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21 month old, frequent ear infection

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My nursling 21 month old ds is having ear infection frequently and was wondering what worked for your LO with ear infection.  Did you guys do any home remedies that worked?  My son is having ear infection 2nd one in a month and having to take the same antibiotics now.  I don't know if the med is working or if it is even safe to take 2 month in a row for 10 days.

He doesn't seem to be in much pain but the doc said both ear has infected.  I'm trying to find some answers...

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I guess that doctor knows what he's doing with the antibiotics. About home remedies - i used onion juice to cure my DH's infection, not sure if it's all fine with toddlers. Also make sure that ear is not ruptured, i heard it may be unsafe if it was!

Anyway, You steam the onion, squeeze some juice out of it and place 2-3 drops into the ear. The person should be lying on the side so that juice go down to the ear, so it could be hard with toddler.

After applying the juice, you can also massage the area behind the ear, from top to bottom.

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we are on ear infection number 6 since jan.  we are visiting the ent soon to discuss tubes.  good luck!

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chiropractor! It may not work for all kids, but DD2 (24.5 months now, also nursing ;)) is doing great! After 7 ear infections between January and June this year, we scheduled to get tubes placed. Went to the hospital and it just felt so wrong-- we left.


Had her first chiropractic appt. the next day. She woke from her nap saying "Mommy, I FEEL ear *cough cough*"-- her ears almost immediately started draining down into her throat! 


Not a single ear infection since. Her neck was slightly off and blocking the passages to the ears. She went 2x a week at first, now once every 10-14 days. I'll be honest, it can look frightening... and I often give her tylenol right after in case it gets a little sore with the bones, muscles, and nerves moving. Her personality instantly changed from whiney, clingy, and miserable to happy and vivacious-- it is so worth it.


Several studies I've read since showed no significant improvement with tubes vs without... I'd really recommend trying a few chiro adjustments (give it a month?) and see what happens.


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I agree with chiro and onion juice is supposed to be the BEST for ear infections. DD has never had one but many of my friends little ones have and onion juice has worked every time. It's also what our homeopath recommends. Anytime DD got a cold I would put drops of garlic/mullien oil in her ears as preventitive. Also I have read that reoccurent ear infections can be a sign of a dairy sensitivity.  If you search health and healing there are quite a few of threads on ear infections to give you more ideas. Also BM in the ear is good too! There's also research that suggests abx don't do much so I would do some research :) Which makes sense because not all ear infections are bacterial.


Here's a good article



and a thread I read just the other day :)



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