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They choose TODAY to swtich the lunch menu?!?

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DS has autism and SPD. He has always brought his lunch to school (preschool, Kindergarten and now 1st grade). He has a lot of food issues and only eats certain things and they have to be prepared a certain way and such. He's been in feeding therapy for awhile (started years ago, took a break, started again a couple months ago). He's making huge progress. Last month he decided he wanted to try buying his lunch at school. He found the day they have "oven fries" (basically fries that are baked instead of deep fried) and wanted to buy on that day. So we made a big deal of it, he wanted me to come eat lunch with him so I did. He had 2 little girlfriends who showed him how to buy lunch and helped him every step of the way. He did great and loved eating the school lunch!! He decided he wanted to buy lunch every time they have oven fries.


So yesterday the December menu comes home and he finds that today is an oven fry day. Woo! So I send him to school with his lunch money and he's super excited.


I got a call from his special ed teacher a few minutes ago saying there was an issue. Uh-oh. For whatever reason, the cafeteria decided to serve spaghetti today and oven fries tomorrow. WTH?!? They change it on the ONE day ds is going to buy it?!? Obviously ds was refusing and starting to melt-down (not only because he doesn't eat spaghetti, but because his routine/plan was changed).


But what did his sweet special ed teacher do? When she called me she said she was on her way to McDonalds to get ds fries and apples (those are the only 2 things he eats from there). I told her she didn't have to and I could be there in 10 minutes with some food for ds, but she said she didn't mind at all and wanted to do something special for ds because he was pretty upset about the whole situation so she was going to get lunch for the both of them and have a McDonalds lunch party in her room. love.gif  We are having great luck with all his teachers this year. She easily could have told him to deal with the change and not cared at all. He wouldn't have eaten, a huge meltdown would have followed and she could have just put him in the "white room" (de-escalation room) for the rest of the afternoon. But she actually thought outside the box and came up with a solution that will (hopefully) help ds have a good afternoon. thumb.gif

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aw that warms my heart his teacher sounds like such a peach!  i'm glad your babe got fries after all!

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That is awesome!

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saw this from the main page and just wanted to say yay!!!! I love to hear things like this. I used to work as a para in a fairly high functioning sp.ed. classroom and I loved the kids so much, it warms my heart when I hear about someone caring for them in such a personal, individual way. We used to go yard sale shopping to find things that fit our kids' specific interests to make challenging schoolwork more enjoyable. I hope you get her something really awesome at the end of the year :D

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What an awesome teacher!  We have a few like her and they just make life so much easier!

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Awesome!!  She sounds like an unbelievable woman!

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Wow.  Just, Wow.  For every thorn there is a ROSE.  She is a very special woman indeed, and in the perfect line of work.  happytears.gif

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:heart:  What a teacher!  In our experience, SpEd teachers are amazing people.  Glad you have one of them.

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