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Happy New Year, Everyone! orngbiggrin.gif

Scarlett: Your new car sounds exciting! That's a pretty neat gift. And what fun that you got some snow! You're right that Isa could copy and paste from the first post, but then she has to recreate all the links--I was hoping that there was some way to just send her the code I used so that she wouldn't have to mess with the links if she didn't want to.

Isa: One option is that I could email it to you. PM me your email address if you want me to do that.

Library: What a good deal on the dryer! I look forward to seeing your nursery pictures. orngbiggrin.gif

AFM: CD1. I guess a new cycle just in time for the new year? eyesroll.gif
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Alright, I figured it out!   Come on over to January, everybody!  thumb.gif

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Scarlett~ Wow...for your Kia Sorento...that is my dream car. We did go look at some last year, hopefully we will be able to swing it this year...and to have some kiddlets to go with it.



Happy New Year everyone!!!!!

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Gelly~ I think that Aspidistra was waiting for us to get a decent car to drive her around in. My little tin car wasn't going to cut it, but now we're MUCH more grown up, so she's decided to join us for a ride.ROTFLMAO.gif


Visiting a friend in my DP's running club who's giving us another TON of baby clothes her new baby girl's just outgrown. I swear, we'll not have to get a thing for the first year. Nice!! 

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