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Talk to me about vasectomy reversals...

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DH and I have been talking for a few years now about getting him a vasectomy reversal. He has been "fixed" for 6 years - right after our youngest was born. We have 3 daughters 12, 8, 6 and I never felt like my family was complete. I loved being pregnant, homebirthing, breastfeeding, everything about having a baby. He wanted to be done having babies, but he knows how much I want a big family and really miss having babies - I just feel like my family is not done growing and I feel like if we wait much longer my body won't react well - I'm going to be 31 this month. I had perfectly normal pregnancies and labor and deliveries - all natural - last one a homebirth.


One of my greatest worries is the cost - I'm a SAHM and DH works full time, but we do not have health insurance. He works for a small business - only 3 employees - so it's not cost effective for them to have the health insurance - too much $$ and we wouldn't buy it anyway again - too much $$. The girls are on Medicaid and whenever I've been pregnant I've been on Medicaid.


Another worry I have is having a baby so far apart from my youngest. My brother and I were 6 years apart and it always seemed like such a large gap. I loved having my last two so close together - they're very close, like best friends - except when they're fighting LOL.


I know there's two different ways to do a vasectomy reversal - one is cheaper than the other, I think. We haven't called any doctors yet and can't recall the urologist that did the vasectomy in the first place.


I would love to have more babies - I make my own cloth diapers and breastfeed, make my own baby food when they're ready - so the cost is miminal for the first couple of years - but I don't want to set us back financially (putting us into debt again) to fulfill this dream. We spent a lot of years with tons of Credit Card and Medical Debt and have worked hard to be debt free (except for the mortgage). I know this shouldn't be an issue of money, but I don't want the stress of debt hanging over our heads.


Talk to me...




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I just posted a thread about my experience with a reversal- http://www.mothering.com/community/forum/thread/1286184/my-experience-with-a-vas-reversal-and-pregnancy#post_16124679


I just got pregnant on our second cycle of trying, so there's my vote! =)



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