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Weekend Check-In
Name: Lofn
Date: Dec 06
Where are you in your cycle: Getting ready to try Clomid round 2
Symptoms if they apply: None
When are you thinking of testing: Not for a while
Thoughts: Just that I REALLY hope we're as ready as I felt when I went off my psych meds. Trying to remind myself that not only am I of course not going to feel as confident and prepared because of that, because of quitting smoking and because of hormonal stuff from not having a period and then provera and clomid making me crazy, but also because I just came baxk from my hometown, where most people have no faith in me because they know me as slutty and always high because that's just who I was when I lived there. None of these people have seen the state of my house, tasted my cooking, or been around me since I got clean (or well, at least more appropriate about the few things I still do sometimes, nothing hard and not to excess) and since I got married. Also, our one year anniversary is Sunday,  so of course I'm taking stock of the last year. I feel much more ok about everything, the cautious ok I have to do when I know I could be manic, not the "EVERYTHING IS WONDERFUL" kind of ok that usually means I'm having an episode.
Appointments: lol yeah I screwed that one up. Have to call and re-schedule with my psychiatrist. I have a good reason though. Look at what yesterday looked like:
Any new regimes, ie herbs, medications, mantras etc: Might start using more mantras. They made me feel silly and insane, but they sure helped me drive through the mountains last night. Any reccomendations?
Do you have any stress triggers: It's just really nice to be home with my cats and husband, and to know he didn't let the place fall apart. he even vacuumed and picked up. Very proud. I am concerned about the litter box though, husband seems to have left the scoop IN the box, where the cats have to work around it to poop. We may have a talk. We also need to talk about him calling me when I spend ten days 8 hours away. He didn't call me once and I got PISSED. I think he knows he screwed up.
What is working to help you be stress-free this cycle: Not much more than positive thinking and spending time with Scott. We both do so much better when we're together.
Partners feelings if applicable: He seems repentant about not calling me and relieved that I didn't die (I almost veered into a semi the other day when my tire blew. Those drivers should be in jail right now for boxing me in like that, one to my right, two side by side in front of me, and none of them stopped when the tire blew and I wound up swerving all over the road at 80 MPH. Then I was stranded on the side of the road with a flat tired and a dead phone, next to a sign saying no picking up hitchhikers because there was a prison nearby).  He almost drove all the way from Albuq NM to Pecos TX because he was so worried. Made me feel much more confident about his feelings toward me, after him not calling me drove me crazy all week.
Plans for this weekend: Once I get over this past weekend, I'll figure that out. I've never had a one year anniversary with anyone. Any advice?

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So I come back from a little hiatus and I get the good news and the bad news..


Moonfire - I'm sorry about your m/c.  Really and truly.. hug2.gif


Babycakes - CONGRATULATIONS!  goodvibes.gif Stick baby Stick!!


Objet - THAT IS A LONG FREAKING DRIVE!!  My sister went to college in Abilene, I have been there and there is not much out there.  I am glad you are ok.  As far as what to do on your one year anniversary.. well the gift should be paper.  I don't know how you resisted not calling your DH when he wasn't calling you but you are strong woman. thumb.gif  Personally, I think it is his job to spoil you on your anniversary and you can give him a list (paper) of things he can do for you. biglaugh.gif


So here my midweek - weekend check-in


Weekend Check-In
Name: Taxlady
Date: 12/8/2010
Where are you in your cycle: CD 17 ?
Symptoms if they apply: My boobs are a little sore, which they haven't been in ages.. so I hope that means I'm getting my cycles back.
When are you thinking of testing: No idea.  AF is due on the 22nd (my birthday)
Thoughts:  None, I really haven't even thought of it.. after so many not pregnant months, I really said.. whatever. 
Appointments: None
Any new regimes, ie herbs, medications, mantras etc:  I actually took a few 2 month old OPK's for fun.  Got a positive on Monday 6th and another positive this morning 8th. 
Do you have any stress triggers:  Um my mother in law is a real piece of work.. but I got out my bricks and mortar and I think I've built the wall back up to a sufficient height.  She's not allowed to be a stress trigger. 
What is working to help you be stress-free this cycle: It's the holidays, I have 10.5 more working days in December.  That's 84 hours but my boss left today already and he'll be out tomorrow so I can see that number already improving.

Partners feelings if applicable:  Yesterday morning, he woke up early and said, "Don't we need to make a baby?"  I love him so much.  love.gif

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lol Taxlady, we're in the process of moving, so we don't have our landline hooked up, and we only had one cell phone, and I had it...I actually had no way to call him, which was part of why I was so mad he didn't call me. Totally digging the list of things he can do for me idea lol :)

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AH HA!  Objet!  That makes a lot more sense now.. because I was opening a big can of whoop a$$ for you!  biglaugh.gif


I have a question for you, and maybe I am ignorant, but what is your screenname?  Is there a story I should know?  ARE YOU SHAVING YOUR HEAD IN THAT PICTURE??  WOW. jaw.gif

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Oh MFG...  that sucks the big one.  hug2.gif




Weekend Check-In
Name: Bee
Date: 12/10/2010
Where are you in your cycle: CD13
Symptoms if they apply: none...  my belly and hip area is a bit sore today.....  but I think that's something to do with my...uh...suddenly increased...uh...  well let's just say DH is loving it!!!  Sheepish.gif   Oh, my temp took a HUGE nosedive this morning.
When are you thinking of testing: Haven't thought that far ahead yet....  *supposed* to O tomorrow, but we'll see how much my being ill last weekend has affected things.
Thoughts:  Looking forward to Tuesday (I finish work until the end of January!) and then I get to spend some quality time with DH - DS is at school until Friday ....  might even get a few daytime dates in!  We haven't been on a date since before DS was born flowersforyou.gif
Appointments:  none
Any new regimes, ie herbs, medications, mantras etc:  nope
Do you have any stress triggers:  nope!
What is working to help you be stress-free this cycle: no stress to be free of  

Partners feelings if applicable:  is trying to keep up with me ....  Sheepish.gif


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Weekend Check-In
Name: Valerie
Date: 12/9/10

Where are you in your cycle: 4dpo

Symptoms if they apply: Nada... pretty boring right now.

When are you thinking of testing: Well, if I went by a recent dream, it would be 10dpo.  But knowing me, not until AF is late... please be late!

Thoughts:  Trying not to get my hopes up too much, but having a hard time. 
Appointments: Blood work on Monday (7dpo).
Any new regimes, ie herbs, medications, mantras etc:  Nothing new, just waiting out this first Clomid cycle.

Do you have any stress triggers:  Thinking about the fact I've been TTC for an entire year.... ugh.

What is working to help you be stress-free this cycle: Being distracted by holiday shopping and get-togethers.... and my pending birthday. 

Partners feelings if applicable:  I can tell he's getting a little stressed that it's taking so long, but still super supportive, especially since it seems to be my body that's causing the delay. 

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Weekend Check-In
Name: Cait
Date: 12/10/10

Where are you in your cycle: 8 DPO, CD25- AF is due Monday/Tuesday

Symptoms if they apply: Very sore BBs but they were last month too and AF came 3 days early, good news is it is CD25 (length of last months whole cycle) and NO spotting! I had a lot of cramps at 5 & 6 DPO

When are you thinking of testing: I tested with an IC yesterday with FMU- BFN, which I expected... I will try again Maybe Sunday- 10 DPO

Thoughts:  Trying to think realistically that it is likely I'm not pregnant, but trying to enjoy the symptoms in case I am and want to remember how this felt.
Appointments: Just dinner dates with friends :) Nothing medical!
Any new regimes, ie herbs, medications, mantras etc:  Nothing new this week, I'm taking Aspirin, Vitex, B6, and Fish Oil. I stopped the Royal Jelly and I am thinking about stopping the RRL tea until I get my BFP or AF comes.

Do you have any stress triggers:  Work has been very stressful this week, I keep trying to remind myself not to let them get to me, but this was a very difficult week!

What is working to help you be stress-free this cycle: Not much :( I have been trying to keep busy but I'm so tired from not sleeping well.

Partners feelings if applicable:  He doesn't want me to tell him until Christmas whether we are pregnant or not... but I told him if AF comes it will be next week. I thought that was sweet... He still flip flops about being ready or not... ::sigh::

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Weekend Check-In
Name: Heidi
Date: Dec 10
Where are you in your cycle: CD 12
Symptoms if they apply: My CM is starting to get a bit watery today. However CP is still infertile and my fertility monitor still has my fertility level at "low" (this time last month I was already at high)

When are you thinking of testing: too far away to think about
Thoughts: Work Christmas party tonight! Should be fun :)
Appointments: Acupuncture every Wednesday
Any new regimes, ie herbs, medications, mantras etc: I will probably try natural progesterone cream after O, I hope it helps with my spotting during LP and the length of my LP
Do you have any stress triggers: I found out the other day that my brother who got married 2 months after me had already sent out the thank you cards from the wedding, and I was still waiting for my photographer to print mine out!
What is working to help you be stress-free this cycle: Acupuncture is the # 1 stress reliever in my life!
Partners feelings if applicable: Yesterday he asked my if my fertility monitor said high yet, and I was like no, its still low. He's like, does that mean we can't BD? I'm like... of course we can BD!!!! Good times ensued :)
Plans for this weekend: Sending out those thank you cards... my wedding was 4 months ago so its about time!!!!


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Sourire.. My sister's wedding was three months after mine and I had to get my thank yous out before that or my mother would have "died from embarrassment"... My sister, she sent the note the day after she got the gift irked.gif.  ON the other hand, I'm still waiting for my thank you from my best friend's wedding 15 months ago.  So don't put too much pressure on yourself.. I don't know what the rules are in Canada.. but here south of you the rule of thumb.gif is one year to give a gift and one year to send thank yous.  I wrote every single one of our notes, DH licked the envelopes.  biglaugh.gif

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Sourire - Sorry to hear about your uncle. hug2.gif Try not to stress too much about those thank you's, you've still got some time. That said, it's better to knock them out while everything is fresh, depending on your level of organization. I thought we were finished getting gifts, and had sent out most of the cards... and then got more gifts. Those cards have not been done yet, and I'm not sure that I can remember who gave the later stuff. duh.gif



Moonfireglow - I am so, so sorry to hear about your m/c. hug2.gifblowkiss.gif

Originally Posted by musicoholic View Post
My DS decided to get my/his old baby doll out this afternoon and was asking how you're supposed to hold a baby...  so I showed him - then he sat on the couch watching a movie, with this baby doll in his lap and the biggest contented smile on his face!  Sigh.  So beautiful luxlove.gif

...........  then the movie finished and he proceeded to pretend the doll was a plane and fly it around the room....  duh.gif lol.gif


This was SO sweet and funny! biggrinbounce.gif


BabyCakes - joy.gif Congrats!



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Weekend Check-In

Name: TickleToes

Date: Dec 11

Where are you in your cycle: 13 DPO

Symptoms if they apply: Temp dive this morning - waiting for AF to start. Nipples were super sore and itchy, now just mildly so. Lower back just started cramping... so I'm sure that I'm out for this month.

When are you thinking of testing: Sometime in January, I guess.

Thoughts: I'm okay. The last six weeks have been so mixed up and hellish at times. I'm glad that I'll be starting a cycle that should be more in line with how my body usually behaves. I'll actually be a little relieved when I start bleeding this time around. August is also the worst possible month for me to give birth... so I'm okay with it on that account too. I'm looking forward to sipping a glass of wine, too... I treat myself whenever AF shows.

Appointments: none

Any new regimes, ie herbs, medications, mantras etc: I'll be exercising more because I have a dance performance coming up in Jan... which is good because I've been lazy. The last box of preg tests I bought had a fertility test in it... I'll try that out this coming cycle.

Do you have any stress triggers: No so much at the moment... I'm feeling mostly apathetic to everything going on in my life right now and can't wait for my vacation to start! I think I really need to down time to feel energized about everything again.

What is working to help you be stress-free this cycle: I've got nothing here... not sure.

Partners feelings if applicable: He's been hopeful, but trying not to show disappointment that it won't be this time around.

Plans for this weekend: It is supposed to snow and I'm greatly looking forward to being snowed in! joy.gif I have a final exam, an overdue project, gifts to make for children, and a calendar of children's art to make for parents all due this week. I'd love the paid time off that snow days bring to get it all done. Anyone want to send snow vibes my way?

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Everything is still going slowly here.  My daughter had her 3rd birthday with a little cake day today.  Can't really call it a party, so cake day it is.  I'm on CD32 and no A/F, but not really confident that I could be pg.  If A/F doesn't show up this week, I'll test next weekend.  I'm thinking things can just be irregular right now because I'm just starting to cycle PP.  Congrats on the BFPs and I'm very, very sorry for your loss Moonfire.

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Weekend Check-In

Name: Jasmine

Date: Dec 12

Where are you in your cycle: 3 DPO

Symptoms if they apply: Pretty emotional but I think that has to do with not being pregnant and not anything else.

When are you thinking of testing: Maybe Christmas if AF doesn't show.

Thoughts: I am kind of a wreck right now, trying not to be but it is pretty difficult.

Appointments: Went to have a check up because I though I had a UTI or yeast infection... no to both of them so I guess that is good.

Any new regimes, ie herbs, medications, mantras etc: Nothing new.

Do you have any stress triggers: Just the normal everyday stuff can be stressing right now, kind of dumb.

What is working to help you be stress-free this cycle: Reminding myself to enjoy this time with my family and lots and lots of sledding!

Partners feelings if applicable: He is pretty at peace, which is good, one of us should be.

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Hmmm.... well, I might take back what I said about not testing until January.


Usually AF shows the same day my temp drops, which would have been yesterday. Today, it went up to just above my coverline... no sign of AF yet. So, if AF still doesn't show tomorrow, then I'll test on Tuesday.


Oh, and my boobs hurt again... might be in my head because I'm thinking about it though.


I wasn't at all optimistic about this cycle, but now I'm open to the possibility. Not excited, but cautiously hopeful.

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It looks like A/F is starting.  I think I'm going to skip the next cycle and try to loose some weight before ttc again.

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Sorry to hear that, Veronika. hug.gif Best of luck taking care of yourself!


As for me... I take back my post from yesterday. My temp dropped back down this morning and I just started spotting. I'll be having my spiked cocoa after all. yummy.gif

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TickleToes & Veronika - grouphug.gif  Group hug for you guys for AF. 


OJazzy1 - I'm sorry the TTC stuff has you feeling emotional - I know the feeling!  But I hope you have fun sledding!  Sounds like a great way to reduce stress. 

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Thanks Valerie and Jessy.  :)  Sorry about your A/F arriving Jessy. 

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LOL Taxlady...Actually, I have a mohawk. http://i191.photobucket.com/albums/z203/lofnmusic/DSC00448.jpg

I've done this kind of stuff for years. My psych thinks it actually helps me, because it means I take care of my body and put effort into my physical appearance when I have higher upkeep hairdos, and I actually don't obsess about what others think about me when I do it (I obsess more when I don't know if they're looking at me, when I dress like this, I know they are and can deal with it better). It makes me feel creative (I actually cut and color my own hair) and colorful, and hasn't negatively affected my life yet. I'm able to get jobs and go to school fine, and right now I'm kind of a stay at home wife anyway while off meds TTC. It also takes my mind off of stressing over TTC, and makes me feel attractive and all that, dressing how I want instead of how others would have me dress (and my husband is attracted to tatoos and colored hair and such, so I feel more attractive to him).  I'm a singer-songwriter too, so it's not entirely unexpected of me, my parents actually really liked it when I started doing it in Jr. High, my mom shows off my pictures and dedicated a whole scrapbooking page to my hair once.

And my username is French for "found object", refers to people finding things that had been tossed aside and regarded as trash, and taking those things and regarding them as art. It's my favorite kind of visual art, I think it's a pretty good metaphor for my own life. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Found_art


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Also Taxlady, no, I don't think you're being ignorant... I like people who aren't afraid to ask questions. Impossible to learn if you don't! :)

Weekend Check-In
Name: Lofn
Date:Dec 15
Where are you in your cycle: Just started Provera for Clomid attempt number 2! (fingers crossed)
Symptoms if they apply: cramps, and it may be unrelated but possibly relevant...I seem to have wisdom teeth coming in, and it's making it hard to swallow and my jaw is all locked up. My mom thinks it's muscles tensing from the teething pain, and I'm not sure but provera just might be aggravating it all, at least with mood stuff. I'm terrified of the possibility of having wisdom teeth removed (hoping I won't need to, aware of the statistics about whether I will), having worked as a dental assistant, since I've seen it from the other side and it's terrifying, bloody and extremely painful looking. :(
When are you thinking of testing: Not for a while.
Thoughts: My jaw hurts and I need it to stop. :( I want to be able to yawn and eat food that isn't cut up into crumbs!!!!
Appointments: PCP in a couple days
Any new regimes, ie herbs, medications, mantras etc: Provera, Clomid 100mg
Do you have any stress triggers: just the teeth thing. Moving has been totally smooth (except for a fight we heard our neighbors have and a lack of hot water in the shower) and I'm excited about hopefully buying a washer and dryer tomorrow! No more laundromat for me!!!
What is working to help you be stress-free this cycle: My kitties, my new home, Christmas spirit, 1 year anniversary with Scott, and he's been a LOT more supportive since my last weekend check in. That last one has made all the difference in the world.
Partners feelings if applicable: Concern about my teeth and jaw, focusing on helping me feel better about my life so I'll feel better during the TTC we'll be working on for a bit coming up.
Plans for this weekend: role playing game with my friends, husband and brother, maybe have some company, going to try to relax a little.

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