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oh gawd.  everything on my october and november lists that i didn't finish (which is almost everything on those lists!)



clean out / organize / deep clean library and get it set up nicely

same as that, but the old toy room, future bedroom

organize the new toy space

put up window plastic

a bit of tidying up in the basement, doesn't have to be perfect, but good enough to mop the floors


i also have been doing a godzilla amount of decluttering, but have not removed the items from my home yet.  so, big goal: get all of that stuff packed up and out the door, and most importantly, added to my 2010 in 2010 tally!  yeehaw!

i've been on vacation, but that is no excuse - i've done none of this!!!


hmm, looks like i will be a busy girl on new year's eve . . . :p

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Im going to try to work on some of the stuff today.. but DH is home for the day so who knows what I might get done.. We don't get much time together so its hard to concentrate on things when he is home.

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Today I got rid of a small bag of baby clothes and I'm hoping that Sunday or Monday a woman who answered my ad on CL will stop buy and pick up the pack n play and a play mat and maybe another bag of clothes. I did also just find a nice spot in the cupboard for all my food processor parts too! Still a whole to do before the New Year!

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I still haven't worked on anything this week! Christmas was yesterday and we also neatened the entire apartment while we were putting away everyone's Christmas presents (yay! Im probably one of the few that has a clean apartment even after having kids open and play with their presents!) so today Im concentrating on doing my to-do list as much as possible. I got two sick kids and a sick husband so we shall see how much I get done.

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So, got my list finished a week or so ago and once I took down the Christmas decorations, I did a few more things.  I have a big box of stuff to put on craigslist, the playroom got rearranged again to accomodate the new stuff they got and dh and I decluttered and rearranged the computer room, living room and kitchen.


I do have a few things left that I want to do, get new curtains up in the bedrooms and playroom, hang some pictures in the bedroom and do something with this buffalo hide dh can't part with.

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