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Fuzzibuns on sale!

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Hey all,


I don't know if anyone else here belongs to zulilly (it's one of those discount members only websites), but they currently have Fuzzibuns perfect fits for sale for $11.99 (through 12/6).  It's free to join.  I've ordered from them a few times before.  It takes a little bit to get the merchandise, but I've always been pretty happy with the experience.


If you do decide to join, you can just go to the website, or you can sign up through this link, which would would make birds sing merrily, elves work harder in Santa's workshop, and would, admittedly, give me a credit for merchandise. redface.gif


Happy fuzzy mail shopping!

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Do we have to buy anything to earn you credit? I've already ordered FB for 11.50 with free shipping from Abby's lane, but I'll sign up if it'll help you.  :)

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Yeah, I think you have to buy something, unfortunately!  But thanks anyway! smile.gif

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