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No Stressing In December

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No Stressors / No Obsessors - December 2010!

Welcome This is a place where we come together for strength and sharing wisdom on how to be more stress-free during our trying to conceive journeys. We may still test, just not ridiculously early, if we can help it. You'll find people encouraging you to hold off when you are feeling weak. Share tips and tricks, and words of wisdom on how to enjoy our time making a baby as much as we can!

Anyone is free to join!
Please BOLD new member info, changes in cycle, Big Fat Positives, adding charts etc, and if I miss it, direct message me.

Our Members!

* Attached2Elijah: TTC #3 for me, #5 for DH since 8/10
* annaconda: TTC #1
* babsbob: TTC after m/c
* BabyCakes: Carrie (29), TTC#2, cycle #6
* baylady02: TTC #1, I'm 20, DH is 27. 5th cycle TTC. Never been on BC.

* Black Orchid: me (31) DH (34) TTC#3 Cycle 5
* blackbird2
* bootsvalentine: TTC #1. I'm 31, dh is 34, TTC since 7/10

* cbaa2010: (25) TTC #1

* ciles: cycle 7 TTC #2 for me, #1 for DH
* CrimsonTideMom
* crunchyruchie
* *Dawn*: TTC#1
* EhveesMom: (31) and dh (32) TTC #2 Cycle #1
* EllyMayMomma
* frugalmum
* gringuitica: (27) TTC #1
* gummibears
* Hesperia: 23, & DH 30. TTC #1, Cycle #12
* iheartmyfamily: TTC #1
* janeyenaj: (29) and DH (32) TTC #1 Cycle #2.
* jtc77: 32 and DH 39 TTC #1
* Karmamamaa: TTC #2
* Kaydove: (26) and DH (40), TTC #1, 4th cycle TTC, 8th cycle off of the Mirena IUD
* Mommy*Wishes
* MoOnFiReGlOw: 27, dh 33. TTC 1 year, suspected MFI
* mrsberman: (26) ttc#2, DD 12 months
* MrsHin2002
* Musicoholic: (33) TTC #2 - finally brave enough to try for a sibling for our almost 6 y.o.
* naturechicplus1: TTC #2

* objet_trouve : TTC#1 since Jan 2010
* OJazzy1: (25), TTC#2, cycle 12
* Paigekitten: DH (24) and I (23) are kinda trying for a third.
* Rubygirl36: TTC #1
* tjlucca: (29) TTC #2, cycle #2
* samy23

* ~~Sarah~~ TTC #2, cycle #2
* sarahkristin
* Silverbird: TTC #1
* Sourire: (28), TTC #1, cycle 5
* Sweet.Bee: TTC#2
* SWhite: We are TTC #1 Cycle #1
* swimming-duck
* Taxlady:TTC #1
* TickleToes (34): TTC #1, Cycle 4
* tjjazzy: TTC #3
* TTC3years
* ValH: (30) TTC#1 since 01/2010

* Veronika01 : TTC #5

Waiting to Try Again
(ie health, distance between partners, taking a break etc)


* Mother Cake: TTC #1, cycle #1
* MrsD08: Samantha 24, DH 31, TTC Baby D #1 since September 2009 w/ male factor infertility.
* Waiting4SJ: TTC #1

Graduates of the No Stressors/No Obsessors tribe!



~November 2010 BFPs~





~October 2010 BFPs~
*Mama Metis

~September 2010 BFPs~
* Painefaria
* slb1107
* elonwy
* ryleeee
* BarefootScientist
* heathenmom
* anightingale
* Smokering

~August 2010 BFPs~
* Steph152
* Blanca78
* karmab

~July 2010 BFPs~
* Banana731
* Neuromancer

~June 2010 BFPs~
* Lydiah
* finnegansmom
* echospiritwarrior

~May 2010 BFPs~
* Pirogi: & DH 30-something. DD(2) DUE last week of January
* Nintendork: Kristin & DH, both 28 . DUE first week of February!



Weekend Check-In
Where are you in your cycle:
Symptoms if they apply:
When are you thinking of testing:
Any new regimes, ie herbs, medications, mantras etc:
Do you have any stress triggers:
What is working to help you be stress-free this cycle:
Partners feelings if applicable:
Plans for this weekend:

Past positive words from our members:
"My body knows how to conceive" from Lyndzies, expecting her first October!

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Thanks for making the new thread :)

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Yay! A bright and shiny new thread!! Thank you thread mistress smile.gif
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Thanks for the new thread OJazzy! Can you change my info at the top to cycle #5?

Originally Posted by copper.kettle View Post

Sourire, I just noticed you had an 11 day LP this cycle.  Nice!  Did you do soy that cycle?  I can't remember if you'd started or were thinking about starting soy.

I have not yet tried soy but I am super happy about my 11 day LP! I didn't do anything different this cycle. This was my 3rd cycle of doing acupuncture and taking B-complex. I have heard that it can take a few months for both of these to take full effect. The first month I did them my LP increased from 8 to 9 days. The next month it remained at 9 days, and the 3rd month my LP suddenly jumped to 11 days, I was so excited! 


(I can't seem to unbold the rest of my post, this editor is sooo annoying sometimes!)

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Yay!  Another month and who's not stressing?  Not me!  :)

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Thanks for the new thread!!


I'm so not stressing.. I'm not temping and not stressing.  Just gobbling up the information I get from all of you!  


Sourire - love your picture!  

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Updated Sourire.


If I need to do anything else you all will just have to let me know.


I have no more OPKs. I am not charting or temping. I am taking Maca again this month just because I have some left but I am even scaling down on the stuff that I am taking.

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I'm still hanging out with you ladies and reading your posts! And sending lots and lots of babydust to everyone!!




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Originally Posted by Taxlady View Post


Sourire - love your picture!  

Thanks! I was going through my wedding pictures from my wedding in August and I couldn't resist putting one up!

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Thanks for the new thread OJazzy1!


Just subbing....  CD5 here, nothing interesting.  No stress (not even about the concert tomorrow - I make it up a lot because people at school expect me to stress about all performances....  I guess normal people would stress putting an entire school in a concert....  lol).


Nearly finished for the year.  NEARLY.  Concert tomorrow, awards night on Tuesday, then proofreading reports....  then I'm done!


.......  then I can start planning my units for next year.....  lol

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No stressing here... CD 16, 1DPO, my online ordered Christmas gifts started arriving & we are cutting down a tree this weekend, so I can't wait to start wrapping! Spent my day off with my sister and beautiful niece, now going to relax and read while DH studies, he has a big test Monday, so he can stress, not me! I think I will take you girls 2ww advice and get a mani/pedi next week to pass the time!




ETA: Help! I thought I O'd yesterday, or Monday... I had EWCM but it was more like a creamy color... then all day it seemed to just be like a little watery, but more so dry... now I just checked and it is more of a clear EWCM... I have had a little cramping on and off since Monday night, anyone had this happen before??

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I have had similar experiences Cait. I wouldn't worry about it too much if you are BD'ing on a regular basis.

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Ok guys, I'll admit it, I'm freaking out right now!

My normal LP is 10 days, I'm 11dpo and no sign of AF. I got bad cramps Monday night and Tuesday morning but nothing came of it. My cp is high and tight and cm is super wet/creamy, I keep on running to the bathroom expecting AF to have started! Not even spotting... I promised myself not to test till Sunday, but I don't know if I'm going to make it! I'm just ready for this 1.6yr wait to be over....

Even if AF does show tomorrow, joy.gif for a longer LP!

Question: Does anyone temp vaginally? I'm considering giving it a try b/c my temps have freaky and I mentioned it to dh and he made the comment of 'oh, that's probably b/c you sleep with your mouth open' GAH! Seriously? You couldn't have told me this earlier? Men...
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HAVE A GREAT CONCERT MUSICOHOLIC!!  You are soo calm - it's going to be fantastic.  Do they say, "Break a Leg" down under?  orngtongue.gif


OH BOY - Moonfireglow - I got a little excited - I hope you have every reason to test on Sunday.. goodvibes.gif And I had to laugh at the "men" comment smile.gif I must say that phrase at least once a week.


And if I had symptoms like you do Cait, I would BD just a little more - doesn't hurt, ya know?  But you probably got it covered. fingersx.gif

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Weekend Check-In
Name: Teresa
Date: Dec 1
Where are you in your cycle: CD 5
Symptoms if they apply: just finished AF but already emotional with somewhat tender breasts. ovulation coming soon?
When are you thinking of testing: not til i miss AF most likely
Thoughts: i think this is our month. my signs were very positive last month. i think i'm back on track for fertility.
Appointments: none
Any new regimes, ie herbs, medications, mantras etc:
Do you have any stress triggers: lack of sleep. my younger son is having some issues sleeping. not sure why. sickness? seperation anxiety (he stayed at his paternal grandparents' house this weekend. usually he stays at my parents')
What is working to help you be stress-free this cycle: i'm not that worried about it. our time will come.
Partners feelings if applicable: he's not stressing either and still loves sexfest 2010.
Plans for this weekend: Santa Claus parade Sat. and Sun., i'm probably going to stay home with 2 yo while daddy and (nearly) 5 yo go get a tree with daddy's family.


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Thanks Taxlady  smile.gif  It should be fun at least (last year's was quite formal, held in a "proper" theatre etc etc...  this year every class is doing a performance piece followed by a Christmas song for the audience to sing along to...  with some soloists and small groups mixed in).  And yep, we say break a leg - but the way my luck is running it'd probably happen!  (Teaching my 8th graders to jive for the concert - they're doing Rocking around the Christmas Tree - and I've torn my left calf muscle (same place I did during the nutbush last year lol.gif....  and my right achilles.....  small tears, but enough to make walking interesting!! banghead.gif  lol.gif )



OOOOOhhhhhh.....  MoOnFiReGlOw !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  fingersx.gif goodvibes.gif

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Weekend Check-In

Name: Lofn

Date: Dec 02

Where are you in your cycle: Taking a break, starting again after the fifth.

Symptoms if they apply: None

When are you thinking of testing: After the next clomid attempt.

Thoughts: Trying to take my mind off of this while I'm out of town. Not doing as good with it tonight as I had been.

Appointments: Psych and PCP on the sixth and mid Dec

Any new regimes, ie herbs, medications, mantras etc: Not really.

Do you have any stress triggers: Husband hasn't called me at all since I've been out of town. I'd prefer to hear his voice just a little more than this. :(

What is working to help you be stress-free this cycle: Getting out of the situation for a few days is such a relief. I'm away from moving, from husband, from family, from doctors,,,I'm free to talk about stuff that isn't pregnancy, for example, my music. I'm hoping this is what I needed to recover my songwriting abilities.

Partners feelings if applicable: I don't know. I can't tell if he's busy or avoiding me. Worries me though, :(

Plans for this weekend: Gay bar maybe? lol All I know is my BFF better get his drink on with me!! It'll be our last chance for a while.

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Sourire - I agree with Taxlady, you pic is BEAUTIFUL!  You made a lovely bride!  And yay for the longer LP. 


musicoholic - Good luck on the concert!  I'm sure it'll be fantastic.


moonfireglow - Fingers are crossed for you! 


cait - As long as you think you have EWCM, I'd keep BDing!  Like the other ladies said, it sure can't hurt.  Good luck! 


objet_trouve - Sounds like you have a fun weekend in store! 


AFM - Totally not stressing right now.  But, I'm just waiting to O - not exactly a stressful part of the cycle.  :) 




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Doing this early since I always seem to forget... and b/c I forgot last week. blush.gif



Weekend Check-In
Name: Jeri
Date: 12/2/2010
Where are you in your cycle: 7dpo
Symptoms if they apply: I'm peeing a ton... but that's normal for me.
When are you thinking of testing: I dunno, probably the 8th or so if my temp doesn't fall.
Thoughts: No thoughts... just riding this one out.
Appointments: Nope
Any new regimes, ie herbs, medications, mantras etc: Did 120 mg soy days 3-7, mucinex up until O, 81mg baby aspirin and just a regular multi-vitamin
Do you have any stress triggers: Yeah, my freakin' family... well, extended family. My mother, grandmother, Sister and brother in law are all driving me absolutely batty lately. I'm thisclose to cutting them out of my life completely!!!!!
What is working to help you be stress-free this cycle: Not answering the phone when they call and skipping family outings... haha.
Partners feelings if applicable: I don't know... haven't seen him in like a month. He's been working like crazzzzzzzzy lately! It's a wonder we got in all the BDing we did!
Plans for this weekend: Grocery shopping, Christmas shopping, Grandpa's 80th birthday party, and enjoying having all 4 kiddies at home! :)




Okay I am putting this here now because when it comes back positive, I can say I told you so.... but Moon... you're pregnant!!!! With that jump today, yeah, I would be completely and utterly SHOCKED if it came back negative.... just sayin'  :)

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Weekend Check-In (a day early)
Name: Valerie
Date: December 2, 2010
Where are you in your cycle: CD11 - still waiting to O
Symptoms if they apply: Some odd cramping today, but nothing more.  Finally stopped spotting from the HSG
When are you thinking of testing: Not until I finally miss a period... sigh...

Thoughts:  Currently I'm just excited about O-ing... that's the fun part! 
Appointments:  Had a very unpleasant HSG earlier this week, now waiting for blood work in a couple of weeks.
Any new regimes, ie herbs, medications, mantras etc:  This is my first cycle on Clomid, and nothing else.  Trying to see what that'll do to my body. 

Do you have any stress triggers:  Doctor appointments!  At my last two appointments, I've been diagnosed with LP defect and a blocked fallopian tube, so I feel like every time I go, there will be a new ailment! 
What is working to help you be stress-free this cycle: Holding on to the hope that the Clomid and HSG may actually have positive effects.
Partners feelings if applicable:  Still super supportive, and relieved that we at least know what might be causing the problem. 
Plans for this weekend:  Going to Wilmington to watch my DH in a soccer tournament, and BDing away!  Come on eggie! 


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