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Congrats Lesliesara!!!! Wootness!
I'm so excited for you!

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first and foremost - yaaaaay! twins!!! yaaaaay!


and second - this progesterone thing is making me insane. I am taking a pill with synthetic progesterone (not sold in the US, so I don`t imagine anyone knows it) and I am crazy, crazy woman with no ability to deal with stress. and I have a headache. I see a dr next tuesday, and will ask then, but in the meantime, I am wondering, do other people have such problems with the progesterone suppositories or creams?

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Wallabi-I don't have any idea. I've only used a cream before, but it didn't cause any problems that I noticed. It was an OTC cream too.

I do hope the crazie leave you though. Ugh! They are so not fun!

Could it be there is too much progesterone?

On a side note, I have a question for you ladies...I just o'd and we have everything timed well...I'm considering using the OTC progesterone creme I have again...any thoughts?
The only known mc I've had was very early, like I didn't have enough progesterone. I'm really grasping at straws, but I know  you guys understand. :)
So, any thoughts?


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I've only ever used prometrium in a few medicated cycles. I'm taking it now and don't really notice any obvious side effects. I only take it before bed though. And I've never used OTC cream to compare.


Here's a little picture:http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v48/antlesli/Twins.jpg 

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Thanks for the replies about the progesterone - I know where I might be able to get some progesterone cream, so maybe I`ll try that instead of the pill I`ve got now next time `round.


hmmm...I thought I would do the weekend-wrap-up but somehow don`t know how to find old posts in the new format. oh well, here it is as best as I can recall -


Name: Sara / Wallabi

TTC since: for 8 years, off and on, TTC gluten free (which I hope to be at least part of the answer) 1 year

Age: 30

CD: 18, 7 dpo

New Things This Cycle: crazy-making progesterone pills, about which the doctor sounded not so very hopeful, but which I am rooting for anyhow :)

Upcoming Appointments, Plans, and Such-Like: Getting my thyroid looked at on Tues., and hoping that leads somewhere helpful


Maybe I`ll come back later and do that properly with some cutting and pasting, but good enough for now, I suppose.


Hope you are all having a good weekend!

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Weekend Wrap-Up
Name: Silverbird
Age: 29
TTC #: 1
CD: 17
DPO (if applicable): N/A
Testing: N/A
Trying Since: June 2010
Plan for this Cycle: see the doc
Link to Chart (if applicable):
Thoughts: So had our first doc appoinmnet.  He's going to run some tests to see if dh is still making viable sperm and see whats happend to the frozen stuff.  I'm seeing the female doc in Jan then if we're lucky we'll go on the IVF wating list, and wait and wait and wait :(


If dh is making fresh spem and the frozen stuff is good part of me wants to go for IUI with the forzen which only has a six month wait and is less invesive.  But part of me is terrfied to use up the forzen sperm incase retivel of the fresh doezen work.  dh wont consider a donor so we'd be all out of options then.  It's so unfair.


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Weekend Wrap-Up
Name: Zanelee

Age: 41
TTC #: 3

CD: 20
DPO (if applicable): 3

Testing: N/A
Trying Since: for 4 1/2 years
Plan for this Cycle: took Guaifenesin pre O along with preseed (I don't have much cervix left, so I need help with the fluids some), bd-ing ALOT-I think we had GREAT timing, and am now trying taking diphenhydramine every 8 hours to see if that will help with implantation

Link to Chart (if applicable):I can't remember how to generate the link from FF....
Thoughts:Very optimistic this cycle...probably because I'm "doing" something...I get down if I can't help in some way...


Has anyone every heard of using benadryl after o'ing to help the implantation process? I ran across it yesterday...and being I had an awful headache I thought I might as well go ahead and give it a shot. (The idea is that you body stores up hisamine (or is it hystamine?) and that impeeds the baby from implanting well. So taking an antihystamine every 8 hours after o'ing for a few day....I've read of several women now that have gotten pregnant doing this)

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Weekend Wrap-Up
Name: Beth

Age: 29
TTC #: 2 for us, 1 for me (or 4 if you count the losses)

CD: 21
DPO (if applicable): 5

Testing: N/A
Trying Since: For this one? a few months. Total? for a live baby? from my body? somewhere between 1.5 and 2 years
Plan for this Cycle: Tootling along at 5DPO. Trying not to get my hopes up. Concerned that my temps are so close to the coverline.

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Weekend Wrap-Up

Name: Rochelle

Age: 23

TTC #: 1

CD: 12

DPO (if applicable): N/A

Testing: N/A

Trying Since: May 2007

Plan for this Cycle: After avoiding most medical intervention for the past three and a half years, I finally have a doctor's appointment tomorrow. There may be a game plan by tomorrow afternoon. First step is to get DH a SA as soon as we can. I'm actually pretty terrified about going so wish me luck.

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Weekend Wrap-Up
Name: Valerie
Age: 30
TTC #: 1
CD: 22
DPO (if applicable): 7
Testing: Hopefully not until next week... but I could cave later this week. 
Trying Since: January 2010
Plan for this Cycle: Wait.... and wait some more. 
Link to Chart (if applicable): www.fertilityfriend.com/home/2e5d89
Thoughts: Had some spotting at 5 and 6 dpo, so trying not to get my hopes up.  If the spotting comes back, it'll mean that I'm out for the month (I always get a ton of pre-AF spotting).... if it doesn't come back, I may be testing later this week. 

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Name: Monkey
Age: 26
TTC #: 1
CD: 12 (after inducing AF with Provera)
DPO (if applicable): n/a
Testing: Lots of bloodwork - + for PCOS, - for insulin resistance; dh getting a SA soon, and I'm probably getting an HSG soon
Trying Since: 5/29/10 (or technically, not preventing)
Plan for this Cycle: Hahaha... cylce? What is that? (Irregular cycles and sporadic ovulation since AF started at age 13)
Thoughts: Still in the finding-things-out phase. We know the primary problem is anovulation due to PCOS. Working on finding out if there are any secondary problems. Not sure if we can really afford fertility treatments (dh is in school). Most likely last ovulation was almost a year and a half ago. Tired of feeling broken. :(

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Good luck Rochelle!! Be sure to write down any questions you may have before you get there!

Take a copy of your charting too.

Let us know how it goes.

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Silverbird that is a lot to think about. Let us know what you decide.

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The IUI didn't work for us.  At this point, I'm not sure if I'm ready to try again next cycle.  It's really hard emotionally (as I'm sure everyone here is aware) to keep getting disappointment after disappointment, month after month. I have until AF comes to decide, so maybe in a few days I'll be in a better mindset to make decisions.

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GaleTX - hug2.gif  I am so sorry to here that the IUI didn't work.  I know it is emotionally draining.  Take care of yourself!

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I'm sorry Gale. The disappointment every month does get really old.

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So sorry Gale! <hugs>

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Lesliesara and Tear: Congrats!


MFG- hug2.gif I am so sorry.


Sorry I have been away, but my grandad has needed my assistance since he broke his hip and tore his rotator cuff a couple of months back. This is a hard time for him already as he lost his wife(my step-grandmom) back in January. I have also been reeling with this loss along with the loos of my paternal grandfather last year on Christmas Eve. I wish everyone that celebrates it a Merry Christmas and if not pleas have a  Happy Holiday Season.


Weekend Wrap-Up


TTC #:2


DPO (if applicable):Maybe 1 or 2 waiting on tomorrow's temp

Testing:Not planning on POAS at all before16 DPO

Trying Since:April 2009

Plan for this Cycle:I have been going to Acupuncture once a week and using SOT chiropractic care in conjunction. Strong Yoga for Fertility, Reiki, EFT, and eating cleanly. Relaxing and taking it easy. Just started re-temping this cycle so getting back into the habit with that.

Link to Chart (if applicable):I use ovusoft so how do I link that to this? Anyone?

Thoughts:Really hoping we are able to get pregnant on our own w/o resorting to IUI and drugs. I did not do well on the Clomid challenge and I know how my body reacts to pharmaceuticals in general, Not Well. I have said that come end of February/Beginning of March I would go all out for IUI and drugs, especially if I want to even think about having two more children. One really big fear I am working on is that of having twins. I know we have a several grads carrying twins, but my fear is heightened due to the fact I know I will not find a supportive caregiver(OB) in my area as I would be a VBAC. They just usually section twins around here in any case, not just VBAC's. I know if it happens DH and I will deal with it, but this is something I am already working on using EFT.


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Gale- So sorry for you. hug2.gif


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Thanks for the thoughts everyone.  We've decided to go ahead and do IUI #2.  I go tomorrow for my CD3 ultrasound and then go from there. I didn't think waiting in between would make it any better - just drag out the stress by a few months, so I figured we mine as well go ahead with the second one and pray for a miracle.

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