. It's good to remember that it can work. I hope too that I'll be able to join Q&P before you're gone! If not this cycle, hopefully some cycle soon!

Indigo: Not long at all until your first consult!

AFM: I'm feeling delightfully hopeful right now, not necessarily that this cycle will work, but that some cycle will work sometime not too long from now. I know I'm unlikely to feel this calm and hopeful later in the TWW, so I'm trying to enjoy it now!
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yes please I was charting last few months charting with opks this cycle and Jan and fist try in Feb

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graceie, have you read brill's book? if not, i'd highly recommend it. other than that, it sounds like you are off to a good start. stay tuned, the people on these boards are some of the best advise (and support) givers out there!
best of luck to you!
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Mizyellow—So gross!  I hope the doc can help!  redface.gif


Escher—fingers crossed!  I’ve been sending all kinds of ‘ovulate tomorrow’ messages your way! Peace.gif (I can't find the fingers crossed icon, so I'll leave the crossing up to your imagination!)


Library—that sucks.  Hopefully next year they’ll choose something better—don’t they know that not everyone likes/can have wine?  Also, I am sending DP out for more ginger tonight.  Also, also, my thermometer is totally nasty.  I wash it off when I remember, but if I were rational I wouldn’t put it in my mouth, either.


2EZ—so frustrating!  But, this is our weekend, so it’s going to turn out perfectly, I just know it!


Starling—hopefully you just got your first two weeks’ morning sickness/whatever out of the way at once and now will have a relaxing holiday, BFP safely in hand!  The aquarium sounds like the perfect place to go on a winter day—full of warm, happy fishes, just like you! (um, kinda.  You know what I mean). goldfish.gif


Graceie—Hi!   Welcome.gif  Welcome to the board!  I haven’t got any other advice, except that we tend to cover everything, so if you have a question someone is bound to know the answer.  


AFM—planning to use my first ever smiley OPK after work.  My temps have been all over the place since it’s so cold here and we’ve been changing our bedding/pjs/furnace schedule every night trying to keep comfortable.  Today there was a drop, though, and now FF is giving me a green light.  If I’m ovulating now it’s just too early (and I need to have a word with my body, since it’s only CD8) and we’re out for the month.  Hoping to see a big, empty O and not get the smiley until at least Friday night.   

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PrettyIsa: just a note on the smileys. I like them the best too. One thing to do is after you get the smiley (or no smiley) is to break open the case and look at the control line and test line. I find them to be extra sensitive (which is what I need because I don't register on just plain ol' OPKs) and it helps me to keep an eye on whether the line is getting darker as I get closer to getting the smiley face. I think it gives you a little of a better idea of what to expect which overall can help with pinpointing. Good luck!


BTW, I just take a hammer and crack the sucker open. I'm sure if you had a nutcracker lying around, that would do the trick as well.

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Kgulbransen-- CRACKING up at the thought of taking a nutcracker to the OPKs.... awesomesauce. (i really heart puns of any sort...)


Lisedea-- Just know that we are all thinking of you and sending you as much goodness as is humanly possible. Hope you are holding up ok.


Library-- Iggy is going to have a rude awakening when there is an infant that gets to eat before he does....


Isa-- Even though the smileys are ridiculous expensive, I've definitely had the best luck with them. Hoping you are not not NOT ovulating this early!


Graceie-- Welcome! You are going to love it here. 


Escher-- Good job on the timing! Swim you little suckers!



AFM-- Highly enjoying not doing anything remotely fertility related. I'm having caffeine with every meal, vodka for breakfast, and I'm thinking of taking up smoking. Also, I'm enjoying peeing a lot more than I used to. 



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Kgul--I thought it was interesting that you can see the lines, I'll definitely keep an eye on them.  I'm actually thinking of switching between the smileys and the cheap ones, but can't decide if that's stupid?  Luckily the one i have comes with an 'eject' button, and spits out the test so I can throw it away. 


Scarlett--Have you tried sweet tea vodka?  That might go well for breakfast with your baileys-and-cheerios.  eat.gif It's also nice with lemonade, since you're in a part of the country where such a thing might be a possibility these days.  Up here I'm thinking of getting a nice bottle of aquavit and just doing shots on my morning commute so my feet don't freeze to my socks.



Quick update--Nice big, empty O on the test tonight.  Glad that it's just heating issues and not body issues, so far.

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Gracie, welcome!  I've been thinking we needed some new blood around here.  All these girls keep going and getting pregnant, I was worried that by Febuary it would just be Sara and me left, chatting together, which would be silly, since we live together.  So, tell us your plans?  Looking to have the baby before 2012 for tax relief? (I am)  Known/annonymous/some other kind of donor?  Partnered up?  Doing it on your own?  Inquiring minds want to know!


Escher, sounds like you timed it perfectly.  I'm super excited for you.  Do you have to do progesterone or anything?


2ez, I agree with Indigo about getting more agressive.  You are paying the RE to do what you need. 


Library, ok, I know you're not supposed to drink the wine, but you could have just tasted it, right? 


Lisedea, I'm so sorry for your loss. 


Scarlett, is it sad and crazy that a whole year of smoking would be less than one month of trying to get knocked up (discounting any long term health effects, of course).  I'm glad you're enjoying the freedom of the moment.  Hmm, wonder if the kids would notice if I had a little vodka with my breakfast...


5 Grand, you sounds all kinds of bloated!  Hoping nothing but good can come of it.

Starling, Have some fun at the aquarium, how did you get out of the christmas shopping thing? 


Isa, I feel you on the weird temp thing.  The cold at night and all that junk.  But for perspective, I like to remember that all the people who don't have that to deal with, well, they don't get to sled nearly as often as we do.


Ari and I are listening for school closings.  If school is closed Sara doesn't have to go to work.  They are already on a delay, they've had 3 delays and 1 closing already.  Going to use all three snow days before winter break.  OH!  SNOW DAY!  We are so sledding today!  Osha had a granuloma removed from his finger yesterday (it quadroupled in size over 2 weeks, it was almost the size of his fingertip.  Oh, and I was standing, so he could look into my chest instead of at his finger, yeah, I almost passed out, what a sissy I am), hopefully he feels comfortable in his gloves.  I might make him a pair of mittens today. 



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Good morning all~


Gracie~ WELCOME!!! This is an excellent board full of fabulous women. I second Seraf's idea that new blood is needed. It's always good to meet new people. You've already gotten the basic briefing (temping, the Brill book). Look forward to your progress!



Scarlett~ Nice to hear from you! I miss your sass, but I see you're bringing it back. I have to say I'm a bit jealous of your new regime! When I first met DP she was experimenting with soaking different kinds of Christmas candy in vodka, and the results were varied, but fun to sample. This year no such fun for me. Just sweets, which I haven't even been wanting.   Will you still be in the OKC sometime over the holidays?  And you're right about Iggy. He'll be pretty cranky. Actually our cat Rufus is going to be the jealous one just 'cause he's that kind of cat.  If he were a kid, he'd totally start wetting his pants and sucking his thumb again for the attention.



Isa~ How's it going with your opk ignunce? I hope it holds off 'til Friday too so you can have the insem you want.


Escher~ Symptoms yet?  I'm sure they'll be happening soon.


Starling~ What about you? If not baby symptoms, I hope you're at least not sick any more.


Krista~ How you doin? Your nutcracker suggestion is an excellent one, btw.


Seraf~ Did you get your snow day? I'm so jealous! I'm so over this week and yet it keeps not being Friday. WTF!?!?


AFM~ As I mentioned, I'm over this week. Student Council candygrams, morning duty, lunch duty, hyper kids ready for the holiday.  Just end it now and let us go on break!!!



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um OK introductions I am single and have one son he is seven months old and the result of a one night " experiment " that both prove where my sexuality falls and that condoms are not effective 100% of the time . I love being a parent and decided I want more children and would like them to be close in age so here I go . I a m using NW cryobank ( anyone else ??? )

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Library--What day are you done? We have school until next Wednesday...it is going to be an awfully long next week....I am also so ready to be DONE!




Seraf--Also jealous of that snow day. I think everyone had one in Michigan on Monday except for our school.... :) We don't have school buses so snow days don't happen very often.


Isa/Kgul--Smileys??? What brand is that???


AFM--Doing what Scarlett is doing...:) Caffeine, alcohol, no smoking though... :). I have begun to panic a little in my mind about not ever being able to keep a baby...as much as I know that an m/c is common, I am so worried something might be wrong with me and that it will happen over and over again. Uggg...I also hate that I can't just try again right now..I need to get through a normal cycle first...and I have no idea how long it will take. Sorry all, I am totally feeling sorry for myself. Good thing is that being around my preschool and kindergarteners helps me feel better...being around babies, however,does not.

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Welcome Gracie!  This is a great board, indeed.  And yes, do please tell us more!  We are like a clutch of broody hens, clucking away, wanting all the juicy details.


Seraf ... We haven't done any shopping for the last few years.  DD gets a few presents from the grandmas (there are three in the picture) and aunties, so she'll have some goodies to open.  She's turning two in January, so we'll like do a stocking and a present next year.  For our 'family present' we rented a cabin on the beach and went to the boat-access only ocean-perched undeveloped hot springs on the west coast of Vancouver Island last month.  It was awesome!  We're hoping to do that sort of thing in the future too.  We have a small place, and like to keep it do a very dull roar when it comes to stuff.    Have fun in the snow!  Yay, sledding!  (Helmets?  I'll just gently mention it as you friendly local paramedic, although I know hardly anyone wears them.) 


Library ... still feeling better.  I'm a little disappointed about that, but then it was way too early for such intestinal dramatics.  I still have my heightened sense of smell.  My DP poached a chicken in lovely spices for a meal later on in the week and I was nearly heaving.  That, and DD ate some ravioli with garlic sausage in it and I could barely stand her stinky breath!   If I had to bet, I'd bet on there being a baby in there.   As for you, you're nearly at the end of your infernal week!


Scarlett ... Have you heard of guaro?  It's the local Costa Rican booze.  Even smoother than vodka and has no taste or smell whatsoever.  Perfect for getting gonzoed on the sly!  We went to Costa Rica in the spring and DP had a drink, claimed she couldn't feel it's effect at all.  Had another.  Said the same thing.  Had one more and couldn't want the two hundred feet down the beach to the hotel.  And this is a woman who is a chef and can do booze like few others!  DD thought it was hilarious.  I was less than impressed. 

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We have tons of snow days here because almost all the roads are back roads. So we had lots of sledding fun.


Starling, what kind of helmets do you wear sledding?  Our hills are pretty slow.  I would send a 2 year old down them alone (I have).  The only pains I have ever had was when I accidentally ramped my tube with Ari on my lap and the tube flew out from under us and she landed right on my bladder.  I wet my pants a bit and didn't enjoy it.  With a hat, scarf and hood on our heads, how would a helmet fit over all that?  If I put it under, I would have a draft.  I'm thinking y'all get more snow up there and ice and such. 


Gracie, I'm right there with you on close together babies.  If I had been single, I would have gotten pregnant every year (not that my cycles agreed with that).  I'm way stressed that I am going to have 6.5 years between my baby and the next one.  I have a 7 year old son and a 5 year old daughter, I've been trying on and off for 10 months (3 tries).  I'm trying again in Febuary or March and my partner, Sara, is trying in June and hoping her folks don't kill her for getting pregnant.

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Hi Everyone,

Seraf: A snow day sounds nice right now! I hope you enjoyed it. orngbiggrin.gif I'm doing prometrium, so I'll start that tomorrow or the next day.

Starling: I'm glad you're still betting there is a baby in there. Pretty exciting! fingersx.gif

Lisedea: hug.gif It's so hard not to wonder after a miscarriage why it happened or if it will happen again. The research all indicates that most people who have a miscarriage go on to have a healthy pregnancy. There are some great books out there. Let me know if you want some titles of ones I thought were especially useful. hug2.gif

Library: No symptoms yet! I'll start prometrium tomorrow or the next day, so then I can conveniently ignore all symptoms and assume they are just from the prometrium. I hope you make it to vacation! Just one more day?

Isa: I'm glad the smiley face opks are working well for you so far. I love those things--they are just so nice and clear.

Krista: I feel like I can see the lines on the smiley opks without cracking them open. Am I missing something? Or do we have different kinds of smiley opks?

5G: I'm thinking of you with your beta tomorrow! fingersx.gif

AFM: My temp was up enough this morning that I wouldn't have felt good about doing a second insem even if I had a second vial waiting for me. That said, it wasn't quite as high as it usually gets post-O, so my (fairly uneducated guess) is that I ovulated yesterday evening or last night. So who knows if that was too late given my 7:30am insem. I feel fine about it though. I doubt I'll be pregnant this cycle, and somehow that feels ok. We'll see! orngbiggrin.gif
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Girls: Need your help.

Sorry I haven't been around to give personals. It's a busy time at work and I have been reading daily, but haven't been able to do shout outs.
So, I went to an injectible class today and while I was there they said, "Oh, your doctor wants to meet with you." (This is my new doctor after I basically insisted on the my old doctor letting me get a second opinion with her colleague because she wasn pissing me off and wasn't agressive enough, in my mind).

I had done an MRI back in May because my HSG had showed a slight dip in my uterus. The MRI showed that I did have the "heart shaped" uterus but in reviewing the results with my old doctor she said, "Oh, if you had a history of miscarriages we would tell you to get it taken care of but since you don't, just keep trying to get preggers." So I went on my merry way.

Now, many months later the new doctor is looking more closely at the MRI results (because I'm moving towards injectibles) and is saying, "Well, it could cause a miscarriage so you might want to have surgery to get it taken care of." WTF?? Without going into lengthy detail about the conversation, it's pretty much been left up to me. I can go in for a hysteroscopy which is where they put the camera inside the uterus to get a better idea of how much of a closure there is but the surgery would require going in the uterus via the vagina and snipping with scissors to "open" up the part that is closed, thus making my uterus larger.

This will put me out for at least one cycle, maybe two if they can't get the timing on their surgery schedule just right.

I don't know what to do. I can move forward with injectibles and then IVF and risk the miscarriage part, or I can get it taken care of, thus possibly removing that factor or issue altogether. Despite repeated attempts, I couldn't get info as to how great a surgery this is (i.e. what kind of recovery time). I know it's very similar to those women who have the separated uterus and need to get it opened up but mine would be less based on less of a separation.

Anyone here had this done before?

PS As for the smiley OPKs. They are digital. Most are the "ejectable" kind where you can you can pop out the strip once you're done and actually see the control and test line. The best ones (and supposedly the most effective in independent tests) is ClearBlue Easy. There are some others that don't have the pop out strip and in that case, you take a nutcracker to it to get beyond the digital part and into the control line area. BTW, this also comes in handy for digital pregnancy test that you just don't want to believe! Crack them open to look at the control and test line to see if possibly, you're getitng an evaporation line! :-)
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Home from school at last! And all the kids have survived (so far), even that crybaby bastard from third grade.


Lise~ We're done tomorrow. I can't imagine why we're not still going to school next week, as it seems the usual/logical thing for a school to do, but I'm so happy we're not. Biggest hugs for you having to suffer through some more hyperactive ignunce!  As for feeling sorry for yourself, you've TOTALLY earned it, so do whatever you want and need to do xoxoxox


Starling~ I'm glad you're still having magic nose and other symptoms. The solstice will soon be upon us and then we'll know for sure.  


Seraf~ I've heard about Ohio snow. All the sledding sounds fun but the shoveling doesn't.  It's supposed to 'snow' here tomorrow, but I'm sure it'll be the 'in the air but not on the ground' kind of snow.


Escher~ HOORAY for your temp going up! Mine did a slight rise the day after insem then a bigger one the next day. It sounds to me like you did everything exactly right. GO magic opks!!!!  When will you test? 


Krista~ UGH! I know nothing about this syndrome, though I've heard of a heart shaped uterus (it sounds so lovely and yet is so not).  Will your insurance pay for the surgery? I'd be inclined to do everything possible before moving on, in order to minimize disappointment/hearbreak. But that's just me. 



Don't wanna do anything tonight. Not one thing. DP's going to put up the Christmas trees. I might help her, or I might just watch. 

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Starling- Oh the nose, it is an excellent sign of pregnancy! The solstice is Tuesday right? That isn't too long to wait! I guess


Escher- Sounds awesome! I bet your timing was perfect, now it is just time to wait.......... patiently of course.....:)


Seraf- We went sledding today too! Lennon had a ball, but maybe not as much fun as Chels. I rallied the energy to go down the hills a couple of times too! Now I am beat! It is a great workout walking back up those hills.


Gracie- Welcome, this forum has been so awesome to have for the last few months. We are glad to have you here!


Scarlett-mmmmmm vodka. I love vodka a lot. I miss it a little. Not as much as my nightly glass of wine. Oh god wine.


Amanda- How did your ultrasound go???!!!


AFM- I pooped. Just so you all know. It was not an amazing evening but success is mine! Now I only look about 3 months pregnant instead of 5! We had a great day today, I had the day off, Chels is off for the rest of the year and we ate Chinese food, napped and went sledding. I love my little fam.


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Mizyellow- I think you mean, you popped! Unless you really meant poop and you are telling us about your bowel movements. Either way thumb.gif

Welcome! I say chart and temp and read as much as you can before your cycle. Are you planning to insem in an office, ICI or IUI? How old are you?Welcome.gif

That is a hard one. Personally, I just had a surgery so I would do IVF and only have them put in one egg, saving the rest for later. If there was no pregnancy, then I would do the surgery before the second transfer. But, that's just because I want less surgery in my life. Good luck figuring that out. I know waiting sucks! greensad.gif

I am enjoying my wine in the evenings and can relate to your new found feelings of freedom. I have slowly started to change my diet though, according to Fertility Wisdom, just nothing that is too hard right now. Good luck with your regimen and keep us posted.champagne.gif

Keep it up girl! Thinking of you and wishing you the best. hug.gif

Escher- Keeping my fingers crossed for you! fingersx.gif

My cycles are running extra long now, anyone had surgery before and their cycle lengthen? Weird. Tomorrow I have guided imagery, acupuncture, and a dentist appt. Yippee! Lucky a saintlike friend of mine is driving me around. om.gif
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Krista ... Oh, sweetheart, what difficult news!  I don't know what I would do.  Did the doc talk percentages, in terms of probability?  Say, if your uterus might result in a 5% increased likelihood of a miscarriage, I would go ahead and do the IVF this cycle.  If your uterus issue might result in a 25% increase in likelihood of a miscarriage, that's another matter.  Considering 1/5 pregnancies result in a miscarriage (as we are all well aware of here) as it is, I'm just not sure what I would do.

No, actually, I know exactly what I would do if money were not an issue.  I am totally a victim of momentum.  I would go ahead with the IVF cycle, and if I got a BFP, I'd pray and take care of myself and hope for the best for a sticky baby and a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.  If I got a BFN, I'd take a break to deal with the uterus. 

That's me, though. 


And Max ... I think Mizyellow was, in fact, referring to her bowels.  Way to go, Mizyellow!  Whoohoo for not being constipated anymore!


Thanks for all the preggo wishes, everyone!  I'm not sure if I can wait until Tuesday for my Solstice POAS moment.  I managed to stay out of drug stores.  I keep telling myself that POAS doesn't change anything.  Even if it's BFN, I still have to do the meds and bloodwork, and if it's positive, it's business as usual.  Right.  Right?  Riiiiiight.

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MizYellow: Yay for bowel function.  And sledding.  And your lovely family. 


Scarlett: Hey, there!  Enjoy the break and the indulgence--do some drinking for me, too, please.  How am I supposed to get through a week with my parents with NO ALCOHOL?!


Gracie: Welcome! 


Escher: It sounds like you had perfect timing--I'm so impressed!  Fingers crossed... (though glad you are feeling zen).


Lise: Seriously, you deserve to do and feel exactly as you want and need.  If I were you, I'd want to try again right away, too.  But I understand why it makes sense to wait.  Hang in there. 


Library: One more day! 


Krista: I'm sorry I don't have anything helpful to offer, but I do sympathize with your tough call. 


Starling: Are you really going to hold out until Tuesday? 


Seraf: Hope you enjoyed your snow day!


5G: Good luck tomorrow!!  Thinking of you...


AFM: Today's u/s was great!  We saw the tiny little blueberry (supposedly its size this week), which was much bigger than it was two weeks ago.  They could even measure it, and it measured 7 weeks 2 days (and I'm 7 weeks 1 day, so perfect!), and we saw and heard its tiny heart beating!  It was amazing, because it looked like this little white blob, but it was flashing, which was the heartbeat.  The hb is 136, which I guess is normal.  We never had u/s this early with my DD, so I feel like I'm doing this for the first time.  In the car after school, my DD said, "I can't believe it has a beating heart and it is here in the car with us--right now!"  Aww.  I so wish I could spread this pregnancy like a virus to all who want it (or, at least, all of you).  But I do think that I'll do more lurking than posting on this board, now.  I want to keep up with all of you and sincerely hope that you'll be joining me on Q&P very soon.  Best, best wishes, and THANK YOU SO MUCH for all of your support and encouragement during a harrowing year. 

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